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  1. I believe you have sync 1, it sounds like the gps wire has disconnected or something is wrong with the infotainment system. It's a biggish job pulling out enough trim to get to that stuff so I'd only try to fix it yourself if you felt up to it. It would possibly be expensive too getting it fixed because of all the mechanics time removing and readding trim. I just use google maps or waze on my phone with a phone holder. It's better than any ford satnav so I'd go that route if I were you rather than bother trying to fix it.
  2. I bought myself socket wrench, no fancy torque stuff. Should do the job though! It seems the worst case scenario I'll need to pop out an air filter too which is a torx T25 or something. Whatever it was I have the bit here to take it out. I couldn't find a readily available service manual for the car, I ended up plucking a low view count Youtube video from the ether to find exactly what I needed. Meanwhile the car battery is coming via Yodel. I best pray to the car gods that it actually makes it here, and in once piece.
  3. After getting the car jumped and out for a run it seems the battery can't hold a charge now. After 2 hours drive to charge up the battery I stopped at a petrol station and it wouldn't start again! Had to get a friend to come out, my little portable jump starter didn't seem to work on it any more. I think that little insurance black box done some real damage to the battery by discharging it. I've ordered a new Yuasa battery from Tayna (£15 extra to come to NI!) then I've to try and work out how to fit the thing... No tools here so I'll need to order some too. The battery was about £100 itself excluding delivery (EFB, start-stop). RAC/AA were quoting about £400 for the battery and fit which was madness, or £250 to come with a standard battery instead, which wouldn't last a year in a start-stop car. Madness! A local place quoted £200 for a noname efb battery and fit so decided a DIY route would be better. It seems if I had RAC/AA this time around I'd have the recovery guy offering to swallow my wallet in exchange for a battery swap with me not knowing the price of a new battery I might have went for it.
  4. On the relatively unlikely chance that happened I was prepared to swallow the cost. Spend £50 to maybe save £100 vs Spend 0 to maybe pay £150 (on a £150 assistance cost assumption). One of those options I'm guaranteed to lose ~50 a year (depending what cover I chosen). That'd be doubled now as it's been two years. Almost the cost of a callout. It makes sense to not pay for cover on a vehicle you expect no issues with. I don't drive that many miles, if I driven a lot then issues like that are more likely so I'd also be more likely to buy breakdown cover. 😉
  5. Yes, but I thought what are the chances on a relatively new car with low miles! 😛 I had actually been eyeing up cover this month as it felt time, nice RAC deal right now for 40% off I found on a UK deals site.
  6. Here's a pic of the car for those curious taken just after I popped the bonnet and the situation it was in.
  7. UPDATE I managed to sort it! (I think anyway, I'll be back if I'm wrong) The fix is MacGyversh, I found a feather duster on a pole in the garage. I twisted the end into a hook shape, failed to open the passenger door then tried to get the bonnet latch. I tried a few times, the head falling off the duster twice then I gave up... What I hadn't realised is the bonnet popped open, noticed it through the window just now as I was getting quotes from local mechanics. I'll answer a few of the questions/suggestions though now to tie up loose ends! Thank you so much to everyone that replied. ❤️ _________________________________________ @Mavroz: I had reversed in, I then later shuffled the car to the side to make room. A window replacement would cost at least as much as RAC/AA 😛 @Comares: Your idea is basically what I did! Though, the multiple people bouncing one I'd thought of but decided against as might rip off trim or cause other damage. @Milkman: That's an awesome idea but I had no way to reach the 12V sockets. @Nicam: Yes, I live life on the edge... of driveways too apparently.😅 This is my first car, almost 2 years driving. Frugality was more of a priority than preparedness. given it's a fairly young low milage (45k) motor. @Toms: I'd feel so awkward asking, would mechanics generally let you borrow things? Door wouldn't open wide enough for a kid... unless dropped through the top maybe. Forcing down manual windows sounds interesting, I'd have tried that idea out! The rear are manual despite being a titanium model. I'd read about energising from below, requiring unscrewing things and stuff. I've a friend with a jack so I was contemplating it. @Tiexen: Nope, ford thought it was a bright idea that the only openable thing with no power is the driver door.
  8. I had the car up against the wall so builders could get past with bulky stuff then I hopped out through the passenger door! It is a weird scenario, even worse since I was supposed to be traveling tomorrow on the ferry to Scotland... Another possible idea is a few friends helping lift the front and rotate the nose of the car but, we'd probably end up ripping off a body panel or something 😅. I've thought of a towbar but, I've no experience. Is there a chance the car would lunge sideways into the wall? The tow point I believe is far on the passenger side, and the handbrake is on!
  9. I've no coathanger to reach the doorhandle or bonnet latch, if I can find something I'll try that. I'm wondering, is there something can maybe help to move the car, rotate it a little to get me the room to open the door? My present thought is maybe buying a cheap jack and a couple of wheel chocks and then lowering the car onto them so that the car is pushed a little sideways each time.
  10. Hey! First post. Bit of an emergency. Sorry if this is in the wrong place! My car battery is flat. The car's driver side is up against a wall so I can't fit through it. No other door has a keyhole. I can reach in an arm and put a key in the ignition, that's it. The airbag light is the only one shows. Windows won't wind down to get in. Bonnet latch is out of reach to open and jump start the car. The last thing I want to have to do is pay for a tow a meter up my drive . I've no breakdown cover. Is there somewhere outside the car I can connect jump leads? I have a tacklfe T6 to jump the car. Is there a way to pop open the bonnet other than that latch?