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  1. Looking for some help.. I stupidly reversed into a low wall - and I've bent one of the tail pipes and slightly dented the back right hand back box. Exhaust note has changed a bit under load. I'm looking to sell the car very soon so need to get it fixed I don't want to pay Ford new parts prices for this. Any suggestions - National Tyres and Exhausts are quoting £510 fitted as they can't get a pattern part. Anyone fitted a performance exhaust and want to get rid of the old one? Cheers Nick
  2. thanks - when I changed the last bulb I made sure it was in nice and tight. The contacts all looked pretty clean. Done't know where the earth point is on that part of the loom.
  3. Title says it all really... First bulb blew a couple of months ago - since then they seem to last a few weeks at the most. Has anyone else had this problem? cheers Nick