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  1. I don't unfortunately. When times are better I need to invest I think
  2. 'lovely gentlemen ' who don't realise that roads STILL have their speed limits despite the rona and sit up your ***** cos you've pulled out of a junction (with plenty of safe space at the right speed limit) beeping their horn to the go on to call you a little slag as they pass you by. THEN go on to sit in one lane but cut right in front of the row of traffic going another way just to escape you cos you decide to follow them 🤔
  3. Am I missing something on mine. I can unlock but don't seem to be able to remote start from my app
  4. Oh wow. OK. Thank you 😊
  5. So what is forscan?? I'm so dumb at all this stuff
  6. Ahh thats a shame. Thank you 😊
  7. Hi was wondering if my car can be programmed to do auto locking? I've watched videos but none seem to work. I take it it's cos these are older veichles. Any help is much appreciated TIA
  8. Hi I've just purchased a new st line ans was wondering if it has automatic locking? My Citroen auto locked once I got over 10bmph. I'd really like it on this one. I've looked at videos but it doesn't work. They're all older cars. Tia
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