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  1. I had a similar rattle coming from the front induction pipe on the RH side next to the air box. Found rapping it in some electricians tape and then putting the hose back together worked and removed the rattle it was making. Can't do that with this pipe but I wonder if you could get some thin pipe insulation, and wrap it around the area if that'd work? It is annoying they try and do this stuff on the cheap, I don't know what the cost price vs the list price of these cars are but surely they could spend a little more on fine tuning these things and produce a better overall experience for everyone.
  2. Depends what millage you do but otherwise service is due every 2 years for these cars. Guessing by the oil life being at 37% you do a fair bit of mileage as I'd have though it would have possibly had a service before being sold last July.
  3. The "remap man" was the last man to touch it, so as Adam said, get the remap man back, as long as its a legit company, I'm sure the remap came with a warranty or something.
  4. yeah... I don't mind them adding all this stuff, just give people the option to turn it off please! ๐Ÿ˜… True, but still unnecessary. Though I've seen reports about breathalysers being added into cars in years to come, can't start it without a test kind of job by the look of it. That's going to be annoying when you want to move the car off the drive onto the road or something. We'll all be moaning about that then ๐Ÿคฃ EDIT: haven't ever noticed it go on its own though, must be too impatient for it.
  5. Question is can this be disabled? Believe these are now fitted as standard, haven't got a problem with the system its self, but the fact you have to press OK on the wheel before it goes is annoying, especially when it's only me in the car. I have looked for options in the main menu for it but can't find any options for disabling this, anyone know anything about it, or if its possible to turn this little pop up window off? realise this seems lazy, but its 1 unnecessary button press too many.
  6. I have also installed these to my car, though really being the St line X model you should have thought they'd come standard. Like you though they are on when the car is, difference being they turn off within 10 - 15 seconds of locking the car. Though i have seen other people who've installed them report ~10mins also. So im not sure there is a definitive answer to your question, unless there is something we're both missing. Perhaps the factory fitted ones are connected with the daylight sensor on the dash, which possibly needs activating through the car's computer.
  7. Puma's would be an excellent replacement, mate has one in the launch edition spec which is effectively the st line x trim with the addition of a pan roof. They are also built on the fiesta platform and the 155 hybrid engines are a good choice for the size of the car and pack a punch. Guess you'll test drive one so you'll find this out for yourself but the ride height is what i can only describe as standing kind of height, you don't get up into the drivers seat nor do you get down into it. ( says me at 6ft 2" ๐Ÿ˜…) So I'd defiantly consider one against the Fiesta. ๐Ÿ‘
  8. You could try putting something like this on the end of the bolt Slightly off topic here as well, have you noticed much difference once installing it & the air filter?
  9. Okay, cheers for looking. I will try and push it above where it looks to go, lets hope it will stay put.
  10. Behind the front main grill at the top, there is a rubber / plastic handing down behind the grill, only on the drivers side almost inline with where the air intake is. Bit tricky to explain so I've taken some pictures, question is, is this plastic meant to be handing down for the air intake or should it be up above "in" the top of the bumper. like it is from around half way towards the passenger side. It does move up and feels as though it would sit on something else in there, but i guess it has been there for a while and is now miss-shaped? Behind the bonnet latch it looks like the plastic clips in here but has been pulled away? Have no idea how or when this could have happened, might have even been like that from factory, as i don't see any way of that being pulled down there. (should it not be like that at least?) If this is normal, please do let me know, been bugging me for a while now.
  11. Nor am i, seems strange, almost like they are separating down the seam, would be covered under the warranty do you reckon?
  12. Weirdly enough i noticed this the other day, came on to ask and saw this thread. This is the inner door seal. 1st image is about the middle of the door, the 2nd is at the back, it is a 3 door model and appears to be perishing as well, anyone else had this issue, 18 plate so wouldn't expect to see this so soon? 2nd image has warn all the way through, haven't noticed any water ingress, though it being the inner seal shouldn't do. Haven't noticed anything like that with the outer door seal though.
  13. Not sure which variant you have, so i'm not sure if yours will do this also, but the only similar thing i have noticed on mine is that when lifting off the clutch the car seems to have like an anti-stall thing where it apply some revs to get you moving. Hence why i said about it only happening when lifting off the clutch before, but didn't want to apply judgement only on a audio clip. At least they have checked it over.
  14. I also believe after wondering this myself while on the phone, it is in the centre interior light cluster, or at least the other person confirmed, after i started bashing things to find out. There is 3 little slits in the plastic towards the back of that plastic panel on both sides (LH or RH drive) assume that only one side is populated with the microphone depending on which side the driver is.
  15. Does kinda sound like something vibrating once a gear is engaged, maybe the garage will be able to shed some light on it. Report back.