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  1. I highly recommend a bottle of EndoTherm as featured in my home improvement thread https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/80864-living-room-project/ It removes oxygen from the water increasing surface contact saves money on heating cost. Aladdin automatic bleed valves are also well worth the money.
  2. Lucky diagnosis; the second diagnosis of that symptom would be a system full of sludge; which thankfully is not the case here.
  3. 18mm without the foil; changed all my 19mm nuts and lock key to aftermarket
  4. 18mm without the foil; changed all my 19mm nuts and lock key to aftermarket
  5. same price as the Vauxhall Corsa with a full tank of petrol and Paul Walker tribute decal, Coming to a McDonald's Dive-Tru near you soon.
  6. No the amplifier is built in to the 6000CD,
  7. Looks like a SEAT Leon speaking of SEAT Leon 😄 back in 2010 when i joined the forum; there was a moderator whom just simply hated me for no reason; cant remember his name now, but he had a fiesta then changed for a SEAT Leon, he debagged it after i made a point of telling him he now had a car bearing the first four letters of my name 🤣
  8. Hi Mark, I've saw this happen with the 6000CD head units before; diagnosed to be a fault with the internal amplifier inside the head unit, replacement being the only resolution; in which case i hope you don't have Bluetooth as the module is separate to the head unit and would require software by ford to get the replacement head unit to communicate with your existing Bluetooth module if fitted.
  9. stock pile the modifications in the mean time 😄
  10. I got stung yet again today by the Hyundai ix20 having retrofitted a USB 3.0 Fast Charger in place of one of the front 12V socket outlets; I heat shrunk a mini fuse piggyback adaptor on to the positive and a ring terminal to the earth last night; went to plug it in to the drivers side fuse board today and the fuse board isn't a mini its a low profile mini fuse 😖 good thing is though; the USB 3.0 lights up blue to match in with the rest of the dashboard illumination. although it wont be doing anything now until mid November since ill have to import a few low profile mini fuse adaptors, one to cover this installation and a few spare; oh Lord! nothing is straight forward, although there's very few screws; its like a Honda in the sense everything clips in together.
  11. i work five nights every third week; personally i find a high calorie meal before going to sleep really helps to sleep for longer; I too try to stay awake until around 12;00 or 13:00 prior to sleeping too. I'm not looking forward to my next week of nights; as things aren't going very well for me in life at the moment; and when your working nights; you begin to process everything in your mind; then when your on a lunch break where usually you could message that person; putting your thought or intentions at bay; well on nights there sleeping so you tend to find yourself overthinking things as they cant be fully dealt with or processed.
  12. i have a few guides here which will help you; Guide to Fitting Aftermarket headunit focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Guide To fitting 10" HD Flip Down Monitor Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here Custom 10" Sub enclosure & Amp panel Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5Click Here Guide Installing Reverse Camera Focus Mk2.5 2008 - 2011Click Here it just so happens that I'm in the process of gathering parts to upgrade a Hyundai ix20 to add android Auto, it also has CarPlay when going double Din; i always choose Pioneer and the best value for money in Pioneer these days is the Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB the only thing it doesn't have is a DVD or CD drive, you will need to get an older model or spend more for an avic model to have that, my best advice is to find the cheapest seller you can for this as there going up in price; i bought mine from Germany as I live in Ireland and the European union would have charged me 80-100euro if i was to purchase from the uk which is now outside of the European union. the reason there going up in price is due to covid; pioneer were unable to manufacture and also due to a shortage of a gold used to manufacture processor chips caused by an issue in Texas with some mines, all processors require this precious metal to manufacture, so basically when stock is gone its not coming back in for a while. all said; my focus has a Pioneer AVHX8600BT fitted which was one of the first CarPlay models; it also has a 7" touch screen and a DVD/CD drive but no DAB radio
  13. I do like making the most of the good weather today; made me feel ten years older today doing something with a car 😅 sadly though my eldest daughter wasn't available to assist me today and i use her phone for pictures as my phone was 20 euro brand new two years ago and the camera is like looking through a shower room glass 😄 so ill have to retrace steps to take some pictures for the purpose of creating guides on these in the future; but heres the end results; i bought some T10 bulb sockets from AliExpress, 15Amp cable from ebayuk and my favourite type of footwell T10 LED which are these ARGO Silica silicone wedge: T10 CAR 501 LED SIDE LIGHT BULBS ERROR FREE CANBUS COB SMD XENON WHITE W5W BULB | eBay the spread of light from them is fantastic and there like a pregnant woman's nipples, they protrude quite nicely and bend when you tip off them where regular LED would either snap or pull out, i have them in my mk2.5 focus in red, and now they have been retrofitted to the Hyundai ix20 in the colour Blue to match the Hyundai interior illumination scheme. Also purchased a full set of interior light bulbs upgrade to 6000k LED which only cost 12 euro from AliExpress for every single interior bulb in a set, the only ones they got wrong were the Glovebox and the boot compartment both of which are the same size bulb despite the huge difference in the compartment sizes. I was going to tackle the horn next as I have a model specific dual snail upgrade to replace the factory meep meep disc type; although I think I will need to make a T bar bracket to fit both horns to the existing location. passed three hours today; removing the side panels from the centre console; drilling them with a cone bit to take the T10 bulb sockets, then applying a dab of hot glue to secure, followed by heat shrinking 15Amp cable to the T10 sockets and routing it up the passenger side A-Pillar to the interior dome light; where i spliced in to the factory loom, so the new footwell lights fade on and off in time with the rest of the interior lights and function independently; meaning they come on wheatear the interior lights are switched to auto or off. the comfort modifications applied today help to make the transmission from ford focus to Hyundai ix20 that bit less of a struggle,
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