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  1. Also will a sync 2 touch screen be ok.
  2. Will a non-nav Sync 3 APIM off a fiesta be ok to install in a focus please?
  3. Yeah I'm trying to source one for a lot less than £600 if possible, it just seems a bit rich for the gains to be had.
  4. It's a pre-facelift 2014 with the Sony sync1 I think it looks like this
  5. Thanks, I am thinking sync1 to sync3 then which is a bit unnerving 🙂
  6. If I fit an after market head unit will I lose all the parking functions I have. There is auto park that tells you to go forward and back but does the steering itself, and the park assist that has the car front showing what front sensors are close to what and the rear view with grid lines etc. I suppose I would lose these functions. The 4" screen stays but I think it just shows time and date.
  7. Hi Alex There are loads of guides on here to do it. I was just wondering if the units you can get second hand if there are different ones with different quality sound.
  8. Hi I think I'm going to upgrade to sync 2 or 3 and have had a look at the guides on here which are superb. My question would be, I have the Sony version which I assume is better than the standard version. Does this stay the same with sync 2 & 3? Do they have different versions like Sony and standard?
  9. Yeah I'll have a look when I do it, I do like a nice solder though 🙂
  10. That's good to know. When I worked retrofitting cameras onto buses we always used method one but pulled the pin out and got some heatshrink on there, obviously it was a lot easier on buses rather than trying to do it in a car 🙂
  11. There's some great info in here that makes me more confident to do this. One question, how are you splicing? Are you managing to get two wires into one pin?
  12. Ha I just did mine today, have you got it the right way round?
  13. I've just stuck mine back with 3M double sided tape, that stuff is supper strong.