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  1. Oh really? It's just like it could be wiring however I mistakenly assumed that couldn't be a thing. Where do they tend to break? I'll do some tracing at the weekend. The code was with Forscan but now I've re-read with my glasses on I see it's P138B 😂 I flip between just selling it on as is and persevering to get it sorted as the car is in great condition... I sold my MX-5 yesterday so bought a Z4 'unseen' - I really do need help with my addiction to cars.
  2. Thank you.... I’ve done the injector swap already and the fault stays with the cylinder - hence grinding the sealing surface as I assumed it could be a bad seal (no compression). I suppose it could be a piston ring causing poor compression on one cylinder however I’m surprised it doesn’t kick in at all, even at high revs. Haven’t seen and blue smoke yet either. I’m going to recheck the sensor pipes - realised I didn’t replace the jubilee clips where it attaches to the DPF so I could have a leak. I read somewhere here that glow plugs are used for emissions control but as you say, surely that would prevent one cylinder running especially when hot.
  3. Leak pipe seal replaced Injector sealing surface recut and cleaned Another new copper seal Still not firing on cylinder 2! I've re-run the DPF learning values and a static regen which fails with P2002 9DPF efficiency) and throws a P1388 (glow plug control module voltage) which seems like an odd one. The signal is below threshold. Attempting the regent 4 times has at least blow the smoke out of the DPF with the exhaust now running clear - so that was at least down top the crap left in the system by the cleaning products. So I'll look at the relay and wiring, and if I must the glowplugs. Still no further forward on my cylinder 2 refusing to run! 🤔
  4. So cylinder 2 refuses to run. I've swapped the injectors over and the fault stays with cylinder 2 so at least my injectors are good. The small green leak pipe seal was split when I removed it so I replaced again but I split that one - I think they may be too big (Amazon part) so I'll pick up some genuine ones and fit them. I have no error messages but disconnecting the injector power/signal has no affect on number 2 - but it does trigger an open circuit fault, so the wiring must surely be OK. Fuel is very clearly present at the injector too. Either there is a leak pipe leak or cylinder 2 wont run due to a compression failure perhaps. Also, I believe my smoke is a result of the DPF clean as it only starts to get crazy when the engine is hot - I need to get the misfire sorted than park in the middle of nowhere to run a DPF regen!
  5. The car is running.... a dog! 😂 I have clouds of smoke which is a mixture of colours - partly the crap I cleaned the DPF with I suspect but also a fair about of thick white smoke. Also feels/sounds like it’s running on 3 cylinders so I may have an issue with an injector or something still. i think it just set of the neighbour’s smoke detectors so I’m going to run and hide now!!
  6. I have 200 bar now and thought that was enough but you’re right, more research shows 200kpa or 2000 bar seems to be needed! Diesel is new to me, I’m guessing there are potential leaks impacting this so I’ll keep looking.
  7. Replacement injectors in, I now have decent/high fuel rail pressure when cranking - anywhere between 22kpa and 28kpa. However the car doesn’t start. No errors, cranking at 220rpm and wants to fire but a couple of times the red arrows appeared on the dash (max engine revs?) so I’m tempted to replace the crank sensor. Also think there’s fuel leaking around a couple of injectors so need to check on that. I’ll bolt on the DPF etc tomorrow so it’s complete and then start praying!
  8. Only 92k The DPF was blocked, I wonder if the excessive heat caused an issue 🤔 Really hoping to at least get it running so I can then see what other issues the car has!
  9. I have some on the way so let’s see if this resolves my starting issue. Slightly concerned as to where the missing bits have gone so I’ll try to peer into the chamber.
  10. The latest: Fuel is going into and out of the fuel pump and is arriving at the injectors. I bought some injector cleaner since the car has been stood a while, won’t hurt to try I thought. So I’ve removed the injectors - they look fine right?!
  11. Thanks - got it. So it it definitely running at 210 kpa as reported in Forscan too. So I've ordered a priming kit which I can connect in line to try and force fuel through, although I'm pretty sure I have unburned fuel coming out of the turn exit. Anyway, I'll see if that helps bring the pressure up. I can hear the fuel pump/solenoid whirring which I don't understand with it being mechanical but let's see.
  12. Ah, I have the PC version so I’ll spend time to find that - didn’t find live data before.
  13. I suspect it’s inlet pressure rather than the rail - it’s just a free reader app so it’s not so clear. I didn’t see an option to read live sensor data with Forscan so that would be more helpful, otherwise I need to rent/buy a workshop grade diagnostic tool or seek help from someone with one I guess. There was a plan to clean the injectors but I’m loathed to remove more bits and potential add further issues.
  14. Evening all, The Mk1 Focus got fixed up, passed the MOT with no advisories and sold the next day - great little car. So back to the Mk2 and it’s still not starting. DPF is cleaned out (not yet refitted) and I’ve drained the fuel tank as the fuel smelled terribly off to me. New filter fitted and I believe it’s all primed but no change on the starting - although it was turning over slow so I’ve put the battery on charge now. i sprayed a little easy start into the inlet manifold (yes I know, awful stuff!) - the car coughed a little like it wanted to start but if I put much more in it starts to knock, so I don’t want to risk it! Still no codes, showing so some questions: - what’s the normal cranking speed for these? The OBD reader show 200 rpm+ so is that enough for the compression to build? - if the cranking speed shows up on the obd reader, I assume this mean the crank sensor is good? - what pressure should the rail be displaying when cranking? It seems to show 210kpa
  15. I have a track day in the MX-5 on Saturday so no chance to do any work. Hoping to get the DPF back on the car Sunday, then I'll drain the diesel (which smells like paint for some reason!), fit a new fuel filter and prime the system. -------- And then today I bought a MK1 1.6 petrol Focus 😂 It belonged to a family member who was going to scrap it - but it has 4 new tyres so thats madness. Bit of rust on one wing and advisories last year were number plates and one drop link. So I'll get that up and running and MOT'd - looks like it may have a cooling issue (thermostat?) as it bubbles away in the expansion tank and occasionally throws a coolant fault code. Having fun over here.