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  1. Final update is the car has been fine, Thanks again for all your help
  2. Hi all Update, Changed the thermostat and all is ok now, Car is running as it was beforehand finally. Thanks for all your info and your advice very much appreciated
  3. Went for a drive today and all seemed fine, then the temperature gauge shot up and the red warning light on the dash came on, we was at our destination, so just turned the car off, Had a look fan was running, car was losing no water at all, header tank was bubbling Tia
  4. Sorry for the slow reply, What I've done is tried another expansion cap, this time a new genuine one, took it for a drive, car drives fine, temp gauge on car dash board is normal, Cadin Heater inside car blows hot when set to hot and cold when set to cold. Really have no idea as to what the problem may be as at the moment the car is running fine, plenty of stop start traffic and showing no signs of overheating at all. It has done exactly this before driven ok with no signs of overheating then after a stop for a while at the park about 45 mins, on the way home overheated. As it seams more of an intermittent problem would it be possible that the thermostat is getting stuck at times. Tia
  5. Tom Nice one thanks for the links, I will see what i can do And post back Thanks again
  6. Tom thanks What's the test thing I need to pump the cooling system up, do you have a link please, As for the co sniff test hows that done please. Also yer the dash thing works but as for accuracy who knows. Even with cap on heater in car gets nice and hot, temp gauge stays normal, fan does not cut in i assume as the engine temps normal, but it still boils up for some reason Tia
  7. Hi Tom, Cant see any leak from the tank at all, You can read the temp gauge by doing this on the car... There is also a way to double check the sensor's readings with the electronic odometer. Key off, press and hold the trip odo reset button, turn key on, continue to hold reset button until the odometer reads [test], now each time you press and release the odo reset button you scroll through one of 30 test functions. It will remain in test mode until you turn the key off. You need to look for the one that reads [40 C] or whatever your temperature should be in C at the time. If the car has cooled overnight, then it's likely to be close to ambient temp. If it has not cooled, expect a higher reading. Drive the car in test mode. You should see your engine temp rise to about 95C, then drop down to 80 or so as the thermostat opens. This cycle will continue several times before the engine temp settles above the thermostat temperature of 92C. You should compare your findings with the test mode with those of the infrared thermometer under the hood. It's just really weird has anyone a way of testing the cooling system pressure with the engine cold, I'm just wondering if it maybe the head gasket between two cylinders. To be honest I'm just guessing. With the cap left off it builds up and then overheats out the top of the expansion tank, temp gauge normal and fan not cut in at all. Tia
  8. Tried a new cap, topped the car up, started it, ran it up to temperature with the heater on full all the time, temperature gauge staying normal, no fan cutting in, Car is building pressure in the expansion tank and then losing water under pressure from the explosion tank, gauge still reading normal and fan not cutting in. Any suggestions please TIA
  9. Isetta very good point, I did not even think of that Tomsfocus thanks for that, I will try another cap and see how we get on. Will post back up when I've got one fitted
  10. Hi my mrs mk6 fiesta has overheated a couple of times now for some reason. We drove it the other day for 4 miles to do a click and collect then another 3 miles to the park all with no problems at all. We stayed at the park an hour and then drove home, but on the way home around 2 miles from the park the car overheated and lost the water out of the header tank, We sat for 30 mins topped it back up and just as we got home another 2 miles it done it again outside the house. The cars temperature gauge is staying normal, and we can hear the fan on the radiator coming on. I've looked in the oil cap no sign of any white deposit, and no sign of any water coming out of the exhaust. Could this be the head gasket or should I be looking at something else like the thermostat sticking possibly? TIA