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  1. Yeah still there mate, just poor quality photo but surprised they’re still there considering I’m from Yorkshire🤣
  2. Hi mate, I mean ones like the image attached (credit to the owner). The company is GMB graphics. At least that’s who I used anyway. Just ordered some pin stripes to put around the front splitter and side skirts so that should turn out good, hopefully.
  3. Hi everyone was just wondering what people could suggest I do to make my Mk8 Fiesta St-Line look more asthetically pleasing. Don’t want anything too major just yet such as new alloys. Just coming round to that. I’ve got some accents for the fog lights and the rear ones too but cannot find anywhere to fit them as they’re vinyl and I don’t have access to the equipment needed. I’m in Yorkshire If anyone can recommend a place too. Any suggestions would be brilliant. Cheers 👍