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  1. I've never noticed any difference in number of holes, a more restrictive filter would cause low oil pressure post filter and high pre filter, it certainly wouldn't be an advantage. The oil works best when it flows freely. Having a few oil filters at home for a few family vehicles I have noticed they can appear identical thread size and face but state they don't fit different vehicles. I wonder if that's the degree of filtration or just so they can charge more when for example a Merc filter would fit a Fiat and vice versa.
  2. It just sounded like the hydraulic tappets filling with oil a bit slowly, have you checked oil level? When warm it does it sound better?
  3. Could be worth there weight in gold, handy for anyone working on a vehicle.
  4. The temptation when spraying is to just do another coat too soon. Taking your time really pays off. I've made exactly the same mistakes, those who haven't must have had a good teacher. Great project and looking good so far. I like a few good cosmetic tweeks to improve a car. I've done the whel hubs, drum case and disk calipers on our Fiesta where it had surface rust, its an almost concealed area behind the wheels but well worth it.
  5. When I decided to change my fab Diesel twin turbo 215bhp Saab I'd had from new for 10 years the PX prices were so poor I gave it to my Son in Law. After a coupe of weeks he had a problem - it was in Limp mode. He does a decent mileage, couldn't figure it out. It Still did 75 in limp mode so he lived with it and after a while it went back to normal. 2 weeks later it did it again and he realised it was each time he'd put Sainsbury's diesel in. He brimmed the tank with some one else's fuel and after a couple of days it went back to normal. He's had it 11 months now, no more Sainsbury's diesel and it hasn't done it since. The car is benefitting from his longer commute and drives better than when I was doing so many short trips, less regen's and more poke. So I'd have to agree with Stoney.
  6. Oil overfull, diesel can get into the oil if its constantly trying to regen. Check the dipstick, if its just that needs to do an oil and filter change.
  7. Personally I think an oil and filter change is the single best thing you can do to increase engine life and reliability. I absolutely would not let a new car go 2 years without one. If you only do short miles the oil can often get contaminated with condensation because its not getting hot enough to evaporate it, if you do decent mileage then the oil gets used and wears. If the main dealer is too expensive get it done somewhere else, just use OEM quality parts and a VAT reg'd garage. I have done my own oil and filter imbetween services and never had an issue, but to paint the full picture I've only eved had 1 warrantee claim and it was an electric window failure that would be hard to blame on the oil filter.
  8. I noticed when wife and daughter had a KA one was worse for noise, the rear windows weren't tight when closed allowing a lot of wind noise and the boot lining was missing on the noisy one. We replaced the boot lining, and actually ended up adding an extra layer of carpet underlay beneath it on both cars as it made quite a difference. The windows I remember adding a plumbing tap washer somewhere in the handle to increase the squeeze against the window rubbers - setting the handle a bit further out by a couple of mm just to get a tighter close. The rear windows are not wind down type if anyone's thinking WTF?
  9. I think he's talking about the crankcase breather sponge, they aren't in any service schedule I've ever seen but where fitted they should be occasionally cleaned or replaced. I had some similar sponge and used to make my own for a Ford KA by cutting it to size, it was in the airbox lid on the KA.
  10. As a passenger in my brothers various cars over the years I have found the recirc button quite useful to sneak on when breaking wind. That way he gets the benefit more than once.
  11. Torque wrenches prevent that, by torqing them to the correct setting you avoid the risk of snapping, get a better gas seal and they come out easier next time. Basically hand tight with a socket then 1/8 to 1/4 turn max to compress the sealing washer. I usually put a dab of copper slip grease on the threads too. I've yet to have a stuck plug or snap one. If you have a proper torque wrench this is a general guide without being brand specific. Probably suprise people how low the setting is for small plugs. Plug thread diameter Tightening torque 18 mm 35 to 40N·m (3.5 to 4.0 kgm) 14 mm 25 to 30N·m (2.5 to 3.0 kgm) 12 mm 15 to 20N·m (1.5 to 2.0 kgm) 10 mm 10 to 12N·m (1.0 to 1.2 kgm)
  12. That's a good point, everyone assumes alloys will be protected by locking nuts so only a really determined thief would even bother looking. When I've just had a new set of tyres I admit to being aware of how much it would cost if some ***** nicked the lot. Can't say I've ever worried about the wheels otherwise. On the other hand if I had to park on a dodgy estate I'd definately keep lockers on, they may not be mega bucks but to a ***** trying to get his wreck on the road a set of wheels and tyres is a good few weeks dole.
  13. Get a solar trickle charger and plug it in. Got to be worth a try.
  14. Yes I'd agree. I'm just saying that to the Ave Joe they look like a higher spec and I'd assume quite quick. If I had a 125 bhp eco boost that looked that quick I'd have to get it chipped. I usually have a glance at tyre width if in doubt. Personally I'd find it more amusing to have a fast car that looks slow than a slow car that looks fast, but we have to take into account the insurance position for young drivers. My 215 bhp Saab was £180 fully comp, my 300 bhp Skoda is £202 - that's a year not a month to the under 25's!! No way would I justify a hot or modified car if it pushed the already high premiums through the roof. I think both Fiesta's pictured look very nice, it's a model that really doesn't show its age. I don't think they've ever made an ugly Fiesta.
  15. I really like that, I have to say as a none Fiesta or Ford expert from the front view I would have assumed your car was an RS or something.