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  1. I haven't had it remapped myself, maybe the previous owner could have had it done but I didn't buy the car privately. I'm assuming the only way if finding out is to get it booked in for another remap?
  2. tracked my maf and map sensors on a short journey, I couldn't see anything obvious but here is a print screen (I did save the forscan file just for reference)
  3. Was thinking about these new codes last night and I remember disconnecting the maf sensor at some point. Would that have stored that code from then with the IAT code with it, if they go hand in hand? And that the overboost code is unrelated but was the code to set the EML off possibly? Will still run a maf and map test when I next go out Thanks
  4. Unfortunately my EML has came back on today on the way to work, but maybe some good news with it? Plugged the car back into forscan to read the error code and P0234 overboost has returned. However I now have two new faulty codes, being P0100 mass or volume airflow a circuit and P0113 IAT sensor circuit high input. Could this be pointing me in the right direction? Thanks Dread
  5. Looked up a video of how to change the seals and it looks easy enough. However I read that the bolts that hold the injectors down can loosen over time due to vibration. Checked mine and indeed they were just a bit more than hand tight, so iv nipped them up a bit and the spitting stopped... just want to check that it's okay to do that? Next step, oil change. I know its 5w-30 but does it matter if its fully or part synthetic?
  6. The car is a shed exterior wise so I wouldn't get much for it, even part exchange. I'll get more money out of it just running it into the ground I think, plus gives me an excuse to get my old mx5 back out of storage. Do the injectors need re-coding when taken out and put back in again? If not I'll replace the seals myself. Also Iv got hold of a laptop now so will record a commute to work tomorrow, just to get some data
  7. Yeah I planned on getting the injector seal done once I was happy the turbo wasn't in dire need of changing because I don't want to put money I to the car if it needs over a grands worth of work for a new turbo. So where to go from here? Just drive as normal and wait for a fault code to show up one day, whilst making sure that whine doesnt get worse? If so I'll get the car booked in for the injector seal asap Thanks
  8. So took some recordings, and tbh they don't do the sound justice but you can hear it. Drive to the shops from cold start... After the shop visit, just on an open stretch... And stand still revving at the end of journey... (sorry misses had to film just over my leaking injector seal... cant get the staff) If I'm being honest it only sounds worrying to me when doing 70+ on the motorway, the whine is just constant.
  9. I guess I could take some video recordings if that would help?
  10. So unfortunately the dongle I borrowed wouldn't connect to my car so I'm going to have to order a new laptop battery or a wireless forscan lead. However I did manage to take the car up and down the motorway but I just couldn't get it to throw a fault code. If I create a bit of noise whilst driving like with the window slightly open, then you wouldn't think there was anything wrong with the car. It's just that horrid whine which makes me nervous because it sounds like something is just gonna blow up at any moment.
  11. Yeah mine has about the same amount of play side to side as that of the video. I didn't feel any play in and out though. Did watch a few videos of whining turbos and mine doesnt sound as bad as most of the ones I saw, so some hopefully promising news. Didn't manage to take it on the motorway this evening as my closest junction has been closed. But I managed to get hold of a bluetooth obd dongle but it's not a forscan, just one with an app for the phone. Will do a motorway run tomorrow with it plugged in. What parameters am I looking to log? Anything to do with boost pressure?
  12. @Tizer Just done what you suggested and yes there is play in the shaft but we are taking millimetres. Whould that play be causing the whine? If so can it be repaired or is the damaged done? Thanks Dread
  13. I have had it for about 3 years but it has sat for 2 years not being used as it had this overboosting problem and I had another car to use at the time so didn't need to run the two. I used it for about a year and in that time did about 15k (mostly motorway) I'm no expert but the turbo doesn't look like a factory turbo, I did look around it and couldn't see Garrett anywhere. Just been out and swapped the washers, one is now below thanks
  14. So that whining means I'm going to need a new turbo anyway in the near future? I will have a phone around to see if there is anyone I can borrow something off but whilst I wait I'll still see of I can get it to throw a code on the motorway once the misses is home. Also whilst I was having a mess around with the turbo I noticed that the banjo bolt where the leak was coming from had 2 washers above the pipe, is that correct or should one be below the pipe?
  15. Would a worn turbo from insufficient oil pressure cause the over and underboost? Or is that just the reason for the noise? I'll take it for a run up the motorway this evening to see of I can force it.
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