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  1. setup a shared playlist on Spotify, its going really well, have to introduce the dog next, then the kids, I've put that off for Atleast a week; seven days of foreplay 🤣
  2. Absolutely amazing day guys, her chin fits on my shoulder, brought be for a picnic and fed me cheese aswell as chocolate, seeing her again tomorrow; says im effin amazing 😅
  3. I do like going on a mystery destination tomorrow with a beautiful woman which I met last week via Tinder, she's collecting me tomorrow morning and dropping me back tomorrow evening but wont say where were going, so spontaneous and exciting
  4. Thanks very much, Our eldest daughter is 15 and she still cares too; although she has taken my jumper to wear at night and my wool 3M beanie hat to wear all day, She stays in the focus in protest to return to me, she helped cut my hair last weekend too and left post-it notes hidden around the house saying love you dad, which was really nice, I can't do grocery shopping and see father's with there kids, breaks my heart, but as long as I have mine at the weekend we can go shopping then and it won't feel so bad, I want to get back to the Leonard that was 20 years ago, she might want me then again if I'm a waist 32 again instead of a 38, Walking the dog daily and fighting off the depression, I'm amazed at how powerful this has been on my life, I was always resilient to things always got on with it, but this has picked me up and thrown me against a concrete wall, Ive lost so much in a short time, she was absolutely everything,
  5. I haven't been on since October, Haven't been myself atall since 1st November My focus is now belonging to my wife, And my wife is now single living 78miles away in her mother's along with our three children and I'm living with the dog aswell as paying the mortgage, The world is not the same place without my family and I can't even go shopping as I don't feel I'm worth anything; She's moving there school in December, My chest is gone; it's like someone got an ice-cream scoop and removed my torso, were together twenty years, now she can't handle it and left while I was at work; I came home and half the house was gone and wouldn't tell me where she or the kids were, Thats after I had paid 1200 for her surprise 40th birthday party taking place last weekend and gave her 1400 cash for counseling sessions, doesn't need sessions now apparently; she's solved the problem, l will try to get Lenny back, so much is gone, the living room project thread, the focus, my kids, my beautiful wife left with silence in the home where my three kids were born, learned to walk and I put everything in to this house to make it there home, I go places we always went together; but nobody is there now just me, I have kids every weekend now which is really great, were going to do grocery shopping on Saturdays now so I don't feel lonely and it's something I can't do alone as I don't feel hungry, I eat once per day now, pot noodles or a slice of toast, I'm not half the man I used to be, But I'll try get back some day, have a load of bits here to fit to the Hyundai ix20 but I've got no motivation or energy anymore, Im still working; six days weekly, had to take six days off to regain composure as I was completely broken and in shock, I'll get there though, took we two weeks to get to this point. Talk soon everyone and take care,
  6. I work for a world leading pharmaceutical company; and we produce harmful toxins in the process of manufacturing API's (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) both in the air and in the water; We have scrubbers and an incinerator to treat the air aswell as a dedicated waste water treatment plant to treat the water; but a local council says the town will be carbon neutral by 2030 😂 thats never going to happen as long as my workplace remains active; Mainly because; if an operator adds 12% Hydrochloric acid in to a solution of methyl magnesium chloride which has previously been combined with 2 - benzyl peryodene mobile in tydrohetrofuran solution; Then it/ the process; creates too much methane gas for our thermal oxydiser to handle; resulting in a bypass of the incinerator; meaning the waste gas then vents directly to the atmosphere instead of what would be a huge flame protruding from the incinerator as result of excessive volume, All of this is recorded on a trend graph where we/the company pays the EPA a fee for all bypasses at a rate of x amount per kg of toxin, However; these companies also get a grant from the government for employing more people; And nobody thinks: "what are these people being employed to do" I can tell you; they being employed to make two vital parts of the covid vaccine and they will cause bypasses which result in an environmental impact; until they are properly trained in the process of heating things up at a graduate level rather than full throttle, Overall mate, climate change and water restrictions; sadly don't seem to affect the big players which can emit more Carbon on a single night shift than a slammed decat diesel Jetta TDI would in a year of cruising; Yet we the working class people get impacted by carbon tax, fuel increases and water rates; a whole entire different world. The only positive which I saw out of it was that we never stopped throughout the pandemic; as we were the supplier of the rescue party, and I don't take the slightest bit of pride in that because; we were doing the same job which we were always doing; suddenly it was cool. The front line staff are the real heroes operating in direct contact with the infected; where I operated alone making the additives for the at the time fingers crossed 🤞: now successful vaccine, which gets tested by lab prior to release; we were and still are highly trained but isolated and produce the ingredients, but we don't see ourselves as frontline. Getting back to your point though; the vehicle driver and kerosene home heating user is absolutely no patch on the every day pharmaceutical company. Ultimately climate change won't stop and covid feeds in to the hands of the pharmaceutical industry making them almost untouchable; I say almost because on government country may abide to increased restrictions however the pharmaceutical industry will increase production in a more leaniant country; increasing income for the staff; in turn allowing them to pay for the increased fuel costs faced by all working class people but ultimately resulting in a harmonious outcome for the company with no complaints from staff or government.
  7. Halloween night yo! Who wants some 🍬
  8. Cool man, Was my older brother whom got me interested in cars the poor fella, I didn't have many times with my dad back then; he was an only child; profession was a techer, also registered plumber and electrician, Needless to say his parents were severely hard on him; to me he was an alcoholic and a fear every time there was a school event which involved the attendance of parents, I spent most of my childhood alone in the country side of co.louth, there were four other kids in my class within a school of 50 pupils, 😂 my mai ln pass time during the summer was trying to taim cats, But my biggest thril was when my older brother Jason whom is a very hard working electrician currently wiring 12 houses per week but I say poor as unfortunately the poor fella has become a prisoner to acohol just like our dad was, But anyway; not looking to delve too dark here 😅 he used to take me for a drive (spin) to the shop for sweets, Picture a hot summers day, in the middle of nowhere in the country side; heat melting the tar on the horizon, fastest thing you've ever been in/on is your 5 speed BMX, then your brother invites you in to the passenger seat of his ST204 Toyota Celica, and you get in to the passenger seat; first nothing the smell of alpine fresh 😂 mam's car never had that; then the side boulster of the bucket seats pressing against your waist and thighs, Followed by the loud music; and feeling of your stomach bouncing off your kidneys as the vehicle lifted off the road on the horizon of hump back bridges where you always took the opportunity to pop a Wheely on your BMX 😅 Then getting out of the car at the shop shaking with an adrenaline rush; before you even got in to the shop for penny sweets nevermind consuming them and going for a spin on your bicycle. The poor fella made an ever lasting impression on my life; I sometimes scandanavian drift the eibach lowered focus; throw the rear of the focus out on roundabout's with my kids when it's wet; in an attempt to relive that ever lasting impression. But my main intention for now is to encourage her creativity and consume her mind with things other than me and her mam; As her mam and my beautiful wife has suddenly grown very disconnect with our marriage and is running away to partys every weekend; that's the girl which I met at 17 and ran away from home to be with forever; Together 20 years now; and at the moment best way I can describe it's like she's gotten a huge ice-cream scoop and scooped out my chest from my neck to my stomach feels like there's nothing there man, So we're going heavy on the upgrades to the car as it's the only thing I have left these days to make me feel complete aswell as getting a few laughs out of our eldest; she doesn't need any problems at this stage of her life she needs confidence and encouragement; so improving a car to look premium factory standard takes skill; so I tell her. Sorry for creating a free counselling session out of your post mate 😅 but it's all true and relevant to the point of how Lenny came to be on here atall.
  9. Got our eldest daughter interested in car mods now; she's 15 now and excellent at arts & crafts, as well as dress making, has a dyno labeller and hot glue gun which have been useful in adding a 12v socket sized USB power supply to the dashboard of the Hyundai ix20 and labelling the piggy-back fuse. last weekend; we jacked up the car and changed the front fog lights to a set with DRL section, were still waiting on some P13W loom plugs to arrive from AliExpress to finish that install, today were changing the steering wheel as the existing one has had some harsh chemicals spilled on the leather of the wheel, were also installing a reverse camera while the weather stays clear over head, next weekend we will be taking out the factory head unit and replacing it with a double din Pioneer with DAB+ currently waiting on the correct ISO adaptor to arrive from eBay, which will be here Tuesday; but I'm working six days per week, we walk the dog for two hours in a forest every Sunday morning and then feed him a Gourmet wet food dinner comprising of rice, vegetables and duck or rabbit; to simulate a successful hunt. so while the dog is then star fished out on the sofa; were on the driveway with the Hyundai ix20, so far we fitted front footwell lighting, and the DRL units, its useful to have a second pair of hands and also nice to pass on some knowledge of how things work in the car, showed her how to jack it up, where the jack points are and to put the spare wheel under the car next to the jack before getting under the car, encase the jack fails. her initial involvement was mainly to take pictures for me as my phone is useless; but now she's asking if I'm doing anything to the car this weekend, and if i need a hand with it, so ill keep this going for the next two weekends anyway. ill then teach some computer skills by creating guides on fitting the items which we have installed. I've also picked up these factory fitted ix20 switches from a breakers in Lithuania for 10 euro Used car parts, car equipment and accessories online | RRR.LT the surround doesn't fit as its from a LHD model, but the switches do, and there's a loom in the car for front parking sensors, although the car doesn't have them fitted; and we wont be fitting front parking sensors; were going to do one better than that, I've got a front parking camera on order which is designed to fit in to the front Hyundai Badge, nice James bond style; it connects to the aftermarket head unit; and i hope to wire it in to the factory fit switch. so when parking; push that button and the head unit will display the front camera, switching to the rear camera when reverse is active. updates of progress will be on the ix20 progress thread, I'm finding a combination of work six days per week and doing things to the car being great distractions for me at the moment; as things are quite difficult with the wife whom has requested space, so I've dived deep in to car modification in search of some release.
  10. wont be long until Christmas, 7 weeks Len... I've been a good boy 🤣
  11. this morning was just like a childhood Christmas morning for me; as I awoke for the fourth time throughout the night in an empty king size bed at 6am not feeling great as my beautiful wife had departed at 5pm last night to attend a house party where she had planned staying over. i got up at 6am and had a shower; then returned to the room; opened the blind to see the car she chose to take; parked on the driveway 🤗 suddenly the roller-coaster inside my mind vanished and my mood increased; i went downstairs to find everything i ever wanted; was asleep on the sofa; and recommended she went up to bed; to which she responded with an artistic array of specially selected words which i cant quote any of them on here or i would be banned. however; my response to those were "Goodnight Dorothy, there's no place like home" she couldn't let that one go neither 😃 she hung over the stairs at me asking Who D F was Dorothy 🤭 gotta love the fighting irish her name is vick but she wasnt in the mood for humour.
  12. I don't like realising life is passing me by; as I've been working six days per week for the past eight years now, paying mortgage and all associated bills while my beautiful wife, best friend and partner of 20 years; looked after our there kids, Only having Sunday with my family and the dog, Wife has recently began to go out for drinks with friends past few weekends and I'm at home looking after our family having been working my sixth day in work; Meanwhile I'm watching Netflix with the kids and ordering pizza; trying to be as positive as possible. I've also arranged her surprise 40th for next weekend; spent 1,400 euro on that; but I'm not allowed go because she thinks it's a family meal set up by her brothers and sister; plus my wife hasn't slept in the same room as me since early August, thought I'd have a surprise 40th to cheer her up Although I'm thinking who has things in perspective here; me or my wife. It's not a nice feeling to see your beautiful wife walking out the door dressed up lovely to spend the night in her sisters house, after you have spent all week working to provide for everything including her new dress, knee high boots and the vehicle she's driving. Bug changes on the horizon for Len.
  13. @zain611 sorry to read your update regarding the fiesta mate; I will be in a similar situation myself in a few weeks as my focus is due NCT, And well due to a number of recent events; I can't afford to fix it, should it fail the test, So I'll be moving to the Hyundai ix20,
  14. we had similar situation with mice in an apartment we once rented back in 2005, we had a hamster at the time, and the mice would go in to take its food and also hit it a few slaps, hence our awareness of the issue as we were awoken my the sounds of a violent outbreak.
  15. bought five pack of "Micro Mini" piggyback fuse adaptor on Amazon.de last Thursday, Delivery arrived today; received "Mini" not "Micro Mini" 🤮
  16. The Hyundai ix20 doesn't have Convex mirrors as standard; none of the iX20 models do; not even the 2020. However; I found a seller on eBay selling heated Convex mirror lenses for the iX20 38 GBP for the pair, I also bought some frosted glass style decals to add a bit more class to the mirrors. below is the difference; one on the right is standard, Here's the drivers side fitted; straight swap clip off, clip on I then fitted a Hyundai logo frosted glass decal to the original mirror to hopefully ad some appeal to sell it. Now; 😠 i dont like the previous owner whom stuck the passenger side mirror on to the ***** motor using a load of Teh7 resulting in me breaking the motor when trying to remove the original lens, now costing me 105 euro for a replacement passenger side wing mirror in blue as its the cheapest one available in order to salvage a replacement motor
  17. Fair play mate; I need to start doing the same as you getting out walking; and the dog is a great companion to keep going; my wife walks our 29kg Bearnese beagle six days per week; Had to hold his paw there as he strokes your face for a hug; and would swipe my glasses 😅 he lioes to hug🐻 I only take him out on Sunday's where I put his bed in the boot of the focus and drive to a forest and walk him for 14km round trip; then get him a sausage on the way home. Wife thinks I'm weard because I won't walk him outside the house or around town; I drive 32 minutes to walk him there; always reminds me of the "Robert Miles - Children" music video when I look in the rear view mirror and see his head watching everything pass 😂 The other six days recently; I've been staying in bed untill it's time to go to work; then up, shower and out the door, I need to get more exercise and walking is great for that.
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