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  1. If we changed to purely solar cars, the industry would be motivated to make the technology work and we'd never have to charge or fuel up a car again. Of course, nobody would be able to drive at night, which is just as well as it's one of the more dangerous times to drive. I'd also ban cycling, at least until Highways England was superseded by Cyclepaths England, at that point cycling would be much safer, as right now highways (US speak for motorways) are the safest way to travel per mile by car, cycling on the other hand at present is a bit terrifying.
  2. I was about to suggest running a lighter under the plastic to soften and 'reset it' then remembered... F U E L C A P..... nope nope nope! 😅
  3. Seen those for rent in Scotland, £50 a day, £7 an hour, £15 overnight, +25p/mile. Half tempted to grab one for a day or two to see what it's like. They have electric cars like the BMW i3 for much cheaper too. There's a chance the hydrogen cars will vanish since electric is mainstream, so would be a check off on the weird cars bucket list. That said, a full electric ST or RS hot hatch could be loads of fun! I'll likely be mainly sticking to petrol/diesel for the next decade through preference but I'm not too worried about an all electric future. Driverless tech on the other hand... I hop
  4. Pop into a Ford dealership, the people in their parts department are usually pretty good at finding part numbers 😛 Or maybe have a look on one, see if you can find a part number on it somewhere.
  5. Oh I had no idea, I thought 50 would be fine in the slow lane when keeping good distance, since that's what lorries and stuff are stuck at in it. Better doing 60 then unless you're near out of fuel! I'd trust a copper over my own thoughts for that one. That said, I'm super curious @Bobr's thoughts on those stretches of motorway where drivers seem determined to go around 90, or on smart motorways where the majority of the drivers seem to ignore the electronic signs above. I always feel being safe is illegal in those circumstances. It's not fun following a 40 limit when people are whizzing past
  6. I've a 2014 Titanium too. With mixed city, motorway and country, mostly economic driving with some more... excitable jaunts in the Scottish countryside. 52MPG is my current reading. Just treat your brake pedal as the enemy and have just enough throttle for you to roll to the lights. With any luck you can be accelerating again before you get to a complete stop, saving fuel. Also change up a gear just before 2kRPM and down around 1.2kRPM. This is so dull for acceleration but in the city with sluggish lorries and such about, you won't ever feel like you're too slow. The more leisurely pace will
  7. Are the brake lights both working? They're mixed bulbs, and I had this issue when one of my brake lights went.
  8. Yeah I might try that. I'd heard 'mechanics worth their salt won't accept parts from customers' but, I'm sure I'd find someone to do that easy enough.
  9. The car was due a major service so figured I'd get it all done there since it'd guarantee the right oil, OEM parts. My last MOT was a council place, of course as I wasn't so certain this one would pass I figured I'd get it done at the same time as the service. I'd love to find a nice trustworthy garage in Glasgow for MOTs that will use OEM parts at a reasonable price, but no idea where to go! Maybe hard to have my cake and eat it too when it comes to that?
  10. Got a couple of pics of a front brake disc today whilst the tyre was being changed. Do they look all that worn as advised on the MOT? The back seems to have a bit of rust on it but, is that too deep to come off through normal braking at this point? Even then, how long would it take to become 'an issue'? The disks look plenty thick so I'm doubtful they've lost much braking capacity. Maybe I should drive more spiritedly for a bit, make the brakes work harder to get that rust off?
  11. Oh, seems I do! That sounds worth a go! Good shout.
  12. Oh if they were in need of it I would! My rear bushes are fine so far as I'm aware. I'd requested from the dealership silicone spray on the D ones as there was a squeak from them when over road bumps. That's a common enough fiesta issue, with that silicone spray fix mentioned a few places on this forum (can happen even with new bushes!). Being the ford dealership probably want to make a tonne of money they added the other bushes to the MOT report as a cheeky scare tactic I think, the mechanic in their video (screenshotted below) said they couldn't replicate the sound but that they thought ther
  13. Exhaust repaired and track rod replaced for £190. That was quite a saving! I even ended up tipping. The flex pipe was the source of the leak so they cut out the old and welded in a new. I asked the mechanic if I needed to get it aligned now and he said no, straight as an arrow... Not convinced as he didn't have a hunter machine in his shop, but perhaps there was down the road where he taken it for the MOT. I think Kwik-fit do an alignment check for free (aligning costs), might do that after I get my new tyre fitted (elsewhere) next week. No idea if I've overpaid, I'm just happy I've a working
  14. Being the MOT test fail probably found the engine noise issue anyway, the £50 labor for a half hour diagnostic was probably taking the mick as well. I've been laughing too, albeit half nervously... 😅
  15. That's more in line with what I was thinking. If they quoted thereabouts, I'd have happily paid. I'm content leaving the rear bushes for now. I'd actually asked them to just spray the d-bushes with silicon spray to see if it stops a squeak on road bumps (A tip I picked up on this forum somewhere) which is likely the only reason they've flagged such a minor piece of wear. I doubt they did the requested spray though, given they didn't replace a plastic internal screw cover I asked about either. I guess I can order one of those covers myself for a few pennies somewhere and replace it. 🙄 I'll ask
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