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  1. Nems

    Kuga phev recall

    Has anyone received the £500 fuel card that we have been promised ? My last communication with Ford Customer Relations dated 8th October said it would be with me “in a week or two” Anybody got an update ?
  2. Nems

    Kuga phev recall

    I would support a movement to reject these cars as being not fit for purpose , false advertising etc. anybody know a good consumer lawyer ? AT the very least we should get compensated for the inconvenience which would have suffered My first Ford purchase for twenty years wish I hadn't bothered . Customer service a joke
  3. Had a call from Ford head office date for recall action still not announced. Poor show all round think I’lL move to RAV4 plug in ASAP. l
  4. Dashboard on mine regularly showed 35 - 40 miles after charging ( ah those days when I could charge) although I doubt I got more than 31 or 32 miles . As my car is 5 months old it could be that yours will improve with time. Good luck
  5. Nems

    Kuga phev recall

    I got a call from Ford Head Office saying the fix does not work and that they are working on a solution They had better come up with something soon before the reputation pf the PHEV is rubbished for good.
  6. Anybody know when we can expect the recall letters to arrive. Its annoying that I can’t recharge the battery especially I along with many others bought this model for the benefit of 35 petrol free miles. Seems to be a reluctance on Fords part to keep us informed
  7. Get a plug in Kuga phev Up to 40 miles - no petrol ! Then average around 150 mpg. Simples.
  8. Cant find the wheel lock/unlock tool. Where should it be in the car ?
  9. I am told that Ford no longer provide a handbook on new cars and refer you to the digital version which is no way near good enough in my opinion. Anybody know if a printed version can be obtained ?