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  1. Strutter

    Looking for that last part.

    Just to say I send a few emails off and got a help one back showing me that part got it order, would be about 2 weeks though!
  2. So completed my install, and I have no real reason for the screen now, so was looking at doing what is seen here. For the life of me I cannot find what the part is thats just above the new headunit, seeing as its just a nicely fitted tray. I understand its from a model like Style/ Studio?..but I cannot find it anywhere? anyone any ideas?
  3. Strutter

    Aftermarket Headunit-->Cruise Control

    Here we go..all in..working. Still have to sort the 6.5 components but will sort that next weekend. Hazzrad switch is in the post.
  4. Strutter

    Aftermarket Headunit-->Cruise Control

    Ill post what I can, ill put it all up at once. "box of tricks" I assume you mean the Connect 2 little black box? So its really about the order in which things are connected, so unplug everything for the upper screen. Then, plug the Black Box FIRST into the screen, then the Ford factory power loom into the box of tricks?
  5. Strutter

    Aftermarket Headunit-->Cruise Control

    SO I went and got everything. This evening..swapping out the HU, I got it hooked up..all working..good show. However the upper screen is displaying the clock time...thats fine..then its jumping to the cars menu screen...its stays there a moment..then it bounces back to teh time...and repeat. Anyone any ideas about that?
  6. Strutter

    Aftermarket Headunit-->Cruise Control

    Was looking more into this...the Sony head unit has the same issue as most if not all factory fitted units. They are deigned to have limiters in place on the lower frequencies as you push the volume up to protect the speakers and sound quality. Hence im going to stick with the after market and mod it into the dash board better.
  7. Strutter

    Aftermarket Headunit-->Cruise Control

    Cool will take a look. You dont also happen to know where I would get an Edge style top tray that would go where the housing would sit for the main screen do you? lol
  8. Strutter

    Aftermarket Headunit-->Cruise Control

    Think ill need to see what unit you mean, as after seeing the breakdown for it it reall wasnt very good in terms of quality.
  9. Strutter

    Aftermarket Headunit-->Cruise Control

    Even for after market 6'5 compontent speakers in the front and a Sub output for the back?
  10. Strutter

    Aftermarket Headunit-->Cruise Control

    Still looking to go ahead with it as Im more concerned about sound over looks to be honest *S* Thing is there is definitely some better looking conversions, seen some that sit the screen up alittle more and people using the original " cheap" looking back tray and removing the original screen panel altogether. ***** hard to find them though!
  11. Strutter

    Aftermarket Headunit-->Cruise Control

    That good to know..was hard to tell from some diagrams, awsome that means I can take everything apart and do a complete install!
  12. Hey, does anyone who has done this, or know of,if I swap out the original headunit for a new aftermarket one, what all impact that could have on the steering controls? Not so much worried about the volume buttons, but things like Cruise control etc.
  13. Strutter

    2017 fiesta st

    Looks awful to me personally.
  14. Strutter

    A Pillar Rattles

    Maybe give my solution a drove me crazy...I went full lab coat on it lol. Just get some thing card, enough to sit in the join between the plastic and the window, and tray various points, Mine was occurring towards the roof point, since doing that....never a noise again.
  15. Strutter

    A Pillar Rattles

    I realise this is a bit old, but I discovered the rattle actually happens from the plastic trim on the piller hitting against the windscreen, nut under the pillar itself, if you try with a thin cardboard pieces and place them along where the plastic meets the windscreen and try that first.