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  1. DaveG

    Eac Fail.

    Sadly this is why no one from FORD will ever convince me that they can make a reliable car, there is always something that goes wrong with a Ford!. I too had eac fail about November time, thankfully it seemed to disappear a few hours later and the cleared diagnostic code was the "usual"; it could be anything code, bottom line i think my incident happened because of surface water, the ECU is in a stupidly exposed position, and i think water may have got into the circuit/leads, it's been fine since, apparently they can send them off for checking & repair if need be, it looks like you can buy new and even modded one's, price wise they tend to vary but I would'nt pay over £250 if i had to get one. I hadn't put any fuel in my car, regarding your problem if it's still ingoing get it hooked up to a diagnostic /fault code reader and avoid any deep puddles on the passenger side.
  2. DaveG

    Drop In Mpg

    Have you tried redex or any enchanced fuels like BP Ultimate, I put in redex etc every 3 months or so & whether it does any good or is just a placebo, I do recognise a difference in the engine's responsiveness and smell, as it goes thru the system. As for short journeys, i.e JUST 2 MILES ??? unless it's given time to warm up before doing that great distance you ain't gonna get a decent mpg. I live rurally where there is a lot less public transport and the distance between things is greater, I'm about to change jobs, my new place of work is also 2 miles away, I'll be walking and cycling, saving me a lot of money on fuel, needless wear and tear on my car and I'll be getting fitter by doing so. Cycling in a urban area is also quicker e.g even in my little town I can get to the far side of the town on my push bike quicker than my wife in her car, she has to go around 7 roundabouts and thru 2 sets of lights, I can avoid them all. Personally i would do this; walk or cycle the 2 miles to work, test my mpg now, add redex etc, leave 2-3 days and then test again, if no difference and the mpg is still low get my car checked and or tuned. According to my copy of Which 1.4 petrols in 2008 were getting 38.7mpg. So something clearly is'nt right.
  3. DaveG

    Drop In Mpg

    62mpg ? that's Ford book consumption, if you look at all the reviews for the fusion and combine that with all the known articles and right ups about manfacturer's much celebrated mpg figures, ALL have been proven to be wrong, I can get 62 on a good run in the summer, but day to day motoring this time of year I'm lucky to hit anywhere near that.
  4. DaveG

    Drop In Mpg

    The cold does effect mpg quite a lot; engine warm up, electric windows & heaters being used etc all knock off mpg. About now with a tdci you should get between 46 + 52 (depending on above, useage & external tempertures. In warmer weather you use don't use your heating/heated windscreen etc, but aircon might do, summer mpg i'd say is around 55mpg, a long steady run can give over 60mpg. Regarding testing fuel consumption, Imho the worst way is to fill the car to brimming, simply because you'll be making the car a lot heavier thereby reducing mpg, I heard somewhere once that filling your car up can lose you a lot of fuel. I forget the exact amount, I never fill up and never leave it until the light comes on, again tank sediment may clog fuel lines etc. It's probably not accurate but i simply bang in £15-20 and when the needle gets to where it was pre-fill up, I refill with the same amount and work out the consumption from there, I did it last year (before fuel prices went thru the roof, i.e when prices remained more or less the same). That's how i worked out my Ex mazda 323 (34.7mpg) and my current cars mpg,what i would like to know though is which is more accurate; re-fill on warning light, fill up or my method ?. Re-filling on the warning light can be interesting, especially if going up a long steep hill ;-) and my method needs the price to remain the same.
  5. DaveG

    Size Of Boot

    I've had my 1.4 tdci for just over a year, and here is my opinion; The fusion was a great idea but imho was very poorly implemented, I've got mine solely because it returns 50+ mpg, costs £35 to tax and when it goes wrong it does'nt cost a lot to fix. Boot size takes me back to the poorly implemented comment, it's basically a tall fiesta with no inventive, innovative or useful tricks unlike most other small mpv's (sliding seats etc). The only thing i can say is that the boot does have excellent access, as for the engine size many moan about the 1.4, yes the 1.6 would be much better, but the 1.4 is good on motorways and capable of overtaking on A and B roads if driven properly, by the way mpg reaches 60+ on a long steady run. Had Ford thought about things they'd have made it a few more inches longer, wider and taller, started with a 1.5 tdci, fitted better stiffer springs (for load carrying) and offered a 4x4 version they'd have got a winner, as it is it's ok for a family of 4, but don't take too many suitcases, as for 2 Lab's, only if they are puppies. ps.Ford must've realized it messed up when it came up with the bigger Focus, the C-Max, compare the c-max to the focus and then do the same for the Fiesta & Fusion, so much for R&D ?.
  6. DaveG

    1.4 Tdci Eac Fail

    Other than the one incident on Sunday I've had no re-occurence, the car continues to drive as it did before the incident, I would presume and hope that if it was a serious fault, I.e a knacked ECU that the EAC FAIL would be on all the time ?.
  7. DaveG

    1.4 Tdci Eac Fail

    The Car continues to be fine no apparent re-ocurrence of EAC FAIL. Car got hooked up to a diagnostic machine today, the ONLY fault that came up was P0606 ECM/PCM FAULT :-( The mechanic reckons water may have got into some of the cables/connection (it has ben very wet/cold lately), he cleaned and sprayed all the leads etc. Apparently the ecu which i believe is where the ecm/pcm is housed can be sent off for testing and possibly repair. Has anyone had this done and if so how much did it cost and how long did it take, would a week sound about right?.
  8. DaveG

    1.4 Tdci Eac Fail

    Hi All Got a little query for the mechanically minded out there: I drove 4 miles this morning, loaded the car up (bags of soil & sand), upon return car throttle seemed juddery, seconds later EAC FAIL appeared on dash and power was non existent, i managed to get the car home very slowly and during the process discovered that as i struggled (i.e no more acceleration) changing up enabled me to go quicker I managed to get up to about 30. I got home left the car for about 2 hours, I got back in it, in order to drop it off at a garage and the EAC FAIL and gone (I'd literally done nothing to the car), I drove it the 6 miles without any problem (@60mph). I am hoping that the garage will find a problem (in order to solve the mystery)when they hook it up to the diagnostic machine. In the mean time does anybody have a clue what might have caused it, the roads were very wet & conditions damp, as well as being loaded there were a couple of small speed bumps and pot holes to contend with?. Any info would be appreciated.
  9. I'm thinking about getting a roof rack and or roof box for my 2003 plate Fusion, I've come a cross a CRUZ set up for £140 all in, anyone used Cruz or can think of another source. Ideally looking for a small'ish box (320 litres or less), Have looked on ebay and did'nt think prices were competitive (£100+ without the roof box :-(.
  10. DaveG

    Alloy Wheel Con Fusion.

    Thanks for that was beginning to get a little concerned that it was'nt good going from a 195/60 r15 to a 175/65 r14, as fusions supposedly only take a 185 or 195 ?.
  11. DaveG

    Alloy Wheel Con Fusion.

    The Alloys fit fine,without the need for spacers etc, and as per usual the insurance company have been notified. I'm glad to have gone down a size because I've always felt that the 15inch steel wheels and 195/60 r15's were too close to the wheel arch. Anyway the 14inch wheels have been fitted with 175/65 r14 Conti Eco Contacts, so any change in size (from 15 inch to 14 inch)should'nt hopefully change fuel consumption much, the only downer is knowing what the "normal" pressure should be, I've looked around on the net and can't find anything, the tyres have a max of 44psi. Can anyone please tell me what the pressure should be. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  12. A relation has just given me four 14 inch alloy wheels, they've come off of van he's just bought, they are as follows: MAKE: CSA (4 stud) on the back of the alloys are these details; AS1638.....6JX14H2.....041098 Does anyone know if they would fit my 2003 Fusion 2?. I currently have 15 inch steel wheels, which imho seem to be snug for the wheel well. Any thoughts on how handling etc would be affected by going from 15inch steel to 14 inch alloys ?. Any info or help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I noticed today (after carrying a lot of weight) that part of the rear shock has come loose ?, basically the foam / insulation material that surrounds the top of the shock (behind the top of the tyre and wheel arch) can be moved up and down and looks like it has split/seperated, I have no idea when this occured and no sound seems to be coming from the shock, like it did when the other one went (an increasingly loud banging noise), there is also no sign of oil/damping fluid, what is this foam and should I get the shock changed asap ??.
  14. DaveG


    The Fusion 2003 brochure says(for an 03 plate), Urban; 33.2 mpg, extra urban; 53.3 & combined; 43.5 mpg At a guess you're probably getting around 30 ?. I'm disappointed with my 1.4 diesel's consumption, so say it's good for 54 Urban, 72 extra urban & 64 combined, I'd love to know where those figures came from, normal use (about 100 miles a week consisting of short journeys) I get around 50 mpg and on a long run (500 miles in 3 days, of which 300 was motorway, where i was doing 70-75 mph), i only managed to get 56 mpg. Some have stated they got 60+, must've been hot weather ??. Just out of interest why can't manufacturers simply be honest about fuel consumption ?. I've had my car 2 months and my "combined" mpg equates to 52.31 mpg, it'll be interesting to see if that figure goes up as the temperature rises ?. Lastly instead of urban & extra urban, why can't they simply say: urban & rural ?.
  15. DaveG

    Droning Or Just Me ??

    Hi All A weird one this and hopefully nothing ?. For whatever reason I've got very sensitive hearing at the moment which does'nt help the situation, but basically in the last 2 weeks or so I've noticed a lot of cabin/road noise a drone if you like, which seems to be more audible when on coarse surfaces, when I'm driving on nice tarmac I can't hear anything, and the drone seems to come from the front passenger side. I'm thinking noisey rubber on crap road surface, possibly a wearing bearing or shock ?. It also seem to be more evident when driving slowly ?. The other question; do other Fusion drivers have a very annoying rattly drivers window (top right corner ?), and wots the best method of stoping it, what with the drone & the rattle I don't need to put the car stereo on, it's like most of the lastest techno stuff anyway :D