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  1. Why on earth would an insurance company want to buy data from Ford regarding your driving style? Given the wealth of actuarial data they already possess and general market data, why would they spend more money to obtain more data? The very act will increase costs, it makes no sense? If you're a high risk personal lines customer they'll just make cover subject to a black box policy like new young drivers have and gather the data themselves.
  2. Complain via your insurer, that is who your contract is with. Also, if you don't advise them they can't take action that may benefit others who use that repair shop in the future.
  3. Before I saw this thread I wasn't aware of auto-hold, in my defence I picked my car up on the first day of lockdown so it hasn't been used all that much and I hadn't been told about it. Turned it on today and I'm struggling to see how people have been confused by it. When I got home & pulled up on the drive, stopped, auto-hold activated, engine still running, unclipped the seat belt & it triggered the handbrake to activate. Mine's a manual gearbox. Useful little feature.
  4. I can remember comparing a mate's A3 to my Titanium, despite him doing many more miles per year he had about 4 or 5 chips compared to my bumper looking like the stars in the night sky! It just needs to be thicker/tougher.
  5. The list price for white was £250. Generally I find Ford paint to be crap. My black Titanium had a million tiny stone nicks, not even full blown chips. It's why I went for white, to hide the imperfections over time. The wife has a mk3.5 in ruby red.....nice colour, but awful paint. Never get pearlescent, so many layers it's a bugger once it gets chipped.
  6. Due to lockdown I've hardly used my new STX, but I do think that the cabin is quieter than my Mk3 Titanium. Really need to do more motorway driving though. I expected the ride to be really firm too, however I've found that general road imperfections, sections of block paving etc are really well absorbed. When it did encounter something on the motorway (dodgy seam between sections(?), I didn't see it before we went over it) there was a really big clunk/reaction! List price, I can see how adding lots of extras gets you closer to full on ST pricing, but I only had the pack with the camera & the cost of the paint. Once you've negotiated etc. the actual price paid was reasonable, I've seen 12 month old models at the same price point I paid.
  7. I've got the camera too, it's the only extra I wanted as was impressed by the one in the wife's car. This one is actually better though as you can change to the wide angle view, which is great for getting off the drive. I never had an issue with the sensors in my Mk3, can't really compare with this car now because the camera takes any uncertainty away. Sorry Alex I have LED headlights (not adaptive) too, just came as standard on mine.
  8. The bump usually gives it away! What an odd system.
  9. I've put all my music on a flash drive & plugged it into the usb connection in my armrest, mine is AAC/MP4 too.
  10. Red indicates that you're a foot away from the object being picked up by the sensors, not that it thinks you've hit it.
  11. The wheels on the ST Line X really are great, it would seem that 2020 builds (mine is a Feb build) are gloss.
  12. You will need different fittings to connect the bars to the new car. I recently changed from a mk3 to a mk4 and have had to get new foot pack and fittings kit for my Thule Wing Bars.
  13. My ST Line X landed in March and it has the LED headlights and the alloys are gloss black, not matt.