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  1. Proper dumb blonde πŸ˜‚
  2. @Zico sorry to read your post mate, hopefully 2021 will be more positive
  3. The kids Carved out the pumpkin today using a template kit from Lidl πŸ‘
  4. πŸ˜‚Thanks for sharing; my grandmother was scottish the phrases have jogged some good memories,
  5. Have you ever cut a watermelon in half and ate it with a spoon? End result would be similar since there's no picture πŸ˜…
  6. The entire Republic of Ireland has entered a full lockdown since midnight; As result; I don't like having to stop at checkpoints when traveling to/from work six days per week.
  7. saves going to a Wok in center
  8. No pressure in the sales department πŸ˜‚ #DirectMarketing
  9. Update on progress from above; i started hammer and chiseling the wall again yesterday morning and fitted the conduit. started off with a small hammer and flat headed screwdriver to gently break in to the plaster on all areas to be removed before going at it with the lump hammer and bigger chisels. i kept stopping to check the depth and finally got it deep enough for fitting, to allow room for filling across the surface. with the vertical section complete, i then had a coffee prior to chasing out the plaster from along the bottom of the wall to allow space for the cables. i then ran in the two 7 meter Cat7 cables through from the living room to the new socket in the kitchen, I chased a good clearance around 15mm between the radiator pipes and the network cables which now have unibond foam insulation filling that 15mm gap. filled the large gaps and area along the floor with Unibond white-tec expanding foam, its four times thicker than other brands and remans consistent inside; meaning there's no large air pockets when you trim it back, I left it overnight to dry, I trimmed it back this morning using a kitchen knife, the area along the floor is cut flush with the existing plaster and wont need any further filling as it will be covered by a skirting board, however I've trimmed in to the wall a bit on the vertical sections to allow some space to apply some pollyfilla and sand smooth, I've now applied the first lot of filler around the conduit and leaving it now to dry, ill resume progress next weekend, I've purchased a small sample pot of Johnston's Neon red paint and a small brush a few months ago, I've applied it to areas where there are now pipes and network cables fitted inside the walls; where there is a risk the flooring installer may accidently drive a nail in to the wall, so this picture isn't photoshopped in any way lol that really is bright red paint on the bottom of the wall, makes it easier for me not to have to explain "don't put a nail here or here" I just say "don't nail anywhere that you see red paint" has worked for the floors upstairs as all radiators in my house now have the pipes exiting from the wall, makes it a lot easier to clean the floors. ill get back to filling and sanding smooth next weekend aswell as daisy chaining 2.5mm twin & earth cable down to the original double socket location from the newly installed socket. i think my next post on this will be in the "Things I Do Like" thread; because it will then be finished lol
  10. Better fun when the had a concrete block in the top; take it off the top and put it inside the drum set it for high spin πŸ˜‚ Also hope you get a quality replacement like a Bosch πŸ˜…
  11. I do like that after this Christmas everyone will have experienced an awkward Christmas in there lives; Meaning myself and plenty of others will no longer feel unique for not really enjoying the season 100% as other years family which could be there didn't want to be; this year they most likely won't be able to be there either way. Which is easier and everyone understands the feeling of absence at a time where the media hypes it up with the impression that all families come together and get along all of the time. All said though; Christmas is a very important time for children everywhere; Every family in the world has been affected by covid19 in some way this year; hard working people have been stopped working aswell as those always seeking employment, people won't ask for help and kids will be writing there dreams to Santa, Santa needs to wear superman's Cape this year to help ease the impact of covid19 in the homes of children which will also help mental health and future development as it is very important to know that Santa understands and cares, Personally; I'm lucky to have maintained employment throughout the pandemic as I'm manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients and were lucky to be manufacturing some of those which are being used in the development of vaccines, However myself and my family are not immune from covid19 or its impact; I've had to prepare the home with an additional computer and two desks to facilitate our three kids learning from home, aswell as providing good quality Personal protective equipment, I have a mortgage and the usual bills associated with family, However this year rather than treating myself to some designer cloths or a new gadget I'm donating €700 worth of toys to a local toy bank; for distribution to families in the local area. Few popular examples: LOL, fail fix dolls, Rainbow High dolls, hot wheels monster jam, Lego, nerf guns, playdough, And I'm writing this message to those whom perhaps don't have any kids themselves; in which case they may not think of doing such thing; I don't donate money as it may not reach the target; I'm encouraging everyone to purchase some toys and donate them to the Christmas toy collection box in your local supermarket or toy shop; They will then be bagged and delivered to hard working families which have found themselves in need for the first time in there lives through no fault of there own in your community. Thought I'd share the idea, I have my three kids involved; I've told them: when the toy banks start; were going to the shop to fill a trolley and help Santa because some elves are in self isolation this year; as result they can't go to the shops for santa to gather orders, so we're going to fill a trolley and put it in the shipping box which then goes to Santa's warehouse for processing to the order lists, I'll pay in the shop with my bank card and send Santa a picture of the reciept; he then refunds my bank account, Thanks for reading; help future generations from some of the covid19 impact if you can.
  12. Use Wynne's engine flush just before your next oil change, Then after the next oil change; consistently purchase your fuel from somewhere else
  13. Being Irish also means every km was driven while being fully under the influence of alcohol #FullTilt πŸ˜… πŸ˜‚ Well I can't afford to replace it at the moment; bank wouldn't lend me a pen and I got sucked in to home improvements a few years ago which I really need to get completed before my eldest is looking to bring people home πŸ˜‚
  14. 322k on my 2010 1.6TDCi focus, Have it since new and it's still on the factory turbo, running a remap since 70k Has only ever needed an injector seal and an alternator.
  15. The positive reverse cable is Green& yellow My full list of 2005-2011 focus guides are here : Particurally the reverse camera installation guide short cut link here: This will show you how to access the reverse light positive feed to splice in your sensor cable for the camera; so then the camera knows reverse is active.