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  1. Just a further question, does the camera connection always have to be in the right hand side of the boot? As the connector i have posted a photo of is on the left side. Nothing on my right side.
  2. Thank you for your help everyone. Cant really trace the cables back but think they connect to back of the headunit. Now just to find out what the spare grey connector is used for !
  3. Hi does anyone know what these cables behind the glovebox compartment are used for. the two gold plated cables look like some audio wires ? they are not connected to anything. Then there is a yellow connector, not sure what function it has. Finally the grey connector has wires on one side but the other side is not connected to nothing. i am trying to see if there is connections for the Adaptive Cruise Controller module which should be placed behind the glovebox.
  4. Hi All, new to the forums. I wanted to find out if i am able to fit a original ford reverse camera with minimal wiring and not touching the sync head unit ? I believe if you have a spare grey connector in the boot area it makes it easier. i have the 8" sync 3 display. I am hoping all i need to do is install camera, use a harness to connect the camera to the grey connector and enable reverse camera option via forscan ? Grateful for any advice from those who have with retrofitting a reverse camera