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  1. Hi all I have a 2015 ZS with a shock issue on the front nearside, i have enquired with GSF car parts and they have sold me a pair of these, i just want to double check they are the correct one before they are fitted in a few days time. Thank you in advance
  2. Hi @TomsFocus thanks for the heads up, have had this checked l, and while he greased the selector etc he did agree with you on the synchro, and quoted a rather hefty bill for repair, so I will stick with it. Thank you for helping, really appreciated
  3. All sorted now, was the switch not sitting correctly
  4. Hi Everyone Apologies if this has been posted already, i tried to have a look but couldn't see anything! I have changed the lightbulb but not the light stays on when all doors are closed, the front, and footwell lamps all fade like they were supposed to, i have no idea what im looking for, or what needs to be fixed, i am avoiding buying a new light as this one does work, just not as it should. It will switch on when and off with the switch just not with doors! If anyone has any advice or a walkthrough on fixing the issue i would really appreciate it. Many thanks
  5. Noo I don't think so, when intry shift from 2nd to 3rd, it's almost as if the gear stick gets stuck between the two gears
  6. I'm fairly certain I am, when I next need to go out I will ensure I am, and if the problem persists I will let you know. Could explain why its intermittent, never had the issue before haha! Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, please bare with me with this one. So I have a 1ltr fiesta Zetec S 65 plate. The usual 5 speed gearbox etc. Im not sure if it's a fault on my behalf or if there is a fault with my gear box. When I'm doing the usual driving around town it shifts absolutely fine. But when I get onto a road that needs abit more speed, going from second to third it feels like my 2nd gear gets stuck like the clutch hasent let go (although it's fully pressed) I could only think this could be a fault on my behalf if I try shift to quickly, or if I try shift when my engine speed is too high. As said above
  8. Aw great, thanks for letting me know!! My local dealership were next to useless when I asked about it on my most recent service!! Thank you
  9. Hey all Just out of curiosity, when I unlock my Fiesta apart from the usual actuator sound, there is a sort of sound that comes from the underside of my car, almost a motor sound when I open the door, and was curious to know what this could be? Many thanks
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