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  1. Is there a big rubber removable seal that covers the bulb connector / opening? That might be split allowing water to get in via the bulb hole?
  2. What about the XLR, GT, GT-XLR? XR2, XR3 etc? But you're quite right, us oldens knew where we stood with just a couple of letters 👌 I was originally looking to buy a Fiesta (before the missus said we really needed an estate 🙄). I was planning on a Vignale, it was around the time when they changed the range to Vignale edition rather than just Vignale, the prices had gone up but the original Vignale Fiesta came with the pan roof as standard, the more expensive edition version has the pan roof as a cost option!
  3. I couldn't imagine having such a big car as a Focus with a tiddly little 1litre engine, hybrid or not. Especially the estate which I have. My neighbour has an A6 avant and the MK4 focus estate is as big as it 😨
  4. Don't know if this link will work, it is all the approved or Ford direct used cars from the Ford.co.uk site that have the 182 engine and auto box, one Vignale, two Titanium X and 17 ST-Lines (probably Xs). https://www.ford.co.uk/shop/price-and-locate/approved-used/approved-used-cars/results#/searchResults?distance=9999&locationId=ChIJD4BUiBnb3kcRJ7xPDcfVfX4&longLatCoordinates=0.9034443,51.1223935&page=1&marketingScheme=D;R&model=FOCUS&enginePower.min=160&enginePower.max=200&transmission=A And these are all the manuals, 2 Vigs, 4 Tit-X and 18 ST lines.
  5. Ignore, I see you've already mentioned the she wee funnel. 😂
  6. Adaptive cruise and the HUD are the two things I want on every car from now. The HUD I thought would be a pointless gimmick is flippin' great.
  7. I've not noticed cylinder deactivation either, does the Focus do it or is it just the Fiesta?
  8. What I find is in Eco mode (having an auto) it changes gear sooner. To be honest I don't think there is much difference between normal and ECO!
  9. You'll be glad of the Diesel with that journey, my petrol (1.5 182) struggles to get 40mpg on a motorway run and now that we're in lockdown I'm only doing short local runs it is barely hitting 37. Pretty sure the Diesel will get you at least 50ish.
  10. I too have an ST Line X (an estate auto) and it has (as Peejay1977) says got *lane keeping* and I will echo his comments, not intrusive, if you indicate it pauses and allows to move lanes without restriction. I find it a very good option, I didn't spec it as I bought my car used but am grateful for it. It does need a road with visible white lines to the left and right, if your driving down a poorly marked road then it will not work and the lane keeping symbol will turn red. It does not ping you left and right as it reads the road and does keep you in lane, a sort of lane centering but not quit
  11. Yup, same issues I had with mine when I first got it, I've learned to live with it but it is a pain in the bum! The only setting that sticks is the hill hold function! I try to always drive in eco mode as I'm getting a bit old and (trying to be) sensible and have to set it every time!
  12. It may well have been a company car for a Ford employee. I know my STLX was a Ford employees car, probably so they could reach the sales numbers for the 1/4, it's a 19 plate and was registered the day before 69 plates came out 🙄 The first owner / user did spec it up as much as possible, your Titanium could probably have been the same. I checked on the build a Ford page and the RRP was a smidge over £34k with all the options 😨 Chrome blue is a lovely colour, perhaps I'm being biased as that is what mine is!
  13. I looked at the Vig, the TX and eventually got an Auto ST-Line X with the 1.5 petrol. I really liked the Vig interior but wasn't too fussed about the blingyness of the wheels and extra chrome trim. The Vig I wanted was sold by the time I called for it, I discounted the TX much preferring the ST-Line X styling over it. I got mine from Ford direct, it had every option bar the electric tailgate and a goodly discount over new. The Adaptive LED headlights are a thing of wonder. I really like the half-leather seats in the STX they're firm but comfy, I also liked the full leather in the Vig, very sty
  14. Just adding my tuppence worth in here.....We recently bought a Panda 100 as a runaround, it looked to have bog standard halogens in, I upgraded them to Night Breaker Lasers, a really worthwhile upgrade over the standard halogens and I do recommend them. A much brighter whiter light with an improved range. In my previous cars (Astra and Punto) I also put Night Breakers in, the Astra seemed to eat headlight bulbs, going through them on an annual basis.
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