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  1. Get the faults scanned as soon as possible, as it's the only way to know for sure. This was how it started with mine, after a few failed regen attempts which throw up the powertrain warning each time, the engine management light comes on and stays on. Get it checked asap as it can ruin the DPF or at least make it very difficult to clean and regenerate once the underlying issue is fixed.
  2. I have now, thanks for the suggestion. Apparently the single cab and the "rap cab" as they refer to it, take the same size deflector... guess I'll find out for sure next week when they turn up.
  3. I had this on mine 18 months ago. The system will not attempt a regen cycle if glow plugs show a fault as they need to fire up to raise the temperatures etc. I had a new set of glow plugs and then a new vapouriser followed by a manual clean as the soot levels were too high for a regen... after that all good and no further problems (18,000 miles at least). Hope this helps.
  4. I am after wind deflectors for my 2014 supercab ranger, something that nobody seems to produce. The double cab ones are too small as the doors are about 70mm shorter. Does anyone know if the single cab doors are the same as the supercab? Or mabe give me a measurement of the door, front to back?