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  1. I would have thought your local Ford dealer could supply the pipe, as far as I'm aware they're not hard to come by. As for the low pressure clip release you need a special tool to release the clips from the inside. They look like 2 half moons that you put either side of the pipe and then force it in
  2. I'd measure it yourself just to make sure, the menu display may not be correct. The battery is not charging at 12.3 volts
  3. Is the odometer also flashing and the airbag light staying on? If so I currently have a Ka (fiat 500) in for the exact same issue and I have diagnosed the airbag module. If you Google the symptoms theres a lot of forums and videos all saying the airbag modules go faulty.
  4. Hopefully a ABS module update will rectify this, I've had a few that are similar and it worked for them
  5. 75W FE (WSS-M2C200-D2) 2.3 litres (5 - 10 mm below the level of the check hole) 👍
  6. Try Fuse 23 (10amp) in the BCM (fuse panel in the passenger footwell). This fuse is powered by the Accessory delay relay (internal to the BCM) and only goes live with the ignition. I had to use a similar fuse on a new Kuga
  7. I'm not 100% sure of the fault in the sensor but I think it gave conflicting messages to the BCM so it always thought it needed charging. At the end of the day all it sends is reference voltage back to the module so if it's even out by 0.1 of a volt it could mess the whole system up. A new BMS would just need the reset doing either through diag equipment or the in car way. As far as I'm aware the sensor itself isn't in command of how quickly the battery gets charged it only gives the BCM something to reference in regards to the charge rate.
  8. So is it an ST or a 1 litre ST Line? The 1 litre could still be a mild hybrid? No the dust shouldn't affect your car in anyway other than appearance, the air filter should block 99%+ of the particles before they get into your engine 👍
  9. They are not fused, the mirrors are powered off of the Door modules. If your windows and locks work fine then your door modules are getting power. It's strange both of them dont work, I'd suggest trying another switch panel in the driver's door (the thing that has the controls on it).
  10. Out of interest is your Focus a mild hybrid? If so it could be the starter/generator working as an electric motor to assist your engine
  11. When a diagnostic session is run which is a must for Ford Warranty otherwise the dealerships do not get paid, it should come up as a "test" to check the partnumbers of the BMS sensor. That BC variant is known problematic sensor.
  12. That age Focus are prone to the clusters failing, the soldered joints inside the motherboard go dry and crack. I'd recommend removing it and getting it sent away for repair, a new cluster is in the region of £1000+ (if they still make your spec)
  13. Ford dealers should be aware of this 😂😂😂 I've changed a few 🙄
  14. Oh yeah no wonder you found it stiff, I use a ratchet that's roughly 30cm long 😂
  15. They're great cars, my fiancee had a 65 plate one (engine changed to a 1.5tdci but basically exactly the same). Never had any issues with it. Common problems are; 1. The door seals come off... All the time. 2. The EGR valves can sometimes stick and cause a fault. 3. Front springs are quite common to snap but not expensive to replace. 4. Parcle shelf clips break quite easily but again not expensive to replace. 5. The GPS antenna is prone to faulting (not to worry if you don't have nav) That's all I can really think of at the moment. 🤔
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