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  1. I have upgraded directly from 3.319052 to 3.420196 (ie not the subsequently Ford offered 3.420136) & from F7 maps to F9+ maps (ie latest version). I didn't use the cyanlabs method. Using USB - the times for the updates were 20 mins & 2 hours 10 mins respectively, with engine running on the drive. Ironically, given the grief waiting for map updates, I don't have a calm screen option. (Focus Zetec - purchased July 2019). Also on Android auto - navigation info isn't presented in the small panel in front of the driver. I've noticed issues with the audio that have been reported elsewhere eg next track button below the display jumps 2 tracks (similar option on display or steering wheel works ok), etc Radio Logos - missing after first restart - most appeared after a couple of sync/engine restarts and/or elapsed time. However, I've issues with system voice that I haven't seen reported elsewhere - when pressing the voice control button - I just hear a ding - rather than a ding followed by 'Sync please say a command' - when listening to help for commands after 10-15 seconds of good quality speech the voice often 'breaks up or skips' (seemingly at the same point) - after issuing the command 'voice control settings' - the spoken output breaks up and seems to include references to file names (eg for tones) ! I was wondering whether any others on the list on 3.420196 have similar problems with voice ? The voice associated with the 3.420196 release is 5U5T-14G391-AM_1598633466000.TAR.GZ I have performed a Master Reset & the situations were unchanged. Aside: The ford update site is still offering me 3.420136 - I have uploaded the xml which will show I'm on 3.420196. I haven't switched auto update back on. ;-o
  2. Just checked for the second time today & I too have a sync3 update - its 3.420136 (dated 12th August 20). How ironic that I installed 3.420196 a couple of days ago when my impatience muscles twanged .... waiting for a convenient time to do the latest maps. I wonder what maps they will offer ....
  3. Like others I have lost patience waiting for Ford to 'release the goods' & am preparing to upgrade from 3.3.19052/F7 to the latest versions using the information available I've noticed that there are some minor differences with autoinstall.lst files which people have crafted to perform such updates 1) There are variations in the Options line eg Options = AutoInstall Options = AutoInstall,Delay Options = Delay,Include,Transaction 2) For maps & Nav voice - some have just done license with maps then another install for nav voice - another option is license & most maps in one install - then a couple of maps with all the nav voice in another (& different options lines - see above) 3) I've also noticed a couple of Tools scripts - which I think seem to check for 'disk' space & whether the MY is not 18.5. I'm tempted to include them too for the SYNC upgrade I'd be grateful if anyone can shed any light on this, thanks.
  4. Yes a few of us had seen these in August - take a look in the SYNC 3 Maps F9 thread
  5. If I'm interpreting things correctly - the Cyanlabs site now has links to these 'new' files on Ford's repository. (eg see manual section on their tutorial). Also there is a thread on their 'Community' dealing with questions/issues with 3.4.20196. Whether Ford have made them publicly available via their download web pages for some vehicles - I know not - for I'm still stuck on ye olde F7 maps & 3.3 sync ....;-o
  6. Nothing for me. Ford UK CRC closed my case a week or so back & today I got an email about Ford & their CRC asking me to complete an online survey. " To ensure that we offer the highest standard of support and service to our customers, we would appreciate your views on the way we dealt with your enquiry or concern. " I have responded ...... 'tis a bit like sending the customer a virtual punchbag ..... ;-o
  7. A me too for the hazard warning reported by DAZ-UK. Wednesday 12th Aug - early afternoon - heading towards M1 from M42 - a debris warning appeared - I've never seen a warning of that format before ..... & my 2019 Focus is 3.3.19052 & F7 maps ;-o
  8. Another update from Ford case manager " At this current time Ford Motor Company do not have a confirmed schedule for SYNC and map updates. We endeavour to do this periodically. We are sorry to hear of how this experience is affecting you as a customer and your partnership with Ford. I have noted your concerns and will feed them back internally for review. At this current time, updates are still under review and we will be sure to come back to you once we have more information." .... very disappointing but not surprising Methinks they are trying to hide behind the word 'periodically'. However, the words on the website are " We're committed to enhancing and improving upon the SYNC & Maps driving experience. And to make it even better, we will periodically release software updates so you have the latest version of SYNC & Maps to keep you up-to-date and in-the-know. " - so if the intent is to ' keep you up-to-date and in-the-know' - and they don't have processes to achieve that - then to me this is blatant misrepresentation.
  9. Latest update from a Ford case manager "In regards to knowing if there is a new update coming soon, I have chased this up and we have not got a firm release date but have been advised that an update will be made available in August. In regards to raising your complaint further, I will be sure to note down you email and make sure it is fedback to the correct people in the business to be reviewed. Is there anything else I can assist with in regards to this matter? I will look to arrange further contact on Thursday 13th August latest to advise on the next steps, .... " I've been feeding back to Ford CRC & the case managers many points which have been made by myself & others - my latest response to them is below..... "Could you please clarify whether the updates due in August will be for SYNC & Maps - or just maps or just SYNC. Also could you clarify the versions to which SYNC and/or maps will be updated to ? As you've outlined in your mail, I'd be very grateful if you could feedback the points I have made in several emails including - a visible plan/schedule for up to date maps & updates to manage customer expectations. I'm sure many tech savvy customers would be prepared to use files if they were to be made available even if the Ford formal update process was lagging behind e.g. see the cyanlabs front end. - on the Ford update web pages - the words don't match Ford actions/promises thus giving customers false expectations & inaccurate information . - the lack of updates & the lack of information/concern from Ford has upset long standing customers. Surely Ford doesn't want to lose customer loyalty ? I wonder how Ford compares with other manufacturers in this area ? Is Ford in danger of receiving 'bad press' & thus loss of market share ? - inaccurate information on out of date maps could cause Health & Safety issues - I have suggested that Ford consider making free traffic updates available as recompense - BUT for me the best news would be that Ford has got its act together & a reliable & timely process for updates is now in place & Ford can publish this."
  10. Another update from the Ford case manager "I have checked the VIN of your vehicle on the SYNC checker website and it has advised that the maps are fully up to date. I am now chasing up with our technical team to see if we have a confirmed date for the next maps update so i can inform you. I will look to arrange further contact on Tuesday 11th August latest to advise on the next steps " ...... My vehicle is on 3.3 SYNC & F7 maps (purchased new at end of July 2019)
  11. An update on my interaction with Ford Case Managers. I was not contacted by 31st July as promised. I prompted them by email over the weekend. I've just received an email with an apology for a delayed response & a question about whether I had followed the upgrade guide which they had sent in their original response when the case was opened. I'd already responded by email on July 28th that the main problem is one of "unavailability of up to date maps" & highlighting other issues (eg lack of effective communication & information from Ford). I am due to be contacted again by Thursday 6th August ........ I have responded & asked them to re-read my mails - for the issues outlined have not been read or understood
  12. Last year, due to congestion the SATNAV redirected me off the M1 near junctions 24/24a (I think) - which have been reprofiled since the release of F7 maps ..... somewhat ironic !
  13. Update to my post on July 18th where I've been allocated a case manager. I've had two delayed communications so far - no verbal discussion but prompt emails when they were unable to communicate by the agreed date. The latest communication says I will be contacted before end of business day on 31 july - or earlier & also says We have been informed a new Sync update is due to be released shortly, however we will ensure to investigate this on your behalf to confirm if this is applicable for your vehicle. I've made Ford aware of this thread (& others). I'll update with more info when I have some.
  14. I've emailed Ford Customer Services again & have been asked to supply more details about my vehicle & ownership so that they can 'investigate the matter further' & 'forward your concerns to a Case Manager for review'. The points I've raised included - Sync 3.4 & F9 maps are available from third party sites - why not directly from Ford ? - Some vehicles are receiving F9 maps - Vehicles have been mis sold (with out of date maps) - The lack of a publicly visible roadmap for updates (SYNC & maps) causes significant customer dissatisfaction & thus potential impact on repeat business. - The responses from Ford to date give the impression that Ford just don't care or appreciate the potential seriousness of the situation (citing Health & Safety due to inaccurate data). - The design of a process that can easily update both code (SYNC) & data (maps) in a timely fashion is a basic requirement in this 'Digital Age'. - The suggestion that Ford make traffic updates free to all owners affected by the lack of updates. - Asking when F10 maps are due ! I'll update this thread when I get feedback from Ford.
  15. Newbie - first post. As the owner of a 11.5 month old MY18.5 focus - stuck on 3.3 sync & F7 maps - I've been following many forums & sites since taking delivery of the vehicle & have mailed Ford customer services about the situation on several occasions. I've suggested how badly this reflects on the ability of Ford as a company to perform basic IT operations, including design, build & autoupdate. I've been told that my comments & suggestions would be forwarded to the technical team - but that I would receive no feedback ! So perhaps like others - I frequently check to see when my car will get an official update from Ford, whilst pondering whether to use the files I've downloaded from the German site My Ford Focus or cyanlabs & the consequences of performing an 'unofficial' update.... I've also seen that some owners have been able to get compensation from Ford Credit & was wondering whether to suggest to Ford Customer Services that they provide free traffic updates in perpetuity for all owners affected by this problem. Methinks, up to date maps (when is F10 due !) - coupled with traffic updates, should only enhance the customer's positive driving experience & reflect better on the company.