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  1. fast capri mk3

    my father inlaws capri... Its a 302ci (5.0) ford v8 stroked out to 357ci (5.7) with 450bhp at the wheel. its having nos fitted at the mo so should be interesting after that
  2. DPF question

    i know, i was so pleased
  3. DPF question

    went into a Ford dealer today and asked if i had this filter or not, and no.... i dont.
  4. sub with sony 6cd

    I have a focus 2005 MK2 with a sony 6cd player in it. the sound is pretty good, but would like to add a sub and amp and leave the head unit running the speakers. how can i do this without taking off the rear speakers and running a high level input to the amp for the sub? I would like to keep the front and rear sound and add a sub.... or will i have to just changet he head unit too? thanks
  5. speaker sizes

    there are loads on ebay, look for focus and c max speaker rings. cheap too... i have to say the standard speakers are good in my focus, mids and tweeters as standard front and rear (3 door) with the sony 6cd head unit..... i may go the sub only route like you say....
  6. my 1.6 tdci titanium

  7. DPF question

    i will do that, thanks for your help
  8. speaker sizes

    never seen the vibe stuff perform.... i had a yellow top optima battery and zero gage power and earth cable. thats was very hard to fit, trying to run that through the car....
  9. DPF question

    thanks guys, thats an interesting web site.... the 8th character is a "c"..... not helping much :-)
  10. speaker sizes

    Mine is a 3 door too. not wanting to change the rear speakers and cant stand 6x9's on the rear shelf, it just pulls the sound back when you want it across the dash like a true SQ system. I have always had JL Audio in the past, and will be getting that again. Im not new to in car entertainment, heres my last one Didint want to got that extreme this time, just a JL HD600/4 and one 8W7 sub and components.... just dunno what ones yet coz i dont know the size, didnt want to take the door cards off till im ready to fit.
  11. DPF question

    I have a Focus 1.6 TDCi Titanium (110) 2005 model and have heard of ones with and without DPF systems on this year. how can i tell if mine has it or not, as i have been told it will say Euro4 if not or Euro5 if i have on the Log book, and the log book dosent say either...... thanks
  12. speaker sizes

    Hi, i have an 05 focus 1.6 tdci and thinking of upgrading the speakers and fitting amps and a small sub for SQ.Just want to know what sizes are the front speakers and will i need adaptors ? thanks
  13. hi fom London

    Hi, picked up my car yesterday, a Focus 1.6 tdci Titanium. So far very pleased..... :-)