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  1. I get 100% success by putting my straight leg slowly forward and then slowly back again. No need for any side waving techniques. Just a slow leg forward and back.
  2. Have a look here https://www.pumaforums.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=663
  3. Hi, it’s too cold to go out and look so I’m guessing that the temperature displays on the 8”screen. The distance to empty is permanently displayed on the information bar on the main instrument cluster (12”). The best place to ask is on the new Puma community. https://www.pumaforums.co.uk where you will find hundreds of new Puma owners like myself. Curiously got the better of me. July 2020 build, distance to empty 95mls.
  4. I bet they didn’t use the same argument “when was the last time” when trying to sell you minor damage protection and gap insurance 😀 The 7 speed automatic appeared on the price lists last week and are now on the build and price calculator on the ford website. I have been impatiently waiting since last year!
  5. Being old and ancient I ordered a Titanium Automatic with everything apart from the tow bar this week. Having been forced off the road in Guernsey, on the way to the ferry home. On a Sunday evening it punched a inch wide hole in my tyre with zero chance of repair. I now only feel comfortable having a Mini Spare Wheel. My dealer said no problem and added £150 but said it will reduce the size of the mega box which is okay. Has anybody else been offered a Mini Spare Wheel or has one?
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