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  1. Hello mate, sounds like you've been on a roller coaster ride! I too kept my original Sync 1 CD player, kind of by accident. For starters, I bought a sync 2 set up from a Kuga, turns out all the brackets etc are wrong for a focus! DOH! So, further digging took me to an american youtuber, who goes to sync 3 from sync 1, and doesn't change it, score! Regarding your issues, the USB hub thing, they appear to be fragile, that could be the source of your issues. I spent ages trying to work out the pin locations before I ripped the car apart, if you or the previous owner plugged it up wrong before, it could be toast. If you were closer, I'd lend you mine to try. You are in god's country though, and I'm in Norfolk.... You have got the USB going into the RH socket on the back of the hub yes? Likewise, the Focccccus/Forscan issue, I'd try my set up. You've obviously managed coding before, so I wonder if the 2 month extended license has expired for Forscan?
  2. Many thanks to Luke for this thread, plus the various other threads and advice from JW, Phil, JPW and everyone else who has contributed to them. I managed to upgrade from what I believe is Sync 1 to Sync 2 in about 4 hours last Sunday. It would have taken far longer if you guys hadn't paved the way! I'll not post pics, but I went from the basic entertainment system to sync 2, didn't have the Sony set up so the wiring was easier. Things to note if you want to try this. 1. Get a spare loom if you can, all the plugs behind where the audio lives, have slightly different pins and sockets! You can force them in, but it's far easier to go to a scrapper and cut off all the plugs in that area! 2. It's far easier to splice the MS CAN +/- feeds from the passengers footwell rather than running wires up to the GPSM. 3. It took me 3 attempts to program the APIM with an as built it would accept, trawl ebay for a few different number plates just incase. Also, the motorcraft site would NOT allow me to enter a Reg Number when I used Google Chrome, worked fine when I switched to Safari (dirty Mac user!). 4. Read all these threads, literally all the gen in on here. And Finally to answer your question about pins on the USB hub Smartguy69, as you look at that pic, 1 is top left and 8 is bottom right.
  3. Massive thanks to the OP, did this today, took me 20 minutes start to finish! Thanks Iantt! Also, thanks to JW for the modified foCCCus, made the coding simple! Cruise control goes in tomorrow....