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  1. My brother bought a MK4 Focus ST Line 1.0 Ecoboost from Lawtons and had the same error message. Driving it did not fix the problem, so he took it back to them. They performed a software update and the error message has never appeared again. Maybe your dealer couldn't be bothered to perform the required update.
  2. I think you'll find you will have focusing issues, that is, if you even manage to get the H4 bulbs to fit (which I very much doubt). To me, it's a non starter.
  3. Looks to be scuff marks on the rubber as well.
  4. Thanks, will give it a go when I cam prise my wife out of it 😂 Will let you know how I get on. 👍
  5. Yes, it's the wired one with toggle switch from James Simpson I believe. It worked flawlessly with Focccus on quite a few Focus's, could never get Focccus to work on my last 2015MY Focus thou'.
  6. Yes I have lead that works with forscan, well it did with previous Focus's I've had. It reads & erases fault codes, but I have never had any luck in doing anything else with it. Couldn't even manage to code injectors in my daughters Focus. Had to use Delphi for that.
  7. Can the new MK4 Focus be configured to lock all the doors by speed. This is a useful feature that my other car has out of the factory. I set up my 2013 Titanium Focus (sold due to it being very unlucky) to do this with focccus, but seeing as this program has not been updated for many years, doesn't work with later models.
  8. Thank you for your reply. After doing some research, prompted by your answer, I have found an American page containing answers. Screenshot below, page here:
  9. Does anyone know what IDS version is required for diagnosis and configuration of a 2019 MK4 Focus?
  10. The "Circuit Breaker" fuse (F25), which mine was not populated, is ignition live. Just used an inline fuse with mini spade on the end in the side closest to the left.
  11. Have a look here: That's why I went for a 1.5L Ecoboost Automatic and not the 1.0L
  12. Have you tried changing the odor filter?