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  1. yh tried that same codes came back. im just skeptical as i ran a compression test on all three cylinders, it read 190psi on the dot for all three. Also the engine has only 18k on it, i'm starting to think its related to wiring or the way the ecu was programmed? The ecu was for the exact same engine and the horsepower, is it possible that the firing order is out or wrong on this ecu?
  2. im getting the code p2111. there is also a huge misfire at idle, engine shake erratically. i replaced all spark plugs which made no difference to the misfire. I also tried popping each coil out whilst the engine was running, cylinder 1 and 3 did not respond to removing the coils, but Cylinder 2 did respond. So i swapped the coil from 2 to 3, made no difference so im pretty sure the coils are fine. Cylinder 1 and 3 still not responding, could this be linked the pedal? Should i consider looking at a vaccum leak or fuel issue?
  3. I’ve replaced the pedal, TPS and throttle body, made no difference
  4. Hi guys, Does anyone know a ford electrician or sparky?looking for someone to help source a fault with a accelerator pedal.
  5. Hi guys, im rebuilding this Mk3 Focus 1.0 2018, I’ve got these two plugs and I have no idea where they connect to or what they are for. One harness comes off of the ac compressor harness, this harness only has a red and black wire. the second harness is at the front left behind the bumper. It seems to be connected to the fog light harness, but the end of the harness has been cut off. It has a white, brown and red wires, maybe it could be for the parking sensors? But not sure if this car has front PDC. I attached images. Many thanks
  6. Hi everyone, I have a ford focus that arrived without the ECU, managed to source the correct ECU with matching part numbers for my car. Now i'm looking for someone or a garage that is a ford specialist with the FORD IDS OR FORSCAN equipment. I live in London and i'm struggling to find someone who can programme the ECU within the London area, seen many places far away, but it is obviously difficult to travel with the car in it's current state. Anyone know a place in London? thanks
  7. thanks a lot mate i just send you a message
  8. Thank you so much mate, I just sent you a private message.
  9. Right I see, the only problem is that I asked ford the part number of the ecu I need and they did not want to give it out. Any ideas on how I can get the right one? also I’ve seen people selling Ecu sets with the immobiliser, fuse box, keys and abs pumps which all come off of the same car. You think that could work as well if I can’t find the correct ecu?
  10. Hi guys, I recently purchased a 2018 Focus 1.0 eco boost from a salvage auction. The car came as not starting, but the car is missing the ecu, I called many places asking whether they could programme a second hand ecu that I could purchase and some independent garages said they would need the old one. Any suggestions or help?
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