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  1. Ah I see, poor Cat, I always get along very well with animals compared to people, I have similar problems with my neighbor and there visitors whom choose to ignore the five parking spots which are 26 steps away from the house there visiting and instead block our driveway. I arrived home to a blocked driveway one night after work and I told them that the next time they arrive and the driveway is empty; you might as well park straight in there rather than blocking it. They didn't respond but also didn't stop blocking it neither. Can't fix stupid.
  2. I'm not sure what year a MK4 is but I do know that ford only warranty all door seals for the first 12 Months, Which in my opinion is extremely short
  3. Wait until 10pm and slash all there tyres, Because personally I wouldn't approach the house party as there's a 50% chance of getting the covid19
  4. ooohhh New Shoes.. Nice Rota Grids? id have liked to have a set of thse on my Toyota Levin AE111 please excuse some of the strange posts if there still there as I obtainbed a hip fracture around the time and I was on a lot of heavy pain killers or opioid's whichever spectrum you choose to observe, needs lowering now man, either spring or bagged on air
  5. I don't like putting six cans of beer in the fridge only to later wonder why I bothered as they were gong fast and I never actually consumed a cold one '#DrinkAware
  6. Could be the "Wild Atlantic Way" logo either 😅
  7. looks like a WiFi icon horizontal in front of a face; could be 5G 💀👀
  8. 70 -120 pounds at the most I reckon if you hold out for a ford enthusiast will fit focus 2005-2011 there's an aerial for the GPS fitted in the driver's side wing mirror Some enthusiasts like to have all the premium ford branded kit, Personally Ive taken all factory kit out and gone full aftermarket I prefer a 7" TV tuner and reverse camera with HDMi input for Netflix but not all enthusiasts are the same; there are those whom drool over items like your potentially selling.
  9. Won't get any boost with the actuator arm fully tightened though.
  10. Have you had the fuel filter changed ? I've experienced issues before with engine warning and sudden loss of power then surges followed by cutting back again Had fuel filter changed and all was fine 👍 I too was thinking turbo or intercooler but was just fuel filter in mine.
  11. The front lip and skirts make it more economical though; better Miles per gallon compared to a focus without the body kit, I noticed a difference after lowering my focus and fitting the zetec S kit, however the ST spoiler costs 0.3Mpg decrease in savings
  12. The only reason I bought a playstation 4 a few years ago was solely to play Fallout 4 some will argue that it's better played on a PC as there's more mods available by independent people creating them, But definitely a fantastic game, the 76 Fallout is said to be a disaster and I've not played but I highly recommend you try fallout 4 also Robert here has some funny videos while playing too:
  13. Would make sense for an econetic to come with a heated windscreen as it would be saw to conserve water on frosty mornings, the side skirts and front lip aren't cheap additional items though so eh kudo's for those, also 2008 was the turning point in the facelift mid 2008 was the release of the facelift model perhaps the centre armrest wasn't out until 2009 and could easily be fitted, The interior trim is also 2005-2008 Ghia spec, ford later changed to grey or red with black leather horizontal stripes, I have a grey interior from my 2010 in my attic having changed to Recaro's from an ST but shipping would cost a fortune.
  14. Looks to have been looked after from the outside, still has the front lip and side skirts which are The same as a zetecS model; personally I would edit your post to remove the registration, I've checked it out on ford Etis Which you can also do yourself by going to Google and search "ford ETIS" Select heading "Vehicle" Then enter the registration number Its a 110bhp 1.6TDCi which does have a dpf the paint is Metallic, not the most attractive of interior trim but all can easily be changed as saw in my guides. No outstanding service by ford neither, so it has been back there at least once in its lifetime. Personally it looks descent for the age.
  15. Amazon have committed to creating a TV series of the game Fallout 4 For those whom don't know fallout; it's going to be epic