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  1. Hiya, wondering if I could get some opinions. Recently got the side panels on my drivers side resprayed. To me in the pics provided it looks different to the other side 😕 What about yous?
  2. Hey guys, Noticed some rubbing on the chrome strip around the window on my MK4 Focus, pictured. Anyone had any experience with this? Can it be polished out or is it hard/expensive to replace? thanks,
  3. SMK7

    Rear lights

    Damn, I was typing faster than my brain 😂 Focus MK4
  4. SMK7

    Rear lights

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could advise on how to remove the rear light casing to replace the bulb? I have the compartment open in the boot but not sure after that.. thanks
  5. Only bought the car three weeks ago so I imagine it was sitting for a those three weeks I’ve been doing about 200 mile a week
  6. Something to be worried about or comman occurrence?
  7. Hi guys, this morning I had an issue where the keyless entry on my 2019 focus wasn’t working and I had to use the button on the fob which was a first since I got it 2 months ago. Getting into the car I was greeted on the dash with ‘please turn ignition off or start engine’. I thought this weird, dunno if they’re connected but car started and drove ok.. anyone else experienced this?
  8. Thanks! I have someone picking up a touch up tomorrow at a local car store that mixes to your VIN number but I don’t think the second bottle is included, is that lacquer? Would I need it?
  9. Weird..would the kit in my original post suit do you think?
  10. This is all that came up 😕
  11. Hi guys, Noticed on my second hand focus the other day some paint chipping down the drivers & back door on the edge, pictured. It’s magnetic grey & I’ve looked into possibly getting a touch up kit like this one but I checked the door jam & the paint code seems to be BJ but I can’t find info on this anywhere 😕 & don’t know if this would suffice.. also how difficult is it to sort out these with these kits? thanks
  12. Yea thanks mate, I was planning to if they refused
  13. Unfortunately if my nearest dealer on Wednesday decides the same then the next available one is 30+ miles away. Is it possible to contact Ford directly to intervene?
  14. I saw that but fight how? Isn’t the word of the dealer gospel? 😕