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  1. Mmmmmm Pastitsio 🙂 don't forget Cephalonia Meat Pie 🙂 oh I miss my Greece so very much. Yassas 🙂
  2. I can fully appreciate where you're coming from Tom, not on your own there pal, it seems the older I get the more I lose my sociable status, blimey when I think back to my earlier days, totally different now 🙂
  3. EBAY Gone from bad to worse. 1)Sold an item 2) Buyer didn't answer any messages I left trying to organise collection date for them to come round. 3) I cancelled order and relisted 4) Buyer leaves negative feedback 5) Did you know sellers can't leave negative feedback for buyers?? 6) Ebay refused to delete the Neg feedback buyer left for me. END RESULT Ebay just lost a member (Me) with 100% top 19 year track record. Bye bye Fleabay.
  4. Absolutely Martyr, great opportunity
  5. You will need to get independent advice about this with a written report from a professional ideally a Ford approved technician. Hopefully an expert maybe able to spot exactly when this happened. If this gets legal you will need an independent report. If the mechanic who damaged it gets his hands on the car again he may have chance to cover up what he did. I think if I where you I would contact Citizens Advice for recommendations. Good luck
  6. Couldn't agree more mate, Selfish Inconsiderate Idiots is how I would describe them. Too many idiots like them blaming the government, but it ain't rocket science and its no more than common sense. Travel is what helps this virus spread, anyone booking a holiday must surely be prepared for cancellations, and in any case what kind of holiday are you going to have during a pandemic, short staffed hotels/restaurants, restaurants and bars with limited supplies because owners won't want to enter into supply contracts with all the uncertainty, wearing masks in the hot weather, long delays
  7. Nice one Stephen, yes he was a great guy, I tried really hard to get over there for the funeral, but due to work, was unable to, ironically about 1 month later my firm sent me over there for a week. George said he was always happiest at home surrounded by people from Northern Ireland & I always loved working there and was always treated like Royalty by my customers whilst there. He was a smashing guy, destroyed by the press.
  8. Watching my childhood hero, George Best again in the BT movies documentary. He lived down the road from us in the 70's in "Superloo" and was great to us. What a player!!!
  9. E-scooters prepare for many injured pedestrians and scratched cars!
  10. Thats good, I noticed my car vehicle settings on dash, keeps ticking the auto engine off Tick box which is really annoying as if you leave engine running for update the engine switches off after about 20 mins or so, meaning you need to start the upgrade all over again. No matter what I do I can't get the log xml file after install even though I used the interrogator app. Heres another weird one, my software shows version 3.4 sync 3 and version 10 maps, but when I scan for updates it starts to download a tar file. Getting fed up of speaking to the have a nice day angel gatekeep
  11. Thanks Col, yes it only appears in my synmyride folder after a few attempts me and the interrogator have become great friends over the last few updates :-):-) if we ever have a Ford Forum get together, there's a few pints with your name on it. cheers Steve
  12. Hiya Col, Just reporting back as promised. I kicked up a fuss at Ford customer services, gave them a full detailed rundown on what had happened, missing files etc...etc.. they sent me an email with a link to a direct download of the maps software. They said they had a few complaints from other users with the exact same problem which I have heard is a typical Ford response. Anyway got fed up of leaving the engine running on the driveway especially when the engine kept doing an auto switch off( For some reason it kept re enabling itself) so went for a long drive(90 mins) an
  13. Does it update maps automatically, i thought it only updated sync 3 automatically?
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