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  1. Yes it could be taken off the road if it is to bad
  2. And then you could mod the RS 😃 performance and power
  3. I would rather get a ford focus RS than mod a normal focus
  4. or just spend the money on a ford focus RS or something simila r
  5. sierra sapphire cosworths are beautiful cars if you are patient and ready to be taken on an adventure things will go wrong but it is the same with every classic car make sure your prepared.
  6. I also have a 4x4 sierra sapphire Cosworth check out chrisfix on YouTube he has many techniques on how to change wiring and check if it is broken
  7. Might as well get a legit van it will save so much headache
  8. you may need a vacuum tube clamp or take it into a ford garage. It may be worth fitting a new vacuum tube.
  9. it isn't giving full power the tow caps are not fitted a piece on the gearstick is worn down soo much it cant change gears reliably there is no AC it is rusting ECT. I know!!!!!!!! A lot of problems
  10. I recently got a 1992 Ford sierra saphire cosworth with some minor issues and upgrades. It has 450BHP. I was wandering if I could get some guidance on how to solve some of the cars problems. thanks