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  1. Brilliant, thank you both. It's not been cold enough to test the door trick yet but I'm ready to the next time we have frost. And I've just tested the battery with a multimeter and it's coming up at 11.98 standing, so it could be time for a replacement. Thanks again
  2. Hi all, I'm currently spending my first British winter with my 2010 Ford Focus Titanium, and experiencing a couple of issues - they're unrelated on the face of it, but I suspect they're both being caused by the cold... Firstly, when it's particularly cold (esp. in the morning) my passenger door often won't latch closed. This happened for the first time on Christmas morning, and then later on Christmas evening when heading home. Not ideal. Eventually, after trying repeatedly, we get it closed and can continue, but usually only after 20 or 30 minutes. I see this issue has been mentione
  3. This is really useful to know, cheers. Plenty of parts around in that case.
  4. Thanks all. Given the low prices of the earlier model it sounds like that's the easiest way to go to get all of my sound back. And cheers, Lenny - that's an amazing collection of resources you've built! I have thought about upgrading everything as audio's important to me; for now I just want to get the basics sorted but I may well go all out when there's a bit more spare money around. The rivets are already drilled out so it should be straightforward getting the door panel back off and a new speaker in 👍
  5. Hi all, New member (and new Focus owner) here. Have already learned a lot about the car from reading this forum over the last couple of weeks, so thanks for the info so far. My newly purchased 2010 MK2.5 Focus Titanium has what I believe to be a dead NS/F door speaker, so I'm trying to source a stock replacement to do a straight swap. The one I've taken out has the code 3M5T-18808-AE on the back, but most of the replacements I'm seeing on ebay etc. have the code 3M5T-18808-AD. Is anyone able to tell me what the difference is, if any, and whether they're completely interchange
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