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  1. Happy Birthday brianc!

  2. It's insurance time again! Can FOC help this year, I wonder ....

  3. Hello again, I'm trying to find some roof bars for my Focus estate. It already has the side roof rails (front to back) so I want a couple of cheap bars to fit across the roof for carrying the occasional long package (thanks Ikea!). I've been tying a couple of pieces of wood across up to now but it's not ideal - and possibly slightly dodgy from a legal point of view. All the websites I've tried so far seem to want to offer me the ones which lock into the roof gutters (ie Thule, Mont Blanc) but that's not what I want. Any suggestions/experiences welcome. All the best, Brian
  4. Bird strike!

    Thanks Ivor, very helpful. I'll try and get a red disk from a scrappy, rather than get involved in painting a new one, and see how much the black grille-thing is from Ford. Cheers, Brian
  5. Bird strike!

    Hello fellow Focus-ites! Anyone got any ideas on how best to replace a bit of the black criss-cross plastic mesh under the front number plate on my 99 Focus (ie where to get the stuff)? Can it be got cheaply from Ford or are scrap yards a better bet? Same goes for the small disc of bumper-coloured plastic which is on the front right of the bumper (there's one on the rear too - seems to cover some kind of screw hole). Got hit by a kamikaze blackbird doing 60mph and when I got to work this disc had been knocked clean out! Any thoughts welcome, as it makes the front end look a bit scruffy and unloved :-( Cheers, Brian