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  1. Yeah I have a key for the new one Thanks mate, going to have a go at it today
  2. Does anyone know how to go about changing the ignition barrel? Need to change the ECU kit on my 2012 fiesta and I can find tutorials for everything apart from the ignition barrel
  3. Yea I've ordered the adaptor for it today because ford won't be able to see it for a month so I thought ***** it😂 I just wanted to see if they had any idea what the issue might be and they were scratching their heads lol
  4. I thought that too but I wasn't too sure, as the immobilizer light comes on for 3 seconds and goes off as it should Yes the system was primed after messing with it Been down to ford today and they basically had no idea what was going on 😅 said they could try a diagnostic to see if they could find an issue but no guarantees since it has that engine in it
  5. I don't have the right adapter for forscan but I tried a friends machine on it and it came up with all sorts of codes to do with ECU and bcm not receiving data from other modules, instrument cluster not receiving data, and some do to do with the abs module, fuel rail pressure sensor and crankshaft sensor However, we cleared the codes and tried to start it up but it still won't crank properly and it didn't start and no more codes came up So I'm at a loss at what could be preventing it from starting or even cranking constantly I've changed the fuel filter and housing, tested injections and replaced fuel pump sensor
  6. I think it's the right engine for the most part, I'm just unsure of what the issue is, whether it's the engine itself of just a miscommunication with the ECU that won't let it start I'll attach a pic of the engine and the reg is FE12 VNW And the engine code is 10JBEJ
  7. So do you think it's possible to reprogram the ecu to accept the Peugeot engine, or do I need to get a ford engine so that ford can diagnose it?
  8. I thought they were the same but from looking online at at hdi engines they all seem to be 16v in the 1.6 engines, when mine is meant to be 8v This might be the cause of my problem😅
  9. This might sound bizarre, but after some investigating in my 2012 1.6 zetec s tdci I've found it has a Peugeot 207 (1.6) engine in it, with all the ancillaries swapped over I bought the car as a non-runner (not getting enough fuel) and with all the fuel parts checked, I'm wondering if the engine is the issue and it's just not compatible with the car and/or ecu Any help would be appreciated
  10. I've replaced the fuel filter and primed from filter, so I'm assuming that counts. I thought maybe I need to prime between pump and fuel sender but rather not pull the engine out if it's something else😅 Haven't checked yet, still waiting on the adapter to arrive😒 tried an older code reader but that came up with nothing
  11. Hey guys, Recently bought myself a 2011 1.6 tdci zetec s as a project to use as a daily in the future. The issue I have now is a "engine malfunction" light on the dash and it won't start (fuel related), and I've changed majority of fuel related parts except fuel rail sensor and fuel pump Anyway, I noticed when in ignition there's a whine/ white noise sound coming from around the fuel pump and it stays on constantly and only stops after removing key and it seems to click off I'm sure these don't have a pump in the tank so wondering if this is normal or if I need to replace it?
  12. It was bought with this problem, apparently it's had bits and pieces changed before so there might be some air in the system. Otherwise no I haven't looked at anything
  13. Hi, I recently bought my first fiesta (2012 1.6 tdci zetec s) and it's got an issue with fuel, because it will only start on easy start and won't stay running. Has anyone else had this problem and if so where should I start investigating? I was going to start at the pump in the engine and check all the hoses and regulator, and move on to the in-tank pump afterwards