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  1. I have question on spacers, is it any disadvantages to use wheel spacers? I saw the BONOSS spacers and I want it to use them espacially on stock rear wheels. is it safe to use them ?
  2. Hello friends, I recently wanted to sell my car, but the buyer didn’t want the wheel spacers, so I had to disassemble it. It is wasteful to throw it away. I want to ask, Does anyone need wheel spacers? I have only used it for a few months, and it has ten years of after-sales, I don’t need to consider later issues. If you have any concerns, you can go to the official website of bonoss to know about this product more clearly. Decide whether to buy, leave me a message if you like, thanks. www.bonoss.com
  3. Hey all, what do you guys think about wheel spacers? I mean I love my rims but I would like them to be a little more flush with the side the car. So what do you think? Anyone run into any problems with wheels spacers? Thank, Here is the brand I got: www.bonoss.com
  4. Hey,guys! I'm new here to the forum, I baught a car for myself,and I want to install wheel spacers for my ford focus . This time I choose the BONOSS forged active cooling Wheel Spacers , Body carving pattern,active cooling.forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy material. and I'm happy to receive any comment about the wheel spacers safety, thanks.
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