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  1. The Mk4 wind noise for me is the mirrors. if I fold them in the wind noise actually changes and drops. im not getting any other wind noise just the mirrors, which a couple of reviews have noted too. may be in the mk4.5 facelift next year they may have better insulation. Who knows.
  2. it shows is 20351 as well 👍
  3. I’m glad you are on here to help us all. Do Ford normally add the logo updates with the normal updates for sync? also I’m going to ask a strange question, what is Gracenote and does this ever get updated too? thanks Daz
  4. Hi Colin just want to thank you so much. got most of the logos back, well the ones I used to have and a couple new ones. I really don’t get how Ford are so bad with their Sync updates. You download a new piece of software and it breaks dab logos. it’s just really scary as there seems to be no quality control over Sync, or is it just me? but thanks again👍
  5. Thanks for this. Really interesting to know. always did wonder how the numbering worked.
  6. Oh I’ve not noticed re the music art, but I’ve noticed that I’ve lost a few radio logos since 20351, Some logos are there, but lots are missing, the ones that used to be there, like the BBC are no longer. very strange indeed
  7. Your more than welcome 👍. Glad I could help. . yes I did notice and I’m the same. Apple all the way. I know google gets a lot of business from Apple and vice versa. So I’m keep my fingers crossed that all will be good. 👍 oh Focus EV. I’m waiting to see what there like when there out.
  8. That is amazing news and so glad it worked for you. 👍😁 as per Colin the file you need to upload will be on the usb drive. again just go back on sun updates and this time upload it when u say move to the next step. this is fab news 👍😁
  9. Any time. Here are a few other pics, when you download the file, it will be in a zip format. Open the zip file (it should open if you have a zip tool installed on you laptop. once it’s open it should have 3 files in. you just then drag those 3 files to your USB stick. Do not drag the zip file as sync will not see it. it’s drag and drop onto the usb drive and you usb drive should have the 3 files showing. good luck and hope it all goes well. One last thing, when it’s doing the update, make sure the engine stays on. Or do what
  10. When you download the update it will be in a zip folder. if you have windows 10, just open the folder and you will see the files in there. all you do is then drag the files over I’ll do another pic for you
  11. So I’ve downloaded the latest update for my friends car after the 890 mb update, it’s maps F9 for him. so F10 hasn’t been released yet. It’s on the Ford servers I’ve heard, but not showing as released to the public yet. I’ve added a screen shot on to format. click on the right hand mouse button on your flash drive and choose format, you will then need to choose exFat and tick quick format will be fine
  12. It shows you a link to click on it. Make sure your usb stick is a decent one, format it to exFat as well
  13. Are you being presented with the 890mb update? On the Ford sync website?
  14. I’ve never used cynlabs as well. ive done both Wi-fi updates and also done many from the web version. As long as you follow fords instructions it’s pretty easy to do. I’ve a decent Sandusky 32GB stick I use. what versions is your sync on now and what map version? im on sync 3.4 versions 20351, f9 maps which is the latest versions i can have at present.
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