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  1. What type of journeys are you doing at the moment? If they're all short ones that could be the reason why stop/start isn't working. Mine doesn't go into stop/start if I just do journeys of 10 miles of less, if I go on a longer journey then it'll kick in.
  2. I've not done a 3 door Focus, I have done a 3 door Punto for my daughter and it was a massive pain in the *****. As the rear trim cards are generally blocked by the seats you'll need to remove them, you may also need to remove the front seat belts too if the bolts go through the trim. It *should* then just be a case of finding any screws that hold the panel in place, pulling the edge trim off and then the panel should come out with a firm tug (steady now!). You may find the speakers are held in place with pop-rivets, if they are you'll have to drill them out. If you don't have a pop-riveter (who does these days) you can use a rawl plug bent over into the rivet holes to get a screw to bind, you need to make sure they're tight otherwise they could start to rattle and you really don't want to have to take the panels off again to fix that! I'm not sure what speaker connectors Ford use but they might not fit aftermarket speakers, if they don't it could be worth ordering some adapter cables. It you're handy with a soldering iron you can cut the ends off and solder the connectors that'll come with the speakers. Good luck!
  3. I'm not sure you need a specific Cossie restorer as I doubt they exist, you just need a good paintshop.
  4. Interesting Guy, I've got the same spec car as you albeit a wagon, she's two in August next year but I reckon the oil will hit 0% (currently at 52% with 4.8k miles) around March next year at current mileage rates, although a second Covid lockdown could well move that out a bit!
  5. When I got my car (2019 MK4) it had Apple Car play and AA icons on the screen. I set my phone up and it worked OK, the AA app opened up on my phone just fine. I couldn't install any apps on the car infotainment system though, it always said no mobile apps found, I've no idea what apps I could add, I thought possibly Waze or Google Maps, anyways....I left it as I'm quite happy with the in-car navigation for now. Well....a few weeks ago I got a new phone, I did a clone so AA was automatically added to the phone. I went into the car settings and removed my old phone from both the bluetooth and the AA settings, as soon as I removed it from the AA settings the AA app disappeared and I cannot get the flippin' thing back, the Apple app has also vanished. I did bring this up at the time and was advised that just adding the phone should (could) add the AA icon back to the car screen but it didn't. One thing to note though is that as soon as I start the car the phone is linked to the car and the AA app on my phone starts up so I get the distinct impression that AA in the car is working fine even though the icon isn't there. I'm not too bothered about the apps/icons on the infotainment system not being there but it is bugging me that they've vanished, I've looked through all the settings and cannot find a way to get them back, do you think I need to do a factory reset? And if so would that reset the trip computer too or is it just isolated to the infotainment? TIA Martin
  6. Hmmmmm, I've not tried it, but....As Stephen Ford has said, if the door lock is activated at standstill, it'll auto unlock once it hits 12mph but under 12mph (or possibly at standstill) it'll lock again? I like that. I'll give it a try next time I go out. 👍
  7. Do you have a K&N panel filter or is it a K&N induction kit? If it's a panel filter then I know the tuning places recommend a full induction kit to get the best out of their chip products, it could of course just be a ploy to sell you an induction kit though! I've not got one of these kits so I can't say for sure if you *need* one though.
  8. The link below looks like the headlight I have in my 2019 STLX that has LEDs (yes I know it's a RHD but I'm sure the lights are universal and you select LHD or RHD in the menu), it also has the adaptive lights with auto high beam. You may find that swapping halogens for LEDs requires more than just bolting the new lights in, the connectors could be different and software modules may need turning on to activate the full functionality of the light units. The silver box on the side of the headlight unit is the LED voltage controller. As the others have already said if you just want to get away from the yellow tinge to the lights I'd say the cheapest option would be to go for some uprated halogens like the Osram Nightbreaker lasers,I had these in my previous car and the difference over the bog standard halogens was really marked. A nice white output and much better distance and coverage.
  9. I know the Fiesta Vignale has now lost the Sunroof as a standard fit.
  10. I believe the 1.5 ecoboost engine in the Focus is the same as the one in the Fiesta ST which can go up to 255ish. I think you'll really need to put an induction system on to get the best out of it though. It would be best to get it on a rolling road before and after putting the chip on to make sure that you're getting what you're paying for.
  11. My daughter is 24 and has an Audi TT, the 3.2 V6 jobbie, it's an oldun (2005), she pays £900 for that on a limited mileage / modified car policy through Brentacre, that is a group 40, the STs are a 34 and the RS is a 38.
  12. I've got an STLX and not experienced that at all. I do have the heko deflectors on the front doors though.
  13. It isn't that big but it is tiled floor to ceiling, 18 square meters for all 4 walls. 18 boxes of tiles at 16kilos per box plus two tubs of tile cement, grout and the most weighty thing was a bag of plastic spacers!
  14. You can check the rear shoes for wear, you'll need to jack the car up, take the wheel off and if there isn't an inspection hole you'll need to take the drum off as well. I'd be very surpised if you needed to change the rear shoes on a 4 year old car, brakes are weighted to the front (something like 70/30 distribution) so the rears don't get as much use as the fronts. Brake drums can be a massive main in the bum to remove. You may need a puller or a big pry bar to be able to lever the drum off. The adjustment of the handbrake itself is normally in one of two places, one on the cable under the car, sometimes near the hub(s), the other (more common) is on the handbrake itself, if you can pull the gaitor off (as Gaz said) around the base of the handbrake it should be obvious as to the adjustment. Edit, here is a video showing where the adjustment nut is, on the hadnbrake itself inside the car.
  15. Mine is 54% after 4642 miles. Looks like 7% at 11,400 will be where mine would be too.