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  1. Paramax


    Thanks, Clive !
  2. I'm a happy owner of a PHEV ST-line-X with 19 inch wheels, and it's true; It can be a little bumpy on bad roads.. It is not as a Citroen or Peugeot, my previous cars. But frontseats are very good. Test it and you will find out! Titanium and Vignale are 10 cm higher and maybe more comfortable. I don't know; I like the styling also of the ST-line-X, more sporty!
  3. Paramax

    Kuga handbook

    When you buy a new Kuga (in Holland) you get a manual-book...
  4. Paramax


    My question is; In the middle of my gear-button (it's not a handle anymore...) is a L-button. My manual says it is a low gearing and do not use it too much... When using the car is reducing strong when reducing gasthrottle. Does it load the battery extra? Can somebody tell me: What's this L-button for? Greets from Holland.