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  1. so i bought a primary hose for my mk8 fiesta stlinex and after a week or 2 noticed its getting riped into by a bolt/screw end from what im guessing is the battery holder and hope someone can help me with a solution around it or if there is somthing i can put over this bold/screw end, ive listed pic here for better look to what i mean
  2. so my 2019 stlinex fiesta has a gpf on it but i would like to get it off or work around it to get the most noise out of it anyone know how i can work around that ?
  3. as easy as the title says, i just want to know the diffrence between a hardpipe crossover and a corssover pipe. is there any diffrence or is each one made for a diffrent purpose?
  4. so i have bought a c performance induction kit for now but in the later months (like 6) ill possibly go for a better opion and ive seen a Stage 3 Full Induction Kit, could i put this in my car with it being stock like no map or anything just take the c performance one out and put this stage 3 in or would ther have to be added things to support it?
  5. so im wanting to get my car remapped in the near future however, im keeping in mind its a .1.0 litre eco boost and wondered if any one can tell me what the maximum load is for the clutch, gear shaft thing and so on?
  6. so it would work? even with my car being an st-line x?
  7. Right to the point, I have a mk8 fiesta st-line x 140 and I've always loved the look of the st seats and I've seen on ebay st-3 recaro bucket seats and want to know if there a way (if i buy them) to put them in my st-line fiesta. Any help?
  8. so i bought an induction kit (ram air) for my stlinex and the mechanic showed me on his tablet thing (pluged into the obd port thing) that it said the air sensor was reading -40 degrees below 0 and he reset it a few times and its still showing the engine light. he said it might need a new sensor and im new to all this so should i buy a new sensor and what should i do?
  9. small delema about diffusers: i have an stlinex mk8 fiesta and im gonna be getting an exhaust soon but the exhaust has an option to have a twin tip so the delema is would a mk8 st diffuser fit on to a st line x?
  10. ah great definetley helps thank you
  11. so im now looking at adding mods to my car for the first time and i noticed you can get rear diffusers and valance but are they the same thing or not im really confused?