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  1. Hello, your best bet is to phone your local Ford parts dealer and give your REG OR VIN number and ask them if they have mist jet washers for your car, I have a Ford part number here for mist jets but don’t know if they will be compatible with your vehicle. 1708796
  2. I added the console with the rear socket and it works fine 😕
  3. As mentioned I only swapped it fascia but I believe you must buy the screen, radio unit and fascia and then code it via for scan could be wrong 😑
  4. I have upgraded from the standard centre console to the one with the arm rest and led cupholder.
  5. Hello I just found it really hard to find any helpful topics, so I created this for anyone wondering if and how they change the fascia of the radio. Good news it can be done. features your car doesn’t have won’t work unless correct supplies are installed as well but comment if you need help, also folding mirrors I can help too! And centre console upgrade!
  6. Thanks for your help I bought just the fascia and it worked perfectly just had trouble getting that silly plastic trim off the top 😂😂
  7. Meaning the st will have less issues with the engine, unless you drive like Nigel!
  8. 😂 so true unless you didn’t want the added power and the less mechanical issues😎
  9. Yes exactly, a little engine pushing out over 120bhp not the best idea in the first place, plus the st will hold its value more.
  10. I’m talking about in the trade, day to day phone calls about this specific engine going wrong, mostly around 70k miles they start playing up. Not all but most. You think 125bhp on a 1 litre engine, all the power is coming from the turbo which causes issues to the engine. yes the st will be more to insure but safer in the long run👍🏽
  11. Wouldn’t bother with 1.0 eco boost fiesta all the strain gets put on the turbo causing engine failure would even go near one, many others would agree ! the ST seems like the better choice anyhow. Hope this helped !
  12. I know a company that are doing this to the Ford Focus so maybe they will do the fiesta Check out Emeraldstruts
  13. Yep just brought one for £25 +£7 shipping, hopefully it works. Seller said it should work.
  14. Ok is it worth me just buying this that way it comes with three CD player bit
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