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  1. Thanks Stoney. I'm gonna try it now I've never done one before so wish me luck [emoji23]
  2. Perfect thanks Tom I'm going to go out now and do it. On the other side I've to change the rear fog light. I assume it's just reaching under again and taking the lighting assembly out?
  3. My reverse lens on my MK2 has a crack in it. Actually more of a hole in it [emoji23] are they easy enough to replace and any tips on replacing are welcome? Thanks
  4. Tested the voltage on it. With the engine off it was 12.6 I believe and 14.00 when the engine was running. Is that the correct voltage?
  5. Does anyone know why a diesel car would almost cut out a couple minutes after starting? The whole dashboard illuminates and the power steering goes hard but the car immediately continues to go without the engine cutting out? I tried to connect my reader up to the OBD port but theres no power to it for some reason? Thanks everyone
  6. I've lost the listing but it's very similar to these ones.
  7. I'm hoping they are I really like these ones. The ones I have at the minute I dont like the fabric on them. These ones are a lot nicer [emoji1362]
  8. Hey everyone I did do a quick search and couldn't see what I'm looking for. Basically I have a 2005 Ford Focus and I really dont like the seats in them. I was going to purchase other seats from another 2005 Focus for the car but I came across some nice seats out of a 2009 Focus. I was just wondering has anyone any idea I'd they would fit? Thanks in advance [emoji4]
  9. Yeah I had a 307 and only had it about 2 months then the clutch went in it. Said I wouldn't go back near a Peugeot again [emoji85]. Yeah having checked all the cars I've previously owned it would seem as though this is definitely my first hydraulic clutch which would explain why it's so soft. There was me driving it for months thinking it was about to go [emoji23]
  10. Damn French [emoji23][emoji23] maybe that's why it feels so light to me then. Because this is the first car I've owned that has had a hydraulic clutch in it! I've owned it since January 2019 and I'm realizing that now [emoji85] mind you it's parked up since November sincr I've been using the Megane.
  11. The inside of it was still wet today as I power washed the around the boot but not inside it yesterday. I'll give it a week or 2 and see how it goes. I'm hoping the sealing I've done fixed it anyway [emoji85]
  12. The Megane is a 2005. Same year as my Focus. I didn't know the focus used a Hydraulic clutch [emoji85] thought it was a cable also [emoji23]
  13. Stephen I forgot I took this picture. This is of the drivers side rear lights. When I took them off before I sealed them I noticed this seal was ripped and pointing up in the car. Would you say this is how the water was leaking in?
  14. I'm in Dublin would they ship here yeah?
  15. Could anyone confirm for me if this one would work before I order it? I just have a standard ELM327 I dont think it's a modified one so I'm just going to order one. Thanks in advance [emoji4]