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  1. Measure it and offer it for sale, It's something I'd like to put into wife's 1.0 ecoboost. I tend to keep the cars a few years and it saves buying replacing filters as much as anything.
  2. That sounds like an excuse for a new car to me. Depreciation curves start off steep and get flatter with age. Me to wife when I want (rather than need) to change the car: "It'll start going wrong and cost us money now honestly" 🙂
  3. Powerflow exxhausts do custom pipes from 304 grade stainless - good stuff. They have a dealer in Brombrough on the Wirral. You can choose whatever you want, full system, what shape tip etc. But its going to cost,
  4. Interesting meandering thread. Bit of a copaslip fan myself. Never had corrosion on my wheels and I keep cars up to 10 years. Theory of Molyslip Lubrication In use, Molyslip products form a lubricating layer of Molybdenum Disulphide on metal surfaces in the following manner. The Molybdenum Disulphide molecules arrange themselves into plates with a laminar structure in which each molybdenum atom is sandwiched between two sulphur atoms. The sulphur atoms are attracted to metal and therefore become plated or bonded on to each of the adjacent bearing surfaces. In between these two plating
  5. A little story about car security, many years ago I had someone try and break into my car on the works car park, there was a similar car either side of mine, both colleagues cars, neither were touched. I asked the cop who came out (about another matter - they wont even turn up for a car attempt break in) why mine? He looked into the cars either side, one had a crook lock, one had a Turner Auto lock fitted. Mine had nothing. He said criminals get to know the type of person who takes extra security precautions doesn't leave any valuables in the vehicle - you might do. I know its only 1 opi
  6. Yeah, I wonder if dealers idea of a new battery for a 2012 KA is one out of another car? Might not be of course, but my trust in dealers is pretty low.
  7. Did you try the ETIS site? https://www.etis.ford.com/vehicleRegSelector.do;jsessionid=41-SWt9RYzCQnCGFwe2hvB0fY7zq3dfUREUkWe0H.ito034599
  8. try here https://www.etis.ford.com/vehicleRegSelector.do;jsessionid=dVGDMm_oOkZzV_aWIVgo8WVKUYpxjtI9iIwiMxRg.ito034593
  9. sounds expensive to me too, but depending on when the first service was done, and what they did they might have their work cut out.I remember helping to service a Cavalier years ago that hadn't been done for 5 years and the spark plugs wouldn't budge. Had to get someone to use a gas and air torch to heat things up to get them shifted. A lot of early Ford KA's that did low mileage had the same issue, drivers ignored service schedule because of ultra low mileage and plugs snap in the block when you try and remove them after a lot of years. There is a good chance that at a first service they didn
  10. . Thick paint does tend to drip as you end up putting it on thick so it runs. With thick emulsion you can thin it with about 10% water for both brush and roller application. We tend to do a thin first coat because it shows up and imperfections in your prep - quite often you need to do a bit more filling and sanding to get a good finish. Always start with the cutting in, that will be much easier if walls and ceiling are both going to be the same colour. Comment above re matt and silk was spot on, with silk you see defects more. Artex ceilings look fine with silk, it sh
  11. Great post! That reminds me, we have a steam cleaner somewhere. The boot areaa always looks good when cleaned - or is that just me?? I have 2 sets of mats now, so that when I wash one set and hang them to dry I can put the other set in. Although we have a Dyson a tenant left a nearly new Henry hoover in a rental property, and it comes with a great long crevice tool (Ooohh Errr Mrs) and I find that good for the car, getting down the side of the seats etc. I also use a spray interior upholstery cleaner - I think its a Simonize one - regularly. On the seats I used a Dodo
  12. I take it you checked what this shows ... https://www.etis.ford.com It was spot on for me.
  13. Last leak I fixed was just a gasket missing on the rear light clluster after an accident repair. Sometimes the leak can be water thrown up from the tyres so not always easy to spot if your pouring water on.
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