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  1. Found the FAQ might be able to get bluefin reset if can use the same device. Otherwise il send my serial number and see what they say.
  2. I found my old bluefin from when I had a MK3 mondeo... Are they still about and can I get it updated for my 2013 MK3 1l 125ps eco boost?
  3. Maybe worth checking reg on ford etis but agree with others, you got the better version. You definitely didn't want the 95ps 👍
  4. I'm half tempted to just stick with the rear sensors but upgrade the PAM to MK3.5 and the upgrade my IPC.
  5. Can anyone give a quick indication how much it costs for this. I have 2013 Titanium with city pack, rear sensors only.
  6. All done! Got my ucds fixed the mileage... Going to try apply a new theme soon other than and need to add compass direction to ipc too.
  7. Ignore me! I was looking at the wrong quarter! Flicked through the trip screens and it was correct 🤦
  8. I have just noticed the remain fuel on the quad screen seems to be higher. Just to test I wait for orange fuel light to come on which is normally 50miles left and currently it's showing 100miles. I thought the cluster came from same engine car but looking back at this listing it just says petrol manual. Can this be corrected using forscan?
  9. Thanks for quick reply! For now I don't think I will be doing this. I will probably just update the current to the latest available and look at adding a custom vbf to make it a look a bit better.
  10. Oh wow that's not good! So the digital speedo is only on mk3.5? I will probably just update the standard software only as I don't want to lose anything. Any ideas what the mk3.5 PAM and the extra sensors part numbers are? At least I can work out if its worth doing 🙂
  11. If you update ipc software do you lose reverse sensors beeps? Wouldn't mind digital speedometer but not if its going to mess with other stuff
  12. Cluster came today, took 5mins to swap... Everything seems to be working, including satnav directions on cluster... Just waiting for ucds and will do firmware update too
  13. Can you not turn sync time with GPS off?
  14. Very expensive to do but worth it. For the sync system alone you are looking around £350-£450 on ebay. Fakra GPS around £10-£35 (Renault one is meant to be the best) USB hub is around £65 + the trim surround around £15 Rear view camera around £20 Ready made loom for p+p around £150 Then you have installing and programming the need for correct cables as more than likely a firmware upgrade is required on APIM, ACM and PAM modules Do you still want to go ahead?
  15. Nottingham Anything in particular to look out for on aliexpress? Is 35 tokens enough?