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  1. No sure I have only tried fiesta mk7.5 easy plug and plug ! Just need coding in forscan
  2. Was looking in to doing this but no one is helping with the forscan bit!!!
  3. Hey, I don’t think so no, however I’m about to upgrade my seats in my 2014 fiesta. should imagine they are the same fitment have seen many people with Mk61ln st seats in mk7 so I should imagine the mk7 fits the mk7.5 hope this helps !
  4. Yeah, as mentioned they should of been standard however they are not very hard to retro fit if you really want them.
  5. Hey, i have just recently changed my standard electric mirrors to power folding mirrors and it was very easy to do. You will need a few things, make sure your car has the same fuse layout as a titanium model, also im not sure if this will work with the 5dr as you may need a module, but this will work if you have a 3dr just make sure you have the same fuse box as a model that comes standard with folding mirrors. Once you have done this you will then need to buy the folding mirrors either brand new or second hand, just make sure they are 100% power folding, here is a link https://www
  6. Yes, much cheaper, i brought the mirrors for 170 for both brand new, then brought a mirror switch off ebay for £19 then i just i swapped the mirrors and switch and then coded it via forscan and it was sooo easy cheers for your help mate.
  7. Yes this is soo easy please let me know if you need any help??
  8. Np, same here lol i have done the install now very easy and all i have to do know is lock the car and they fold in, or i simply push in the button on the door! If anyone needs any help please message me and ill be happy to give you instructions as i have just done it my self.
  9. Hello please provide side skirts install. not that old vid from youtube
  10. Hey could you please provide me with the instillation for the side skirts please many thanks, TJR!
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