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  1. I have a ford focus MK1 98-01 1.8 petrol zetec and I'm wondering what sub frames are compatable, will the MK1.5 also fit or will I need to look for the mk1 specifically, most look similar on photos but then most ford rear subframes look similar on a photo.
  2. Hi everyone, My rear subframe is heavily rusty (it's done well considering I live by the sea) I'm trying to source a replacement and I'm wondering what is compatable with mine i think that the vast majority would be but I'd like to know from people with more experience. Mine is a focus MK1 2000 (w reg) 1.8 petrol zetec with Aircon (woopey do)
  3. Thanks for both answers I'll try both out with the seat belt tightening first and see how I get on
  4. Hi everyone, So I have an airbag light that turns on when I first start the car in the morning, if it turn the car off and back on it goes! Any suggestions on what may stop it lighting in the first place? I've been through the underseat wiring and made sure it's all properly plugged in and I've sprayed the seat runners with wd40 and moved them up and down to see if that helped, I also disconnected the battery for 30 mins to see if this would clear it but to no avail.