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  1. My beloved W.A.S.P.....hence the user name
  2. Very true mate, been in some terrible forums in the past, back biting and all sorts, but this ones a breath of fresh air, leg ready to be pulled πŸ˜€
  3. Wow, Thanks very much Andy and Eric, Blimey you're all so very helpful on this forum. Great tips and advice, all poised and ready to go and buy my perfect fiesta, just seeing how long my furlough lasts, and if it will end in my redundancy or resignation, either way Fiesta here I come.....sooner the better. Thanks again guys, you do this forum proud!πŸ‘
  4. Hi Its me again with one final question if I may please. OK so from your experience, if I buy a used Fiesta Vignale 140 2 year old max, up to 12,000 miles. Would you recommend a full AA or similar comprehensive vehicle check or if I buy from a Ford dealer either direct or through Autotrader, Carwow etc, would an independent Full vehicle check still be recommended? Many thanks again guys, really appreciating your valued advice. CSC
  5. Thanks mate, great adviceπŸ‘
  6. πŸ˜€ Red definitely faster mate. I was hoping someone would say that red is no longer a problem colour, the metallic red is certainly a looker. Cheers
  7. Thanks Andy, yes I downloaded the Auto Trader app as soon as I read your post, its much easier than searching dozens of sites isn't it? Dying to go out and buy one now, but just need to wait to see if retirement is going to be forced on me now, or if I leave on my own accord, in either case I will then be careless (end of the golden wheels club) πŸ™‚ I quite like the Chrome Blue one, there seems to be loads of black ones, not sure if red is still a no no these days, as they used to get terrible UV damage years ago, and finish up almost pink!!
  8. Thanks Andy, I think because I want most of the extras AND a used one, then this is best way. If I was buying new of course then I could ask for all the factory fit stuff. Now if I can get a Vignale with Bliss which someone had fitted I would be a happy chappie.
  9. Great advice from you all thanks I will be going for the Vignale I think.
  10. Thanks Eric, yes I was wondering about Bliss being standard or option, I think in latest specs looks like it may now be standard, but its a damp usefull option for me reversing out of the drive onto our road outside πŸ™‚
  11. Thanks Bob, since posting the question this morning, I think its going to be a used 2 year max Vignale, manual gears. Vignale because I will want heated seats, rear camera, parking sensors, plus BLISS if possible. Buying used at least i should be guaranteed those features with a vignale...fingers crossed.
  12. haha, love the name Golden wheels club, when I first had a company car you didn't even need to pay company car tax....that was true gold lol
  13. Hi Eric, Many thanks for the quick and detailed reply, much appreciated thankyou. I've noticed this excellent car has so many variants, which is fantastic but hard for decision making. For 44 years I've been spoilt by being lucky enough to have company cars, so this car buying thing is all new to me. This is a great forum with wonderful help. Cheers CSC
  14. HI All, I have a question please and would appreciate any help, as unfortunately I don't really have a very good technical knowledge of engines. I am considering a Fiesta for my retirement, and have recently developed a liking of automatics ( my current company car) Question is, are Automatics recommended on a fiesta, the concerns I have are would there be a lot more to go wrong with automatics versus manual? And indeed is automatic recommended on a fiesta? I am keen to make this car as maintenance free as possible, given it will serve me in retirement. Many thanks for reading this, Cheers, CSC
  15. Thanks Andy, appreciate the tip, thats one that could slip through the net, so thanks for that Cheers Charlie