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  1. Just found this and I'm having this exact same issue. Fine when driving on motorway lol but at 30mph it's pretty useless.
  2. I have 2017 SMAX and can say iv never had this issue. You got auto wipers?
  3. Have 2017 S Max but the washer Jets are next to useless? Doesn't look like there's any obvious way to adjust them so it actually sprays lower?
  4. Think you have to enable setting using forscan.
  5. For sync 3 some USB dongles but to be honest best solution is a short cable to keep things neat imo.
  6. I just use cyanlabs for both my cars.
  7. Flash wouldn't cause no power issue if that's what you have. Does cc player make noises if you press eject? Also before you do anything else the usb should have a log file di it will be useful to see that.
  8. Programming not an issue it's the air bag. Not on Facebook does he have WhatsApp or Telegram?
  9. I thought I read the airbag was a straight swap! In that case looks like I won't be doing it then lol
  10. Looking to replace my 2013 Steering Wheel with Limiter with a 2016 MK3.5 Steering Wheel with Limiter. The steering wheel should be delivered next week and I am hoping it is a straight swap, Has anyone else done this and are any extra bits needed?
  11. When the battery voltage is lower it doesn't use the speakers. This happens to mine if its sat on the drive for awhile.
  12. Yes but this was the correct one and they sent instructions on where to put them pins. Super easy and worked first time.
  13. £119.65 | Bestycar 4" to 8" PNP Conversion Power Harness Fit for Ford SYNC 1 SYNC 2 to SYNC 3 Upgrade Kit w/4pin Connector USB Media HUB https://a.aliexpress.com/_mKkMhMZ This is the correct one which I bought.
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