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  1. Radio

    Short Wave? Really? Are there even still stations on there? Last radio I saw with SW was a late 60's "music centre".
  2. Power/performance Ecu Chips.

    When you say "chip" are you talking about a tuning box? I've used a tuning box on a diesel before, not a Ford diesel but on a Vauxhall 1.9CDTi. Brought the car from 150hp to 185hp and torque from 220lb-ft to 335lb-ft. It worked very well, the box I got was from DTUK. http://www.diesel-performance.co.uk/ I'd avoid the cheap EBay boxes, all they do is raise the fuel rail pressure. The more expensive boxes sense revs, engine load etc and can raise the fuel rail pressure only when required. They're also adjustable.
  3. Hi folks. The clutch is starting to go on my Mondeo (2005 1.8 Duratec HE), and the flywheel is clicking and clunking as well. Car has 60k on the clock. What sort of bill am I likely to be facing? Also, is there a single-mass flywheel kit available for this engine, or am I going to have to put another DMF in? Any info appreciated.
  4. Tyres

    Really cheap tyres like Linglong, Sunny, Kingstar, Event, Triangle and the like are a false economy. They wear quicker, they often fail prematurely, or they're dangerous in wet weather. I wouldn't go any cheaper than Kumho or Hankook, IE a mid-range tyre. Personally I use Bridgestone, mostly the Turanza ER300. I've seen 40k out of a pair on the FRONT of a car (Mk4 Astra). £70 for a Bridgestone that lasts 40k, or two sets of Woosung Ditchfinders at £35 that only last 20k, and have considerably less grip. My housemate nearly died about a year ago when one of the dealer fitted Triangle tyres blew out on a wet motorway and set him in to a spin which he couldn't control. He's pretty sure if he had have any sort of grip from the remaining 3 tyres, he could have avoided his 1500degree spin, and not taken out the motorway lamp post and 50m of armco. Ironically he was booked in to the local tyre fitter the next morning for a full set of Firestones.
  5. How Old Are Your Tyres.

    Just spotted this thread. Got two Hankook Ventus Prime tyres on the Mondeo. One is a new tyre, made in week 50 of 2009. The other was the previously unused spare - identical tyre but made week 30 of 2004. Yep, 2004, making it nearly 7 years old. The older tyre is on the front right, the newer on the front left. When exiting roundabouts it's interesting to note the large difference in grip between the new tyre and the older one. Same tyre, same design, 6+ years age difference. Ford recommend tyres be replaced after 6 years now, I believe.
  6. Timing Chain

    The Corsa timing chain problem was a fault with the tensioner (1.2 16v, wasn't it?).