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  1. I do like getting a WhatsApp message to say that next month's prescription of Hotwheels has been dispatched 😅 Got me feeling like...
  2. hope your getting better mate, I'm evaluating myself regularly here after the wife returned from the wedding last Thursday night, I'm expecting something to happen.
  3. I don't like getting absolutely roasted on purchasing two hotwheels vehicles from Texas in the big US, these models cost around 25 euro over here i bought both of the above via eBay uk and provided my American AdressPal address for shipping from the seller in Texas. total purchase cost was 26.02euro almost 2 for 1 compared to purchasing locally, all seemed euphoric. until they arrived at address Pal in the big US There must be a minimum package price on American AddressPal deliveries as they were only weighing 150g and 200g but the fee from AddressPal at tha
  4. I do like ordering a few parts for a little 1:64 scale Hotwheels model project in the near future, Crazy to see they have an aftermarket modified scene through the use of 3D printers, I'm going to create two with the intention of selling one to cover the cost of both as not many people over here in Republic of Ireland know about the modifications available. Started with a Falken tyres sponsored Toyota AE86 which I got for free along with a pearl white Premium Hotwheels Real rider model of the same vehicle, this perticular model has a huge following over here and they sell for
  5. Some guides here you may find of interest to go with your aftermarket head unit..
  6. Going to be at least 50 at a house party and standing holding each other for photos, I've got an idea though; there's a power supply in the garden shed and I've got a tent, I'm thinking I can camp in the back garden for at least two weeks just got no fridge but I have a gas stove, Only risk then is the car she's using, I'll need to sanatize that as best possible, hopefully the snow doesn't return. If all is good then it will only be for two weeks.
  7. I don't that my wife is completely ignoring any advice from myself or our children to stay at home; And is proceeding to attend a sleepover in her sisters house with a number of other people; followed by collecting her mother from another house in our car tomorrow morning; To then travel to a hotel for her sisters wedding ceremony for which she is matron of honour; stand for photos obviously with no mask 🤯 followed by attending a house party before dropping her mother and whoever else home in our car then returning home to our house tomorrow night. What more can I do than try to
  8. Tell them your canceling your contract on the grounds that your not being provided with there services as stated within due to a fault with there equipment which they require to fulfill your requirements as outlined in the service agreement. Tell them you have gotten an offer from sky.
  9. I don't like trying to access my 72 year old mother's WiFi which I changed the password on; four years ago and she wrote down the password in her 2016 diary at the time; to keep it safe But that was 2016 and the new diary is 2021. 🤯 I don't like resetting the router to attempt return the password to its default which is printed on the rear of the WiFi router; Quincedeantly; when I rest the router, the entire network went down in the area causing the loss of her much loved Alexa network aswell as TV subscription and home phone. Which she assumed was entirely my fault for the
  10. I don't like having to breach restrictions last Saturday in a go big or go home sort of breach, Without getting in to the full story 🤪
  11. I have a guide: fitted a 7" aftermarket head unit aswell as TV tuner and reverse camera Google; full list of Lenny's guides ford owners club
  12. Through Alexa and Google
  13. +1 you do become very attached especially when they have a person's name such as ours, I did that for security purposes, when asked are you at home by yourself or is there anyone at home; we can say yeah Liam is there, Does get funny when people over hear conversation about Liam digging up the garden or moaning at me all day to rub his belly, people be looking at us like 😯 There extremely loyal too, yesterday slept on my lap in the living room with his front paws around my neck 🤗 I had stray dogs when growing up in the country side as a child, they would mostly get dumped on th
  14. Thanks very much, his dad's a pedigree Bernese and his man's a pedigree blonde Beagle, he's almost two now, Here he is again today 😅
  15. I don't like being made fun of yesterday in my local Tesco, I wear latex gloves when out which reduces my risk of contracting the virus aswell as saves my hands from so much sanitizer, Anyway; Im in South East of Ireland, the staff member on the customer service desk; said there's no sign of snow yet but here comes Elsa, Indicating that my blue gloves were making me look like a Disney Princess, 😐
  16. If you turn hard enough it will slide 😅 Get two shallow oven trays for under the rear wheels and leave the handbrake on, No snow in the South East of Ireland here atall perhaps Brexit has something to do with restrictibg the snow from coming in to Ireland, we will get it in two weeks time where it used to be the following day 😂
  17. Your Sooo money supermarket Zico 😅
  18. 🤤 Just the one
  19. isopropyl alcohol or isopropanol will dry out the rubber and cause cracking, prolonged use would eventually cause the plastic bottle itself to fracture, ethanol or methanol would be best, the purple washer fluid in Halfords is methanol but it is a toxic solvent which if ingested can cause one to go blind, for those whom have drank methanol the one method to flush it from the body is ethanol which although is still 100% alcohol its non toxic so you would likely survive but need a liver transplant
  20. Thanks mate, And thanks for offering but I've got almost everything required now, just waiting on pay day and a few deliveries to complete it, Can't get a cheap 1/64 white Toyota chaser I've been like a kid in a sweet shop since Christmas, sourcing vehicles of the same category to fit together, even got some Hotwheels Formula one vehicles from McDonald's happy meal back in 1999 picked them up brand new still in packaging from eBay UK, overall collection stands at near €900 now. There's even various types of wheels and spoiler available in 1\64 scale on eBay, They all
  21. I like the '64 Riviera 👍 I've gotten our eldest daughter to label each shelf with her Dyno labeler, I've since arranged the cars in formation and need to get her to label under each vehicle to correspond, Waiting for a few to arrive from Texas in the big US for tha Japanese side got some modified 70's models My favourite is this Siku Haribo Porsche 911 bought from Germany Then our son can take them out in any form he wants, also thought my daughter how to create a data base on Microsoft Access, has each vehicle by name and stock location, we have to photo
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