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  1. So I’m having an issue with what I believe to be the transmission on my 2011 Ford Focus Zetec (auto). I understand there have been known issues with the transmission on these models and I had it changed when I bought the car in 2015. Basically when driving home this evening, I found on a couple of occasions the car really struggled to pull away, and at one point I thought it wasn’t going to make it. Eventually it seemed to sort itself, luckily it being the middle of the night I didn’t have to stop, however when I went to reverse into our drive at home, I found I could not reverse at all. The car just revved up as if it was in neutral. After turning the car off and waiting a few minutes it reversed ok, and I’ve just had a few goes driving into and out of the drive and it’s been ok. About 30 mins later I took it around the block a couple of times. The first time I went to reverse on our road it again played up, but as soon as I went into neutral and back to reverse it was fine, and it’s reversed fine 3 or 4 times since. I’m confused as it’s so intermittent - has anyone else had similar? Cheers