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  1. Thanks alot mate really appreciate it, That's mad that eh haha are the the same as the AutoBeam ones? I used to have a nice mk1 way back when, and that was already kitted out nicely so didnt have to do anything to it, 3 kids and a Kia Sportage later I get to have another toy to mess with haha
  2. Thanks alot mate appreciate your points πŸ‘πŸ‘ As said above the sequentials will be a definite, will check out Amazon for sure, didnt even think to look
  3. Ahhhh right I thought they were 16s nice one
  4. Cant find one at the minute, looking for focus stuff just brings up every mk so lots of trawling through lol
  5. Cheers, I've had a look at a few sites, bit of a minefield but got some good ideasπŸ‘πŸ‘ will check these out
  6. That piece from ford is like Β£360 primed just checked now πŸ₯΄
  7. Alloys was another on the list to go from the 16s, to 17s or 18s List is endless I guess. Any sources for side skirts to fit mine?
  8. Looked at the st spoiler, I presume itll be a spray job, as I cant find parts colour coded to this at the mo
  9. Hi mate thanks for the ideas, sounds good, I'm on a rolling budget so will do what I can paydays etc now I dont have a car to pay for anymore lol (aside from tax and ins)... I was looking at the honey comb grille and side grilles around fogs πŸ‘πŸ‘ Some kind of colour coded trim for the front bumper too although the existing one is neat enough, it's not sporty enough. So in a nutshell, mainly styling, trims etc. Lights will definitely look into aswell I like the sequential stuff. And good idea re:oil change etc pal told me that aswell, good advice Thanks
  10. I've been looking for that bumper skirt is that a whole new bumper or a separate piece? Looks nice that pal
  11. Practically been given a 67 plate 1.5ltr zetec focus, with 3,800 miles on the clock. It's pretty immaculate too. Anyone add any extra to theirs? (Pics) I want to change the grill out too just to give it a more custom look and look a bit sportier really. Any pointers ideas, drop me some links for parts etc n some pics if you can cheers
  12. Hi everyone, new to the forum read little bits from here in the past so time to become a fully fledged member! Recently taken ownership of a 67 plate focus 1.5 zetec 3,800 miles on the clock. Thought I'd join here to see if I can see how to make it look that little bit more customised a little bit sportier and just that bit more exciting to drive Thanks alot