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  1. Now I have upgraded my screen to 8" sync 3 and got new fascia I am wondering if I should upgrade the heating controls and speedo... Just wondered if anyone has done it or if its even possible? To something like this
  2. Are you able to do a master reset?
  3. I am now on my 3rd reverse camera and still not happy! Who has the best reverse camera and where did you get it from? I have bought 2 integrated into the handle, both had a really bad angle one didn't have night vision. Now just bought this https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08CVCQN4B?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Which has a good angle, slight adjustment on vertical and horizontal with mirror image but no night vision and poor quality image. Luckily I bought using amazon prime so it might go back if I find a better 🙄
  4. No price no photos... Why even bump?
  5. I think the Kuga is still a 7" screen so should be fine but you would need to get the correct bracket the part number is posted in another thread.
  6. Keep an eye on ebay there was one from a breaker in Birmingham and he wanted £350 collected. Before you spend a penny make sure you can do the wiring modification or find someone who can do it first. Otherwise you will end up but a stupidly expensive cable 😩 Not to mention still needing usb hub, rear view camera that has a good view and a decent obd cable to program it and possibly to do firmware update too.
  7. It was just over £150 with customs fee... Easy to say £40 harness but no one selling em and time and labour for someone to help would probably be much more. Either way I'm happy, could have bought a pioneer or alpine screen but wheres the fun in that.
  8. Aliexpress 4" TO 8" PNP Conversion Power Harness Set for Ford SYNC 1 2 to SYNC 3 Upgrade Harness Wire https://a.aliexpress.com/_mNHC4TZ It's not cheap but cheaper than buying from the US and it actually came quick the standard free shipping. I know a lot of guys have done it using the guides on here but I couldn't get my head around it and couldn't find anyone including to autosparks locally to do it. Another one who was a mobile car audio specialist flat out refused and said it can't be done blah blah and only Ford could do it even when I sent him the link on here.
  9. You might have to enable calm screen using forscan
  10. Just for reference this fixed the dim screen Just need to do PAM firmware update and that should be it!
  11. All sorted they sent a quick diagram where the pins go. All of working and fitted. Just have small issue with sync 3.4 screen gone dim when car is on. Also randomly get navigation fault when I turn on so not sure if the GPS antenna is bit slow to start. Just need to see if the original USB hub work with android auto don't fancy buying a new one and don't need Carplay
  12. So after returning the cable I bought first I got another one advertised as Option b from a different seller. I checked with the seller first and sent loads of photos over and they confirmed it's correct cable. It has the connector for the front panel which plugs into the fdcim connector. However not quite sure what these yellow and green cables with the pins are. I tried connecting them together green to yellow as one is male and the other is female but nothing. Contacted seller should get a reply tomorrow. Until then I decided to update to SYNC 3.4 latest version with latest F9 maps. Oh the steering column controls work fine now too.
  13. Hello Gammon! 😂 I got a refund from seller and they are going back. Not because of what you said or karlbbb said but simply because I wasn't happy with them from the start and the only way to tell was to try them. @mjtI think the height was just they way the car was parked and camera angle.
  14. MOT passed but il end up swapping with some better ones eventually.
  15. Try clearing app data for android auto on your phone and setting up again. If that doesn't work do make sure android auto is enabled on your sync3 unit. I had a similar problem when my phone updated from android 9 to 10. Master reset is fast and painless too.
  16. Adapters came today but the pattern does not fill me with confidence. Bulbs are aligned correctly as they can only fit one way with the adapters. Will see how I get on with MOT!
  17. Should support Android Auto and Carplay so need to upgrade
  18. Next on the list is some OEM headlights with drls, been contacting some breakers and no one seems to have any.
  19. Never knew this, always used Waze! Might have to switch depending how useful and quick the updates are.
  20. Maybe sound daft but when you say left to right are they markings on them or do you just mean make sure they are as straight as possible and the leds are left and right instead of top to bottom?
  21. The seller gave me a partial refund and the clips should come by Friday with a hit of luck. Got a mot booked in on 25th so will take it down before hand and see if the bulbs pass. I will upload some pics on weekend. I have not had a good luck at the bulbs this was just an impulse buy but I think majority of the ones I saw were similar to this, 2 sided. If they pass mot pre check then il keep em until something better comes along. At £35 I thought it was bit of bargain for H7, H1, H4 and sidelights.
  22. Just checked the listing again and adapter sold separately, will get some ordered they only a few quid but really need to stop going on ebay and aliexpress 🤣 Only done one side this evening, they been sat in boot for almost 2weeks!
  23. I bought some bulbs a few weeks ago from ebay quite disappointed with them. First thing was the fitting, no extra clips or mount which means the bulbs could move especially if going over a ramp. Then theres the spread, not sure if these would even pass mot? Can't decide whether to keep them or return and wait for the game changers from Aliexpress? Thoughts?