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  1. Wheel speed sensors are pretty common on these Mondeo's, usually it's 1 of the front ones. I haven't used Forscan but it should tell you what sensor it is (i.e. left front, right front, etc.)
  2. Ford don't own the garages they're franchises owned by other companies... Therefore I don't think Ford have any say in the matter. Also most of the time the valeting team are seperate sub contractors who again set their own rules so there's a lot of hurdles to jump through here
  3. is this what you're experiencing, when kwikfit said a brake light did they mean the switch? A faulty switch could possibly put this warning on as it's constantly seeing a brake input. This is someone's else's fault on an older fiesta that has just popped up
  4. Yeah that might be why they're struggling to see the code. It's not a general emissions related fault otherwise the engine light would be on, this is a powertrain fault (so still engine/transmission related).
  5. If I remember correctly this was an extra incentive for buying a vignale. They were entitled to a free wash (I think at my place they get full valets on services if the customer wants it). Obviously with Covid it's whatever the dealer says goes and won't get vouchers for free washes or anything elsewhere as it is Ford/dealer specific. Like JW1982 says above I think its discontinued in the UK as well. (Not sure if people who had the benefit before still get it now or not).
  6. I'd take it to a ford garage as it has manufacturers warranty on it. Hopefully just needs an ABS module update as it has caused a few issues since the new focus was released.
  7. I have been told by engineers not to skim the heads.
  8. Rotrex do a kit for this engine I believe, but to be honest I think it would be far easier to trade it against a more powerful car i.e 2.5t ST or Mondeo and get it remapped (if you're after power I guess).
  9. Just be prepared if you strip the head. 1. The crank pulley bolt is extremely tight and needs a torque multiplier to do back up 2. The spec for distortion on the cylinder head and block is ridiculous (smaller than the smallest feeler gauge) and the head can not be skimmed. This is one of the main reasons for the majority of people just putting an engine in them.
  10. Ooo an automatic as well, yeah I wouldn't be surprised if it's gone through another battery. If you can't find any sort of drain on it and you keep having weird electrical issues then I'd look at changing that first
  11. Unfortunately because your car is out of warranty Ford won't be interested unless it becomes a recall issue. As for covering it that would be fairly tricky as like you said you don't want anything to affect the airbag deployment... Might be worth talking to a good upholsterer to see if they can cover it without it affecting deployment.
  12. They did admit to messing up the engines between 2012-2015 and since fitted a cylinder head temperature sensor and software revisions and now a completely new engine from 2019 onwards... I wouldn't even like to think what other factors get missed across all models... But hey if they made it too easy I'd be out of a job 😂
  13. What age EcoSport? I remember them going through a phase of crappy batteries, if it's the new model then don't worry
  14. Well I hate to tell you this but the one I diagnosed did over 150 miles without reaching optimum running temperature and never logged a DTC 😂 The ecoboost engines failed to monitor a overheat condition yet alone not warming up, in theory yes it should log a DTC I mean there's complex processors monitoring every inch of the car at all times but when it comes to reality the monitors never log a physical fault.
  15. Yeah that's the way I do it, I see why you disconnect the negative if you own an EcoSport 😂. I only ever disconnect the positive terminal as I'm not sure if the battery monitoring sensor can interfere with readings. Only other thing to make sure is if the keys are more than 1.5 meters away from the car. I believe the modules almost "pulse" to wake themselves up to do a quick check and then shut down again. I've watched readings before be around 17ma and then jump up to 40+ma for a few seconds and then drop again.
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