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  1. Thanks everyone, so I think the answer is the Puma doesn't have one either but no one really knows why!!
  2. Hi, I am on your sister new Puma forum and was looking for help.Does the Fiesta have a red LED to show when the alarm is set and if so where is it? A similar post on our page has yielded no answers and there is no mention in the handbook.
  3. I didn't fall for the gap insurance but did go for alloys and tyre protection as I am or was, always dinking the mini's alloys.😥. Didn't go for the paint and interior protector either, hope i don't live to regret it! Ah they said the automatic versions would follow at some point.
  4. When I went in to the dealers to order my Puma I was all set to order the spare wheel as an add on option. When I asked the sales guy he laughingly said when was the last time I changed a tyre? Answer never, as a damsel in distress I'm always likely to call the RAC so that was that, the conversation never went any further. PS I didn't know there were automatics on the market?
  5. LizP

    Close boot

    Thanks for your reply but I found out myself on Youtube (see my post above yours).Dashboard button and button under right side of boot lid would appear not to be on my car Titanium Ecoboost?
  6. I can't get it to work but mine is a humble Titanium Ecoboost so not sure if it should!
  7. Option 2 is the one, inside the hatch, pull down and extract hands/arms while maintaining enough speed to actually close the boot! Great fun.
  8. Eventually worked it out myself, and can plainly see the 2 recesses either side, and yes you need to have your wits about you if you don't want to break an arm. Sadly when i went to collect the Puma last Thursday morning it was lashing it down and the car was out in the open, so what with the rain and social distancing I didn't get to ask the usual questions like how to open the boot and bonnet etc.About the only thing I was told was how to operate windscreen wipers. Don't get me wrong it was no one's fault and the dealers have been very helpful, it was just everything conspiring against me that morning!
  9. LizP

    Close boot

    Found out myself in a Youtube video.
  10. Just picked up my lovely new Puma on Thursday, took a look at the handbook last night and ended up with brain fade!! Couldn't even work out how you ae meant to close the boot!
  11. LizP

    Close boot

    Hi all, I picked up my lovely new Puma in the pouring rain on Thursday, and was working yesterday, so today has been the first time I've had a chance to get the boot open.It's a manual one, so I know to use the double click to open, but I'm just not seeing how to close it other than putting my mucky hands over the boot each time,am I missing something?