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  1. Well I got the elm327 connected and got the puddle lights working, any one got an idea if the mirrors are powerfold from the pics I posted earlier?. Also what is the best led bulb for my puddle lights? Many thanks for any advice/help
  2. Just ordered a modified elm327 to get the puddle lights working and see if it will make the power fold work
  3. Pics I took of the power fold mirror with case off hope it helps
  4. Just fitted the mirrors and new module with power fold button electrics work but mirrors don't fold in, I can move them with my hand? And puddle lights do not light up ( do they work at night only?)
  5. Just updated my profile, hope this helps a bit
  6. How do you insert the wire into the terminal block? Do you just push it in or does the end have to be crimped?
  7. Thanks for quick reply, I haven't looked at what wires are there as its raining so was just asking in advance, will let you know asap when I tackle it tomorrow. I'm hoping the wiring will be there
  8. I have a 62plate Ford Focus titanium, I just bought second hand power fold mirrors with puddle lamps, I have also bought the 4 way switch with mirror fold button, my car already has 4 way electric mirror global closing etc. what I need help in is that I have read an extra wire has to be added to enable the power fold terminal 14 on plug to the driver mirror. Which is the best way to put the wire into the terminal block? What gauge wire is best? Or will it be easier to get an auto electrician to do this?
  9. focus 58 plate

    hello all I have just bought a 58 plate focus style ( facelift ) there is a large open compartment between the front seats behind the handbrake which I assume is to store cd cases, is there any sort of closed box or arm rest that can be bought from fords to place in this space? ;)
  10. Parrot Instalation Advice

    You should find a code in your audio book which is supplied with your car, there should be plenty of room behind the stereo to cable tie the blue box to the car bulk head, i had mine fitted proffesionly after i took my radio out and seen how difficult it could be. they placed my parrot 3200 ls screen just under the radio.