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  1. This can happen due to ice or snow, thick fog etc, depending on the spec on your specific car, if the camera thinks it can't see something it should be able to, i've known them to throw a fault, or tell you to clean the windscreen. But the camera is within the wiper area so "heavy rain" shouldn't be an issue for it. If the error keeps coming up every time you take the car out, i'd take it back to them and get them to check it over.
  2. yeah think its just due to the street lights. Also, don't forget, its 10 points for a cyclist. 🤣
  3. Of cause they are all electronically controlled now, so either could have a fault, but i'd probably go off the fuel gauge its self.
  4. same, as soon as it sees the national speed limit signs outside of the area with street lamps, they are straight on, not had any issue like that, sometimes they are slow to turn off when oncoming cars approach but that's neither here nor there.
  5. Hi Mark, after a lot of messing about they are now working, im going to post a "how i done it" guide on here shortly, in the hope it may help others in the same situation. As it annoyingly wasn't quite as straight forward as only silicone spray.
  6. Having a similar issue, managed to get them in this time around, but the window will physically not close all the way, get to about 20mm before closed and the motor just won't push it anymore, the fitment is far too tight and it just will not close... Very irritating.
  7. @Eliterox turns out the number in the black box the 1555762 is the ford product code. Rang them up, and this one is for the 2012 model, so they sent out the wrong one, so no wonder it didn't fit. Contacted Ford store, awaiting a response 2110130 is the correct code for Mk8's. Good old Ford 😅
  8. I just watched the video in German that was on the QR code on the paper that came with it, it shows them not in the window seal but in front, would you be able to clarify for me, maybe a picture if your car is nearby.
  9. Just to be clear I'm putting them inside of the rubber like shown on most Focus & Mk7 Fiesta video's on youtube. Can't find any of the MK8
  10. Not seen any other topics on this, but this morning i have gone to fit these climair wind deflectors that came direct from ford website, i realise they are long to begin with but either these are the wrong ones or i'm doing something very wrong. If anyone could advice i'd appreciate it. Installing them the "correct" way putting the mirror side and then the handle side in results in this amount left (image 1) which seems far too much to loose in the bend of the window. Trying the opposite way, well.. that's never going to work but see (image 3) (Image 2 is the part numbers
  11. Agreed, when connected only via bluetooth that is what should happen. Only when phone is connected via cable for android auto in my case can i not access the car commands via the long press of that button, like @martoon said.
  12. It's telling you to take your foot of the accelerator, explained quickly here:
  13. Yeah i use android auto and if its on no matter how long i hold the voice activation button it only goes to the google voice assistant and not the ford one, real annoying if I've forgotten to put mobile data on.
  14. I also have this issue, and im on a older version of sync 3 being a 2018 car. Do let us know what they come back with, if anything. 👍
  15. Saw the other day Ford have added like a sleep feature to the new keys, after 45 seconds it goes into a mode where it does not give off any signal. Whether this actually makes it unable to be scanned by someone attempting to rob the car though i wouldn't trust 100% Was quite an interesting watch have a look here: Play from 8:27 for dead key explanation.
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