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  1. Happy Birthday jay32!

  2. Whining Air Conditioning

    Ive just bought a focus tdci sport and its doing the same mate. hope someone can answer this??
  3. New Car

    thanks guys
  4. New Car

    Just bought myself an 06 ford focus Tdci Sport, with only 30,000 miles, one owner which was an elderly couple, so the back seats have never been sat on. I paid £6500, thought this was a good deal?
  5. Electrical Fault??

    Yes mate. But I still cant understand why all the clocks are moving when I just turn the ignition on?
  6. Electrical Fault??

    Had a problem with the starter motor on my mondeo, after taking it off, the cog which connects with the flywheel had sheered off. the cogs on the fly wheel were fine. Ive now replaced the starter motor bu when I turn the ignition on, the rev counter, speedomiter, fuel gage and temp gage all go straight over to max then back, then when I turn the key further to start car it makes a screeching niose from the starter motor but dosent turn the engine over.. can anyone shed any light on this?
  7. Mondeo Tddi 51 Reg Non Starter

    just had AA out and theyve told me its the starter motor. any advice on taking this off as there dont seem to be much room?
  8. Hi all Over the last few weeks when im starting my engine, every now and again it makes a sqeeking noise but once started its fine. Then yesterday at work after it started it continued to make that sqeeking noise, it was a bit like a belt sqeeking. after a few mins it stopped sqeeking. I drove the car home which is a 25 mile trip, then when I tried to start the car this morning it made that squeeking sound but with out the engine actually turning over and then it wouldnt do nothing except show ignition lights. Would I be correct in thinking its my altenator???
  9. Possible Clutch Problem?

    Just bought full clutch kit for £312 and having it fitted for £160
  10. Possible Clutch Problem?

    Thanks for all your help and advise mate. John
  11. Possible Clutch Problem?

    The top up of oil didnt make a difference. gutted. Cant aford the full kit at the moment. How much do you think the labour would be roughly to just change the clutch mate? Thanks John
  12. Possible Clutch Problem?

    Hopefully not, but if it is the clutch, is that big job?? How much would the parts cost?
  13. Possible Clutch Problem?

    Just topped it up and it took a quarter of a litre. I suppose only time will tell now.
  14. Possible Clutch Problem?

    Cheers mate. will give it a go
  15. Possible Clutch Problem?