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  1. It was a faulty connection on mine, not had an issue since.
  2. No idea about the Titanium, but in respect of the ST Line X the Edition version has (I think) gloss wheels, LED headlights, keyless entry, digital dash & heated steering wheel. There are ST Line X's like mine though (March 2020) that have the gloss wheels & LED headlights.
  3. It's the wheels isn't, they just look so good. As for the engine, I had a 2013 ecoboost for 7 years with no issues. The current version I have (both 1.0l 125 versions) is more economical than the older one was. Enjoy your new car.
  4. A bit late to the party & I can see that you have decided against the 1.0 EB engine. Fully appreciating some people have had issues with it, but I've got nothing bad to say about it. I had a 2013 mk3 from new & now have a 2020 from new, I only mention that they were new as I know both were serviced correctly & the engines were not abused. In respect of sufficient power for the size of car, its always felt fine. I'm not sure how rapid some want to get away from a standing start! Both cars have been fully loaded with people, luggage & a roof box & it still performs well. I've found my 2020 version to have better mpg, I can hit 50 mpg on a long run on my own, compare that to mid 30s in my 2006 mk2 1.6. As for general build quality, it's the best of the 3 Focuses I have owned. I get the hint of 1 quiet rattle every now & again, which is a lot better than my other previous 2.
  5. It doesn't have footwell or door bin ambient lighting.
  6. Use these guys, got all my Thule gear from them (wing bars, foot pack & box for mk3 and then foot pack & bike carriers for mk4). https://www.roofbox.co.uk/roof-bars/ If you have queries any they'll answer them for you.
  7. It became standard on the 'Edition' versions that came about not long after I got mine (March 2020), built Feb. Mine is an in between version as it has fixed LED headlights & my alloys are gloss, neither of which were standard until the 'Edition', but it's not an Edition. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  8. I haven't got keyless entry, so it's not a factor. Upon further inspection (why I didn't look before is beyond me, amateur!), it is only the drivers wing mirror that isn't working. Could just be a duff LED? Whatever it is I'll report back once sorted (service isn't until the end of next month).
  9. Has anyone else encountered their puddle lights not working? I've only just noticed it, everything else in respect of the power fold wing mirrors appears ok (they fold & unfold & the indicators are working). It's booked in for it's first service next month so I can get it investigated under warranty then, I was just curious as to whether or not it's a common fault. Aside from that, at almost 2 years old, it has been well behaved. I've had the pre-collision warning few times (sensitivity changed to low now) & the SOS button fault has happened twice, but rectified itself when the car was next used. Cheers.
  10. Nightowl1, obviously it's entirely up to you guys how you proceed, but I think not using your insurer is a mistake. Once liability is admitted by the third party insurer your insurer will be working on your behalf to get the best outcome for you. Otherwise you have no one in your corner. What happens if you're not satisfied with the repair, they can assist you etc. If liability is accepted by them (how can it not be given the video), your son will make a full recovery of the excess, indeed he may not have to pay it out initially either. As for future premiums, negotiate & shop around. I had a claim 7 years ago after being hit in a car park whilst at work, no idea who did it & no witnesses or video. I had to have a new drivers door, total cost circa £1k. My premiums have remained fairly static since, I'm paying about £20 more than 5 years ago. Good luck whatever you decide to do.
  11. They really don't. Notify your insurer, let them sort it all out & they can make a recovery from the third party insurer. Your lad's excess will be recovered too. You really are doing yourselves a disservice by trying to sort it all out yourselves. You've bought a service, an expensive one at that, use it.The claims team will be able to cite case law etc. in defending your position. If come renewal you don't like the terms on offer, negotiate or shop around. A non-fault claim will not reduce your NCD. Of course who your lad is insured with will make a difference as no 2 policy wordings are the same.
  12. I presume the person who hit you denied it, so it became a he said, she said scenario. So if no liability is accepted it could have gone down the route of litigation, which is obviously expensive & there would have been no guarantee of success. Unfortunately for you it was decided to go for the lesser of 2 evils and accept it in a 50/50 basis based on the cost of damages. That would gave been better than running up legal costs. Don't blame the insurer, blame the lack of honesty from the person who hit you. I presume you negotiated away the increase or moved to a cheaper insurer? The chap on this thread has rock solid evidence that his insurer will love.
  13. I'd always recommend Thule, good quality & easy to install. I've been using their stuff since 2014 and wouldn't buy anything else.
  14. You are obliged to report all incidents/accidents to your insurer, given that you have dashcam footage why wouldn't you? The footage will show that the other driver is at fault and your son's insurer will be able to recover all costs from the third party's insurer. You will also be able to get them to cover any hire charges incurred so that your son can stay on the road whilst his car is off the road. As a non-fault claim it shouldn't be held against him when the policy renews & of course you can shop around.
  15. I had a 2006 Mk2 with water ingress into the boot, it was due to a design fault with the boot's window and was rectified by plastics strips (official Ford ones) that were fitted to either side of it. There were threads about it circa 2007 if you can find them.
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