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  1. Reminds me of Ted in the fast show, "Yes sir, no sir" "certainly sir"
  2. Reminds me of Ted in the fast show, "Yes sir, no sir" "certainly sir"
  3. I do like that I've stated doing a course of green belt six-sigma process improvement training; I've completed blue belt and produced three successful cost saving blue belt projects which took zero investment to implement as I completed them in my own time off; re wrote procedure's to perform in a new way which saves down time following the new layout of the procedure much more sequential, Anyway; in now training for green belt; there's alot more learning in it though; four weeks training followed by an exam then complete a cost saving project to demonstrate ability then you get cer
  4. I must watch it now; Did you try all series of the grand tour?
  5. 57s is definitely worth it with the lid too, had it fitted on my 1.6TDCI few years ago made a great noticable difference heres a link from way back in happier times https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/36783-green-cotton-performance-induction-filter-fitting-guide/?do=findComment&comment=209434&_rid=115852
  6. safety suggestion; take it off the cat before melting the end or the cat might go woof 😅
  7. No need for it to be in this case we're talking about shag pile carpet, 😂 I can imagine his silent intake of breath and stare "ah so here it is" I'm a huge fan of Kevin; I really like watching "Grand Designs" 🤫 My wife and Harry Hoover were both on the end of that cable; vacuuming up the loose parts left behind by the fitter; would have been nice had they vacuumed up themselves after fitting; I was expecting that they would have done but unfortunately they didn't.
  8. I really do like getting a good shag on the stairs and landing of my house yesterday, Updated the thread here: https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/80864-living-room-project/?do=findComment&comment=887154&_rid=115852 Before: After:
  9. after 2,562 posts its good to see one positive 😜
  10. In this update were going back to finish the area where it all began; in the living room. As saw in a previous update; I chased out a small section of plaster along the ground and set in the virgin media RG6 coaxial cables, later covered in foam and trimmed smooth; In the image above; you can see that I've masked the wall and floor followed by painting the area red where the cables are resting inside the wall; to be sure the carpenter fitting the floor & more importantly the skirting boards; doesn't drive a nail through one of the cables. Moving on from the red paint;
  11. Pretty Cool ❄️ 🤭
  12. Do they contribute much effort to the rest of the phonecall following on from the initial discussion regarding sound? Reason I ask is that I had similar issues with my mother; bought her a new set of BT elderly friendly phones with one touch loud speaker and big screen, Put all our numbers in to them, Still when I phone; or should say when I used to phone; the conversation wasn't much from her side; "would have to go feed the stray cats poor things look hungry" or "ow there's big dark clouds coming I must get clothes from the line" or even just sets the phone down and walks a
  13. Like being in the west of Ireland 🌫️
  14. Updating the Home improvement thread with progress; Lockdown has changed the way most of us live and in some cases we have had to make the home environment our work space aswell; I've had to purchase a Printer & scanner where I used to use the local library for such activities; I bought an EPSON all-in-one network Printer & Scanner which also photocopies and I'm sure the all do these days, anyway; I had it positioned on the desk in our daughters room, but since they are both learning from home, the demand for desk space to use books was high, while were sti
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