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  1. Decided to bite the bullet and change the brakes today. They said that these brakes were new. I thought they were but had some surface rust from it not being used, but on closer inspection they weren't as new as I thought. The discs did seem relatively new, but the pads definitely weren't. Unless they replaced the discs without the pads. Either way, new discs and pads on. The difference is sublime. A sharper bite, stronger feel and no wobble! The car is finished mechanically, with nothing else to do. Onward with upgrades!
  2. Been a very productive day today. I wanted to sort out the brake wobble. It's down to some surface contamination on the disc, so I thought I'd try and give it a vinegar bath to remove the rust. You can see it here Quite clear when off the car Found a plant pot tray the exact size of the disc though! Some Tesco's vinegar always does the trick on rusty parts After about half an hour of soaking (per disc), a good amount came off: The wobble is better, but it's still there along with an annoying squeak with each rotation. I'll see if it goes eventually as the brakes get used, which logically it should. If it doesn't, it'll only cost me about £40 for a new set, so no biggie. While I was there, I thought I'd use the time to freshen up the calipers. Using some silver hammerite I made sure to stay well away from anything that wasn't solid metal, aside from the retaining clip. I've learnt the hard way in the past when I had calipers seize up. I played it safe here as I just want them to look a little better behind the wheel Which they certainly do The rear drums were coated in black hammerite: Far better on the eye. Whilst I was in the wheel well, I pulled back the liner and replaced the cracked fog lamp. (And yes they're my kick-a** allen keys) And done The passenger foot well carpet had fallen since I bought it. The hole had ripped so it had nothing to hold on to. I added a dab of super glue and glued the pieces together, creating a small hole as per original size. Lovely. Can't even tell One job that was annoying me was the black stained parking sensor, and only the one weirdly. A bit of 1500 grit wet and dry got this looking spot on And that's that! All of the maintenance on the car is complete! There's not a single thing that doesn't work, and nothing that looks like it should be replaced or cosmetically bad. The car looks and feels beautiful. Next up will most likely be to retrofit projectors so I can use my spare set of 5000k H1 HID's. I'm also tempted to replace the fog light bulbs with yellow bulbs. I'm thinking that it'll look quite nice against the yellow, although I don't really use them. Thoughts on this? Cheers all
  3. Today was an interesting (and expensive) day. The track rod ends were so seized that I needed to replace them both. The warranty were umming and ahhing over whether it would be covered, so I just decided to front the cost myself. After all, the track rod ends were the only thing that was mechanically wrong with the car (aside from some surface rust on a brake disc, which I'll be tackling myself soon). The garage had a nightmare with the track rod ends, resulting in cutting off one side completely. In all they replaced both outer track rod ends, and one inner track rod end. Parts and labour with VAT came to £174. Tracking was £30 per axle with a hunter machine, so it was £204 in total. Not amazing, but the car seems perfectly fine now, so I'm happy to pay that to make the car mechanically sound. Up on the ramp, I had a good look at the underside Doesn't look too bad for 137,000 miles The track rod ends were replaced And the car was finished Whilst I was at the garage, they were working on an E-Type that had its head gasket blow. Must be expensive on a V12! They also had this gorgeous Sierra RS Cosworth. Must be worth quite a bit, especially in its condition. Anyway. I digress. Car went straight to another garage where they did a hunter alignment system. The car was throwing traction control errors due to the wheels being pointed in different directions, so this needed to be done asap. This was the angle of the steering wheel when driving straight. Look at the wheels! This was straight: Before and after Car now drives beautifully. The weather held off today, and it looks like it's holding off for the next few days - perfect for applying the RimBlades. Here's the wheel before And after That front wheel was the worst at the top as it had a big chunk taken out of it. They're not perfect, but they hide a lot of the curbing which is all that matters. I cleaned the wheel with normal cleaner, then alcohol wipes that were supplied. I then applied some adhesive primer that they supply, then applied the RimBlade itself. Within 10 seconds it bonded to the alloy, and was almost impossible to pull off. I'll leave the car 24 hours either way, but these aren't coming off in a hurry. At least they'll be soft if I ever touch a curb (or a pothole) with the wheel. If that was the Porsche, I'd have got the wheels refurbished (as I did on the Boxster), but this car is a daily so there's no need for perfection here. That's all for now!
  4. Had a day out in Tenby yesterday (albeit a socially distant day out), which took just over two and a half hours each way. Also drove to Winchester today which was also just over two hours each way, and the car performed brilliantly. Beautifully smooth and feels as safe as a tank. Was good to get out to be honest, somewhere new that's not the house or the local park. We had a walk around Tenby with our face masks, and a socially distant meet up today in the park in Winchester, which did us all some good. Next week will be a relaxed week and back working. The car is in the garage Tuesday to get its track rod ends replaced, but that's as exciting as things get. Tuesday evening I'll be fitting the Rim Blades, so I'm looking forward to getting those alloys a little nicer to look at. Anyway. It's been a lot of driving this weekend, and I've got a Leffe Ruby in my hand as we're just about to watch a film. Will let you know what happens Tuesday. Cheers all
  5. I spent yesterday evening touching up the stone chips and scratches on the paintwork with a frozen white touch up pen. They're not perfect, but they're a lot better and aren't noticeable anymore. This was the worst But this is the best I could do White paint is so forgiving. I gave the car a thorough clean, more on the side of a partial detail, using detail brushes for all the tiny areas inside and outside of the body work. It's looking fantastic now: I've just come back from driving to West Wales and back, so over two hours each way. It performed lovely, with the adaptive cruise control being outstanding. Just waiting for Monday when I can install the RimBlades on the wheels, and then paint the brakes silver (fronts) and black (rears), then cosmetically it's finished.
  6. After looking at several YouTube videos, it looks like the car freaking out while it reads/writes to the car is normal. My only issue is that it had an error and couldn't write. I've got the switch in the adapter but there's no indication to what position it's at? Does anyone know if focccus runs medium or high speed?
  7. The £9 wing mirror indicator replacements came today. Horrible cracked original lamp: Shiny new one Bit of a difference Installed. Much better The other was quite dull and yellow too Replacement looks far nicer Right. I've just tried to use FoCCCus with the ELM327 cable. I connected to the car, made a backup but when it was making the backup the car went nuts. Engine fault, brake fault, etc etc. Suddenly stopped and went back to normal. I tried to write the 'auto lock' when driving off onto the car, and the same thing happened. An error occured and it didn't upload, so I've stopped there. Absolutely s**t myself, so I'm super uncomfortable using it. Was that meant to happen?! I'd need to do this if I'm to fit HID's in projectors in the future. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Gotcha Good to know! The boot bulbs I installed earlier look lovely at night. Ideally I'd like them a little warmer and less blue, but they'll do for the time being. It's hard to tell when buying lights because sellers just throw the 'k' colour temperature around without testing. I want 5000k bulbs but the last time I bought some they were practically purple. It's just luck of the draw. One thing I do love about the car is the rear LED lights. Should be on all of the mk3's.
  9. That's very kind of you! Thank you! Wonder what it means by 'Less'...
  10. Just looked at it and it's asking me to fill out tax information and to register a company name and address, which I'm uncomfortable in doing!
  11. Genuine mats came today! They're lovely. Also the parcel shelf was broken. I assume this is common looking at its design. The edges have cracked and bent, so the shelf falls constantly. I've got two stiff rubber washers, which surprisingly fit perfectly. 12mm if anyone wants to know, The plan was to glue them to the outside of the shelf, creating a wider shelf for the posts to sit in so that it can't fall, and also for them to be more secure rather than wobble around, Job done, shelf is now secure and no chance of falling as I had to bend the edges a little for them to fit onto the posts. As they should! Poor design from Ford there. Whilst I was there, I changed the boot lamps to white (though they look blue here) to match the interior LED's. Not sure if the interior LED's are part of the titanium package or if they're standard across all mk3's but they look great, so these are my best attempt to match them. Photos were before I fixed the shelf: More to follow
  12. The RimBlades came today. I can't believe that it costs £30 for these. It's a complete ripoff, but there's none that are cheaper that I can find anywhere. Still, if they work then they work. They give IPA cleaner, and also an adhesion primer that sets, then you apply the rimblade to the wheel, then leave it for 1-3 days before driving over 40mph. It also says it helps to warm the wheel a little and not to do it on a damp/cold day. Reviews say that for people who follow the instructions, they last a very long time. Some people just stick them on and complain when they fly off. Either way, it's definitely worth a try. This is all they are: I tried to find something online that's similar/cheaper, but to no avail. The wheels are knackered, presumably a rally driver was the last owner?! And a test position These cover all of the curbing nicely! If they stay on then it's a winner. It'll also stop the wheel from being curbed if I do touch a curb. The weather's looking to improve on the weekend so I'll be doing them then. I also cannot wait to coat the rear drums in black hammerite. They look horrible!
  13. Ah fair enough, I'll try again later/tomorrow. My car mats are arriving today I think. Exciting stuff...
  14. Ohh! Saucy. I just looked at ETIS and it's not available... a few people online are saying it's no longer around? Unless I'm being daft!
  15. Ah I think you may be incorrect here, the Titaniums didn't come with rear parking sensors as standard, it was still an optional extra. There were plenty of Titaniums I looked at without them, and I read up online that it was an option. The Titanium Handling Package (according to the manual) is 'sport tuned suspension with 18" alloy wheels', which is odd considering it's a comfort spec car as you said. I'll look into ETIS now. Thanks!