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  1. @1979Damian I honestly can't thank you enough for your help here. I really appreciate it mate.
  2. Thank you, it is indeed that long pipe that runs from the intercooler to the turbo on the drivers side (I believe that's right) the crack is almost at the connection to the turbo. It has a sensor connected to it and I am struggling to find a suitable replacement that includes the sensor slot so if anyone can help me in the right direction I would really appreciate it! I will replace the belt ASAP too.
  3. Hi everyone, just looking for a bit of advice if you don't mind. I have a 1.8tdci mk 4 mondeo with two issues. The first one is a bit of oil on the belt causing a squealing sound and a small jump when coming off drive (as in the belt being driven not the car). Is there anything I could use to clean the belt or would it be better to simply replace the belt? The second issue is that I have an air sucking sound under acceleration but only when the car is under load. In nuetral and stood still, there is no noise, the turbo seems fine. I'm guessing it's a split pipe from the intercooler but any suggestions are welcome. I hope everyone is safe and well! Cheers