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  1. I got the sleeve which you can put over the steering wheel before fitting the disklock, no marks at all on my steering wheel, ith that said I do wonder if the sleeve is actually necessary to be honest. 1 tip I was given is to have the big lever at 9'oclock position, rather than 12'oclock to avoid the extra weight pressing down on top of the steering wheel.
  2. Wow what a beauty mate, did a fine job, love the colour.
  3. Haha thanks for spotting that Eric, was talking about my toy Fiesta 🙂 🙂 but this was my damn predictive text
  4. As others have said, all batteries hate cold temperatures and key emits a signal or if is a sleepy key only emits signal when moved
  5. That happened to me once or twice when I had a company car, I would pick a place well away and come back to an almost empty carpet, and there would be a car not only right next to me but really close. It used to have a weird effect on me where it would make my arm twitch as I opened my door 🙂
  6. Oh....another beauty 🙂
  7. Thanks Bob, just ordered some now, at that price worth carrying, might just get you out of a fix in time to diagnose why it blew.
  8. Thanks for posting the link Eric, just signed now. I fully agree with the comments here, Smart Motorways are deathtraps! The amount of times I've been in lane 1 following an hgv and suddenly the hgv has had to swerve severely into lane 2 as he has only just noticed a stationery vehicle in front of him end result is because that happens so quick and because I can't see in front of the hgv in front of me I am suddenly faced with that stationery vehicle. Good job I keep safe distance, but what a stupid idea smart motorways are. Also the amount of times you see lane 1 and 2 h
  9. Exactly Mark, I think you did the right thing considering there are plenty more fish in the sea. Good luck in your quest mate
  10. Yep I remember it well, primary school just spent a week learning all about pounds shillings and pence then teacher said "and next week children we will be learning the new dicimalisation" boy what great teaching 👎
  11. I think I would be walking away from this one mate, like Andy says plenty more out there
  12. Not unless they have whitespot 🙂 I used to keep marine fish, had a coral reef tank, it helped me to haemorrhage money 🙂
  13. I saw a chef on TV last night top it with lemon curd and sugar. It was funny because when he tossed it there was a quick jump in the vt, and showed it straight on the plate, obviously he wasn't a very good ***** 🙂 wonder how many takes before he said toss that 🙂
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